Thursday, October 6, 2016

NAKED KING CRYING: Everything is fine: #US Official information about what is happening in Aleppo



Date of publication: 06 October 2016, 18:24

Everything is fine. Official information about what is happening in Aleppo and around this second largest city in Syria, though small, but the various statements on this issue from "our valued partners," the world's oceans. Although, in light of the terminated agreements governing the main spheres of cooperation between Russia and the United States, probably no reason to call their next "partner"...

Statements that are now coming from the "castle on the hill" can be divided into two groups: the darkly frightening and sweetly reproachfully-beg. The first produces the collective American generals who furrowed brow, and certainly pointedly rolling the tumours, says "the city and the world" about the fact that the war with Russia and China is inevitable, it will be very short (this item is not disclosed), will lead to enormous casualties (thank you, Captain Obvious!), and we need to prepare for it, and on the principle of "tomorrow" because the day after Russia and China can very intensify, and then...

The second group of statements – sweetly-reproachfully-beg. Them to the present day specialized U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, tried to convince the Russians that NATO in any case does not infringe on the interests of their country, does not want anything to limit that applies to it, and the Russians with unceasing respect, and in General, why is it... Today those rebukes, teaches and tries to convince the good word, and entered the famous billionaire George Soros.

Omitted for clarity, it screams that in Aleppo there is a humanitarian disaster that the world has not seen since its creation – which is not true, if big has invested in the overthrow of Assad, but something went wrong. Focus better on his appeals to the Russians to influence the government and convince her that it is not good to liberate Aleppo from ISIS (banned in Russia – ed.) because ISIL actually is the moderate opposition, which for all the best in this world...

Someone surprising like the behaviour of American generals, secretaries of state and "philanthropists"? – I do not. Tantrums, attempts to intimidate, the statement "you will answer for it yet" and all that stuff is typical behavior of a serial rapist who for years had kept the residents of his house in fear and trembling, yet absolutely unexpected for itself has been subjected to violence. Now he really knows, if he cry and demand punishment for the offender, whether, barely holding back tears, saying that he will avenge, and will recompense for the desecration of a...

But once the shouting and hysteria and open threats, I suggest everyone to calm down. He won't do anything. Who is going to give the enemy his due – he is preparing for this silence.

Anastasia Skogoreva (hedgehogs)

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