Sunday, March 13, 2016

Polls showed that 80% of citizens demanded that the Chancellor Merkel resign

The Chancellor must resign

And this is not my opinion, thinks so, at least three thousand people that came to the rally in protest against migration policy of Angela Merkel. Demonstrators with slogans "Merkel must go!", "No to Sharia law in Germany!" and "leave Policies – remains the people" demanded that the Chancellor resigned.
The people who came to demonstrate, differ in their oppositional views. First, the police numbered several hundred people, and later it turned out that with the policy of Merkel disagree at least three thousand Germans. Why "at least"? Because many will always sit in front of the TV and talk about how bad the ruler, but to Express their views publicly would not venture. Yes, in Germany too there are so-called "sofa politics". They are everywhere.
The rally was timed to coincide with parliamentary elections in three Federal States – Baden-w├╝rttemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt. They will be on the migration background of a deep crisis not only in Germany but throughout Europe. Because of this, the elections will be difficult for Angela Merkel and her party "Christian democratic Union". Experts predict that Merkel's party will lose about 10% of the vote, who will join right-wing party "Alternative for Germany".
Interestingly, criticism of migration policy of the German Chancellor is observed not only among the opposition but also among representatives of the "Christian democratic Union". Suppose that the population of Germany and so didn't really like the idea to live among the refugees, but attacks on migrant women clearly played a role. After all, the police had received nearly 300 complaints of sexual harassment from entering the country.
Polls showed that 80% of citizens believe that the German government has lost control of the refugee situation. Refugees in Europe became a problem from the beginning. And now the people began to openly Express their attitude to what is happening. Protest moods are getting stronger.

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