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Barack Obama admits Ukraine was always only for US interests not the Ukrainian goal

Barack Obama admits Ukraine was always only for US interests not the Ukrainian goal


Ukraine has lost — gloomy news coming one after another. No sooner had the country recovered from the statements of Jean-Claude Juncker, leaving nanika chance of full EU integration, both from across the ocean came the final verdict: Barack Obama announced that the United States never planned to fight for it's independent power.

A hard landing instead of a smooth takeoff.

Western leaders never took Ukraine seriously, for them it was always only an instrument of pressure on Russia.

You must admit I always thought that Ukrainians are adequate, speak and write not what I think actually. It seemed to me, they realize that they occupy a humble place in this cruel world where there are no friends, only temporary allies, United for a short time with common tasks. And plans to participate in the section of Russia — "to be in the chain of hunters who are preparing to skin the carcass of the biggest in the world" as said Ukrainian political analyst Yuri Romanenko is nothing more than trolling.

But that turned out to be seriously. They have convinced themselves that the world will retaliate against Russia for Ukraine wronged. And will not stop until Crimea and Donbass will not return to it. Even if they have to start a third world war.

For the sake of this noble cause of the world, of course, ready to commit suicide.

"The fact is that Ukraine is a country that is not part of NATO, will always be vulnerable to military dominance on the part of Russia, regardless of what we do," said Barack Obama in a controversial interview to The Atlantic. And explained: Ukraine for Russia is among the main , and for US — no.

"If someone is considering the possibility that we will go to war against Russia over Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, it needs very clear and understandable to speak. The idea that the hard conversations or interference in some military action in that region will affect the decision of Russia or China, contrary to all evidence we've seen over the past 50 years," not left any hopes the hawks own the American President. Not knowing what caused the Ukraine universal a muffled groan of frustration.

After these confessions, I think even the most gullible and obstinate svidomye the Executive had to understand what the Russians had always known: the world of the suicidal is not ready. Even more so, for the sake of nanki — distant country, which is somewhere on the periphery of the Western world, in the zone of influence of the Kremlin. The "Golden billion", in pursuit of their own, and not the Ukrainian goal, tried to do a little blood — to draw Russia into war with Ukraine. Did not work. And they retreated.

Big fucking deal — next time, you see, happens. Not in Ukraine, so in Belarus, Central Asia or the Caucasus. You never know the hot spots around geopolitical competitor that can "warm up". In the end, nance light a wedge has not converged.

It is the awareness of this sad fact completely ruined the mood of the winners of the "revolution of a gidnost".

In ESMA knowledgeable zamglavnogo first editor of "Mirror of week" Sergey Rakhmanin the other day literally blew the Ukrainian infopole their stories about how actually are the negotiations Norman Quartet. According to him, public reports of the trilateral contact group different from that maintained secretly, — Petro Poroshenko have to maneuver between militant minded Ukrainian society and peace-loving West.

Berlin and Paris, who are tired of the endless excuses, outlined the Kiev deadline of holding the elections in the Donbas: June. For the remaining time of the Verkhovna Rada should adopt the Law on elections in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Otherwise, sanctions against Russia will be lifted — or summer, or winter.

It is strange that in Ukraine no one comes to mind that this moment — with the elections in LNR and DNR will begin to implement the Minsk agreements. Is condition for lifting the sanctions.

That is, again, a dead end. It is no coincidence that the leader of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko called Minsk-2 diplomatic Debaltsevo.

Normandy format Ukraine clearly doesn't like, she tries confidentially to bargain with Germany and France, to help her get past the awkward position of the Complex of measures to implement the Minsk agreements. But without Russia, the Ukraine, no one wants to deal.

"Kiev is convinced that Moscow is not privy to his plans, however, to our knowledge, Berlin and Paris (without informed the Ukrainian side) do not just share with the Kremlin all the necessary information, and consult with representatives of Russia concerning certain provisions of the future law", is revealed to the readers the awful truth Sergey Rakhmanin.

He, however, failed to remain in positions of dispassionate expert. Telling why Poroshenko should not perform the Minsk agreement (LDNR after the elections in these areas are still not under the control of Kiev, de-facto, but will become so de-jure), at the end of the article the journalist quite openly urged Ukraine to war — whether for Donbass, or Russia. "The strong respect the strong," rightly noted by Sergei Rachmaninoff.

In nance finally realized that the West is not going to be in a military campaign to the East. Their problems it has to solve alone.

The question is whether Petro Poroshenko on another adventure — without the support of Europe and USA? Logic dictates that there is. However, the Ukrainian logic defies prediction.

In Friday, speaking to the graduates of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ambassador Jeffrey Payette in fact urged Ukraine to fulfill the Minsk agreements. "For US it is clear that an important first step in the implementation of the Minsk agreements is the establishment of security. No one expects elections in the Donbass or progress in the Parliament on the implementation of the commitments made by Ukraine, while the Ukrainian soldiers will die and get injured every day," the diplomat said.

His words do not mean that he voiced Washington's position — the official position of the US stated Barack Obama in his interview. I was not the first time I've noticed that Geoffrey Pyatt, perhaps, too deeply immersed in the Ukrainian problems and sometimes speaks contrary to the policy that determines his boss at the state Department.

But it may disorient the naive winners of the Maidan, trying to catch the sensitive ears of any signs of attention and support. No support, no attention, the West is only trying to save face, to persuade Petro Poroshenko to capitulate to Vladimir Putin. Tired of all this fuss about so few important geopolitical players nezalezhnoy provincial powers with unreasonable ambitions and claims.

"Will Poroshenko once again to draw the attention of the West?" — asks the burning question, Director of the Center for Eastern European perspectives in Washington Nikolay Vorobiev. In his opinion, a mean streak, which came after the Minsk-2, can still prove to be the runway. However, acknowledges that "map "Russian aggression" to play becomes more difficult because the radar in the West also, any movement of every Russian soldier, mercenary or separatist in the Donbas".

Nowhere this poor nation will not take off — it threw all, both Russia and the West.

Ukrainians must not allow ourselves again to be deceived: the American Ambassador expressed is just a personal opinion, than himself and confessed. Divisions. Money too.

As, however, and the Ukraine.

Pavel Shipilin

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