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Latest News From #Ukraine #Crisis

Latest News From #Ukraine Crisis
·Violence returns to E. Ukraine as Easter truce ends2016-05-17 02:26
·Kremlin says Minsk agreement in "deplorable" shape2016-05-10 21:38
·China urges lasting, balanced political solution to Ukraine crisis2016-04-29 13:23
·Obama, Putin talk about Syria, Ukraine: White House2016-04-19 06:56
·Ukraine forms new parliamentary coalition2016-04-14 19:53
·Ukrainian parliament accepts resignation of Yatsenyuk, appoints Groysman as PM2016-04-14 17:43
·Spotlight: Ukraine's parliament postpones ruling on PM's resignation 2016-04-13 12:36
·4 killed in car-truck collision in Ukraine2016-04-11 21:41
·Dutch referendum on Ukraine hinges on popularity of European integration2016-04-06 18:21
·News Analysis: Ukraine teeters on brink of chaos amid new political crisis2016-03-01 21:03
·Germany, France urge Ukraine to continue reforms for sake of stability2016-02-23 22:19
·Top Ukrainian prosecutor resigns over alleged blocking of corruption investigation2016-02-19 22:03
·Ukrainian government survives non-confidence vote 2016-02-17 04:15
·Ukraine promises to open new crossing point in eastern region2016-01-28 05:08
·Rebels in E. Ukraine say ready to release hostages2016-01-06 21:09
·Trade part of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement becomes operational2016-01-01 20:36
·Yearender: Ukraine sees glimmers of hope to go out of crisis, but a long way to reach national stability2015-12-24 16:54
·Ukraine fighting abates, may erupt again: senior UN official2015-12-12 12:06
·Human rights situation precarious in Ukraine despite lull in hostilities: report2015-12-09 20:34
·Eight injured in grenade attack outside Ukrainian capital2015-12-07 20:46
·OSCE ministerial meeting ends with divergence over Ukraine2015-12-05 13:48
·NATO chief reaffirms support for Ukraine, calls for stable relations with Russia2015-12-02 20:58
·Pentagon begins 2nd phase of support for Ukraine2015-11-24 10:00
·Moscow urges Kiev to restore power supply to Crimea2015-11-23 21:42
·State of emergency imposed in Crimea after destruction of electricity pylons2015-11-22 20:53
·State of emergency imposed in Crimea after electricity pylons blown up2015-11-22 16:07
·State of emergency imposed in Crimea after electricity pylons blown up2015-11-22 15:12
·UN refugee agency delivers aid to eastern Ukraine for first time in months2015-11-10 06:50
·Fourteen dead as fishing boat capsizes in Ukraine2015-10-18 22:00
·Russia calls for continued investigation into crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH172015-10-14 07:28
·MH17 hit by Buk missile system: Dutch Safety Board2015-10-14 07:19
·China applauds Normandy quartet meeting on Ukraine2015-10-08 20:04
·Ukraine withdraws heavy weapons from front line after Paris talks2015-10-04 07:22
·Ukraine cancels emergency import duties on foreign cars2015-09-30 19:35
·Kiev bans Russia's flagship airline from flying to Ukraine2015-09-28 22:13
·NATO chief considers Minsk accord only way out of Ukraine crisis2015-09-22 21:26
·Ukraine withdraws from nuclear construction deal with Russia2015-09-16 19:59
·Canada starts training Ukrainian troops2015-09-14 23:07
·EU extends sanctions over Ukraine crisis by 6 months2015-09-15 05:18
·Children in east Ukraine suffer conflict-related stress: OSCE2015-09-11 04:13
·Hollande proposes meeting on Ukraine to end deadlock2015-09-07 20:20
·France's Hollande condemns fresh violence in Ukraine2015-09-02 21:02
·Death toll from clashes in Kiev rises to 32015-09-01 21:01
·Violence outside Kiev Parliament following autonomy vote2015-09-01 11:40
·Dozens injured in clashes in central Kiev2015-08-31 21:47
·European Commission President meets with Ukraine's president in Brussels2015-08-27 18:24
·Leaders of France, Germany, Ukraine to meet Monday on escalating violence2015-08-19 21:27
·Russian FM appeals for new efforts to ease mounting tension in SE Ukraine2015-08-17 21:15
·Ukraine releases video of "Russian soldier"2015-08-17 15:34
·Ukrainian boy injured by grenade in stable condition2015-08-17 10:06
·EU accuses fighters in the Ukraine conflicts of peace deal violation2015-08-13 03:06
·Britain to expand training program for Ukrainian troops: defence chief2015-08-12 01:02
·Russian "selfie tourists" shot by Ukrainian border guard: report 2015-07-27 09:41
·Rivals in east Ukraine asked to swiftly sign arms withdrawal accord2015-07-24 12:33
·Ukraine's inflation skyrockets to 40.7 percent2015-07-07 08:10
·European Parliament president urges political solution to eastern Ukraine conflict2015-07-03 21:12
·Ukrainian parliament approves new security chief2015-07-02 19:54
·NATO chief: NATO to support Ukraine politically, practically2015-06-25 19:05
·Ukraine's Opposition Bloc urges unilateral implementation of Minsk accord2015-06-24 21:42
·Ukrainian Parliament dismisses top security chief2015-06-18 20:48
·Ukrainian Parliament ratifies 1.8-bln-euro loan deal with EU2015-06-18 20:43
·Ukraine's fuel depot fire put out after 9 days2015-06-17 21:57
·Ukraine's fuel depot fire under control, Kiev says2015-06-10 20:46
·Heavy casualties feared in fuel depot explosion near Kiev2015-06-09 19:43
·Huge explosion, fire at fuel depot near Kiev kill several2015-06-09 18:33
·G7 expresses concerns over Ukraine, pressing for implementation of ceasefire2015-06-08 21:51
·G7 expresses concerns over Ukraine, urging implementation of ceasefire2015-06-08 21:41
·Moscow urges West to push Kiev to fulfill Minsk agreement2015-06-08 20:41
·NATO urges "full implementation" of Minsk agreements amid new violations2015-06-05 22:34
·Ukraine to boost defense spending to deal with threats in east2015-06-04 20:57
·Russian defense manufacturer denies involvement in MH17 crash2015-06-02 21:42
·EBRD mulls new projects to support Ukraine's businesses2015-05-27 20:22
·Ukraine does not seek immediate NATO membership: official2015-05-27 19:32
·Ukraine withdraws from 5 military accords with Russia2015-05-21 20:33
·Ukraine's Opposition Bloc party calls for lifting communist ideology ban2015-05-19 20:14
·U.S. signs new loan guarantee agreement for Ukraine2015-05-19 09:43
·Ukraine develops defensive shelter 2015-05-13 20:20
·UN chief says possible establishment of UN peace support office in Ukraine2015-05-12 07:04
·Conflict in Ukraine leaves 1,675 servicemen dead: president2015-05-08 20:08
·Contact Group on Ukraine meets in Minsk2015-05-06 21:38
·Russia says too early to discuss peacekeeping in Ukraine2015-05-01 21:21
·Contact Group on Ukraine expected to meet soon2015-05-01 20:36
·Russia sees U.S. troops in Ukraine as destabilizing factor2015-04-17 18:10
·G7 FMs urge all sides to implement commitments under Minsk agreements2015-04-16 08:12
·Russia urges EU to implement existing deal on Ukraine2015-04-09 22:00
·Russian FM considers Minsk agreement only way out of Ukrainian conflict2015-04-05 03:31
·Russia denies threatening use of nuclear weapons2015-04-02 20:07
·Latvia beefing up civil defense strategy amid perceived threats2015-03-24 06:54
·Sanctions over Ukraine crisis linked to Minsk deal implementation: EU2015-03-20 09:03
·Russian FM slams Kiev for turning Minsk agreements upside down2015-03-18 18:06
·Seven killed, nine injured in road accident in Ukraine2015-03-16 18:55
·China hopes Ukraine issue to be settled through dialogue: Premier Li2015-03-15 13:38
·China hopes Ukraine issue to be settled through dialogue: Premier Li 2015-03-15 13:03
·Ukraine says to start debt-restructuring talks on Friday2015-03-12 20:34
·One year anniversary of Crimea assimilation2015-03-10 13:35
·Conference in Slovakia calls for halt of military conflicts in eastern Ukraine2015-03-08 07:01
·China calls for increased diplomatic efforts for political solution to Ukraine crisis2015-03-07 07:39
·Biden, Ukrainian PM concerned about continued violence in E. Ukraine2015-03-06 08:02

Humanitarian-Aid Comes to the Donbass From Russia

Humanitarian-Aid Comes to the Donbass From Russia

Came to the Donbass humanitarian aidOn 24 May 2016 on the territory of Donbass stopped a convoy of humanitarian convoy from Russian Federation. This convoy is the fiftieth in a row, therefore it was called the jubilee.
Employees of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation said that the trucks with humanitarian aid passed a mandatory customs inspection when crossing international checkpoints. The inspection procedure was carried out by the employees of border and customs services.
At the moment, the convoy has already reached the warehouse and is in the process of unloading. Unloading is carried out in the presence of representatives of local authorities. Received humanitarian assistance, they will be distributed according to the objects of social values, which are on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
As told the Russian side, the column consists of ninety cars. They carry more than a hundred thousand tons of food, which include cereal, canned goods, flour and sugar, cereals and pasta, juices and purees, as well as artistic and educational literature. Humanitarian aid also includes vegetable seeds and flower crops.
When unloading has been completed, all trucks will go back to the Rostov region.
In 2016 Russia sends humanitarian convoy in the Donbass for the second time. The first time aid has been delivered to residents of Donetsk and Luhansk oblast on 18 February.
Convoy of humanitarian aid to the territory of Donbass regularly depart from the territory of the Russian Federation, starting in 2014. As of today on the territory of Ukraine was stopped for five thousand Russian trucks with humanitarian aid. They came at intervals of two to three times per month. It should be noted that the Ukrainian border was crossed all Russian humanitarian trucks illegally.

EU countries have lost $9.3 billion due to Russia's retaliatory sanctions

EU countries have lost $9.3 billion due to Russia's retaliatory sanctions


The introduction of Russia grocery embargo from the EU and the United States cost the country $9.3 billion, excluding Turkey and Ukraine, reported in the may report of the analytical center under the government of the Russian Federation.

The greatest loss of participants "anti-Russian coalition" received after 7 August 2014, when Russia first imposed retaliatory food embargo against EU countries, USA, Canada, Australia, Norway.

Suppliers from these countries have been unable to import into Russia of food for $9.1 billion.

In the summer of 2015 with the simultaneous extension of sanctions against Russia were extended for another year retaliatory measures to restrict the supply of imported food. Response limits have been extended by Iceland, Albania, Montenegro and Liechtenstein, supported the extension of sanctions.

The result of the country's "anti-Russian coalition" have lost another $241 million

In the report of the analytical center under the government of the Russian Federation noted that sanctions were not the cause of the crisis, but complicated the situation.

"The nature of the current crisis in Russia is significantly different from the previous two major recessions — the crisis of 1998 and 2008, how different and the causes of the crisis," - noted government experts.

"The 1998 crisis took place against the backdrop of the difficult economic situation in the country and was led by a fall in commodity prices and the crisis in the countries of South-East Asia, - emphasized in the center. - The 2008 crisis in Russia began as part of the global crisis and has affected almost all sectors of the economy. Entry into the crisis on foreign trade in 2008 was more severe, a decline of foreign trade turnover in the period of the current crisis is more similar to the 1998 crisis, at the same time, the depth of the fall is comparable with the crisis of 2008".

The current crisis coming on the backdrop of a sharp and prolonged decline in world prices for energy resources and involving completely new factor — the sanctions have an impact not only on the volume of foreign trade but also on its structure.

The drop in oil prices led to the decline in the share of fuel in total value of exports and increasing the share of chemical products and metals, while the volumes of fuel exports has not changed much.

In imports the share of machinery and equipment and increased the share of chemical products", - state government experts.

Practical food has fully replaced imported from the sanctions list.

However, prices rose, and the Russians began to save on cheese, sausages, meat and poultry, fish, seafood and vegetables.

"Overall, this indicates a deterioration in the quality of life of the population. But the result of this deterioration to a greater extent was the decline in real incomes, rather than food embargo," the report said.


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Lagarde set a panic among voters in order to encourage the IMF to bully the British people

IMF Says Brexit Would Trigger Stock Market And House Price Crash

IMF Says Brexit Would Trigger Stock Market And House Price Crash
The International Monetary Fund is warning that a vote to leave the European Union next month could prompt a stock market crash and steep fall in house prices.
Christine Lagarde, the IMF managing director and the Bank of England governor Mark Carney also warn that Britain could fall into recession following a Brexit vote.
All that’s on top of the world war that British prime minister David Cameron has warned about should Britain decide to leave the EU…
Brexit fear mongering? or are we really doomed if we vote ‘out’?
The Guardian reports:

Lagarde, who was in London on Friday to present the fund’s annual health check on the UK economy, said it was possible the economy would shrink in two consecutive quarters, which is the definition of a recession.
“We have looked at all the scenarios. We have done our homework and we haven’t found anything positive to say about a Brexit vote,” she said.
The IMF said a panic among investors would trigger shockwaves throughout the economy following a vote to leave, sending shares and property prices into downward spiral.
In a report that is clearly helpful to campaigners for Britain to remain in the EU, the it said that even over the longer term growth would be depressed.
Vote Leave reacted angrily to the findings, which it said were part of a plan by the government “to circumvent purdah rules by using the IMF, which is funded by the EU and the UK government”.
The Brexit campaign accused the Washington-based organisation of being “consistently wrong about its forecasts for the UK economy” and said it was wrong again on Britain leaving the EU. It also attacked Lagarde’s reputation saying it was sullied by criminal allegations of negligence over €400m (£314m) of payments in the Bernard Tapie affair, dating back to when she was French finance minister.
Tory MP Priti Patel said: “The IMF warned Britain it was playing with fire when it set out a plan to deal with the deficit. Now our economy is stronger than nearly every other major economy. Today, the IMF is talking down Britain because we want to take back control from Brussels. They were wrong then and they are wrong now.
“The EU-funded IMF should not interfere in our democratic debate weeks before polling day. It appears the chancellor is cashing in favours to Ms Lagarde in order to encourage the IMF to bully the British people – it is a sign of the desperation in the in campaign.”

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THE 2030 AGENDA - The United Nations NEW Agenda 21 plan for humanity

Published on Aug 21, 2015
THE 2030 AGENDA - The United Nations NEW Agenda 21 plan.
I have obtained a link to read/download a copy of the report, TRANSFORMING OUR WORLD THE 2030 AGENDA FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.
Down load a copy of the PDF here -

This is the link to the United States Mission to the United Nations, Statement on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development web page, posted on the third of August Samantha Power, United States, Permanent Representative to the United Nations, New York August 3, 2015.

The NEW Agenda 21 is about to be revealed by the United Nations next month during the Pope's visit to the United States of America.
The new Agenda.
We are announcing today 17 Sustainable Development Goals with 169 associated targets which are integrated and indivisible.
Never before have world leaders pledged common action and endeavour across such a broad and universal policy agenda.
We are setting out together on the path towards sustainable development, devoting ourselves collectively to the pursuit of global development and of win win cooperation which can bring huge gains to all countries and all parts of the world.
We reaffirm that every State has, and shall freely exercise, full permanent sovereignty over all its wealth, natural resources and economic activity.
We will implement the Agenda for the full benefit of all, for today’s generation and for future generations.
In doing so, we reaffirm our commitment to international law and emphasize that the Agenda is to be implemented in a manner that is consistent with the rights and obligations of states under international law.
We reaffirm the importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as other international instruments relating to human rights and international law.
We emphasize the responsibilities of all States, in conformity with the Charter of the United Nations, to respect, protect and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, without distinction of any kind as to race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth, disability or other status.
Realizing gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls will make a crucial contribution to progress across all the Goals and targets.

After a quick read through of the 2030 Agenda Report, my initial concern is the seemingly limitless powers granted to the following two organisations, the first being HLPF, High Level Political Forum on sustainable development, the second being ECOSOC.
This is what the report has to say about them -

The HLPF will have a central role in overseeing a network of follow up and review processes at the global level, working coherently with the General Assembly, ECOSOC and other relevant organs and forums, in accordance with existing mandates.
The HLPF will also be informed by the Global Sustainable Development Report, which shall strengthen the science policy interface and could provide a strong evidence based instrument to support policy makers in promoting poverty eradication and sustainable development.
We invite the President of ECOSOC to conduct a process of consultations on the scope, methodology and frequency of the Report as well as its relation to the SDG Progress Report, the outcome of which should be reflected in the Ministerial Declaration of the HLPF session in 2016.
The HLPF, under the auspices of ECOSOC, shall carry out regular reviews, in line with Resolution 67 290.
Reviews will be voluntary, while encouraging reporting, and include developed and developing countries as well as relevant UN entities and other stakeholders, including civil society and the PRIVATE sector.
It will facilitate sharing of experiences, including successes, challenges and lessons learned, and provide political leadership guidance and recommendations for follow up.
It will promote system wide coherence and coordination of sustainable development policies.
It should ensure that the Agenda remains relevant and ambitious and should focus on the assessment of progress, achievements and challenges faced by developed and developing countries as well as new and emerging issues.
Effective linkages will be made with the follow up and review arrangements of all relevant UN Conferences and processes, including on LDCs, SIDS and LLDCs.
Follow up and review at the HLPF will be informed by an annual SDG Progress Report to be prepared by the Secretary General in cooperation with the UN System, based on the global indicator framework and data produced by national statistical systems and information collected at the regional level.

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