Sunday, March 6, 2016

“The World”: German Gold confirmed lost forever!

“The world,”: German Gold confirmed lost forever!

Now, officially, what many conspiracy theorists fear a long time ago. Of the German Gold stored in the US, there isn't much left. As an illuminating report by the Springer investigative magazine, “The world” found out, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that the largest part of the German gold no longer exists and in a big style fake bars of gold to Frankfurt. Is this conspiracy, in close collaboration with the Gold-keepers from Frankfurt.
But after the series. The German gold reserves is estimated to be – Economics editor Sebastian Jost on 3381 tons in total. Of these, around 1,500 tonnes in New York camped allegedly. The majority of the Germans is certain: Who stores his Gold in one of the foreign imports are completely dependent on the bankrupt state looks to be the precious metal ever again. The Bundesbank decided as a counter-offensive in 2013 with a new bearing concept, to prove the contrary. Just as amateurish with the North American Pleitiers under a ceiling plug-in end of the Federal banksters do this can be found in the report.
The ridiculous first 5 tonnes (More you managed to, allegedly, in the first year) ingots under a great deal of hoopla initially completely melted, in order to confirm the authenticity of the bankruptcy of the country brought in bullion. After that, you announced that now it is clear that everything is real and no further Review by smelting was necessary.
Suddenly, the deliveries were faster: by 2015, 184 tons, were alleged gold over the pond. These were melted down in times of a sample, which is why it can be assumed with reasonable certainty that it is tungsten cores with gold plating. By 2020, a further 111 tons. Then, the tungsten is probably all. The last around 1200 tonnes remain supposedly in New York.
From this we can easily the following can be derived: Of the 1500 tons are only 5-10 tons left. Of which 5 tons were delivered as an Alibi completely, and the Rest as a Coating for fake bullion used to make believe that everything is still available. The Bundesbank, with veiled hoax, apparently! The warehouse in New York are completely empty.
Many thanks to the tireless editors of for this excellent clarification!

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