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Trump election the beginning of the end for the radical liberal ideology -- Puppet Masters -- Sott.net

Trump election the beginning of the end for the radical liberal ideology -- Puppet Masters -- Sott.net: https://www.sott.net/article/337305-Trump-election-the-beginning-of-the-end-for-the-radical-liberal-ideology#reply39409

Trump cruises to Electoral College victory despite protests

Trump cruises to Electoral College victory despite protests

Canadian Press
© The Associated Press Protesters demonstrate ahead of Pennsylvania's 58th Electoral College at the state Capitol in Harrisburg, Pa., Monday, Dec. 19, 2016. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

WASHINGTON (AP) — There were many protesters but few faithless electors as Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote Monday — ensuring that the billionaire will become America's 45th president.

An effort by anti-Trump forces to persuade Republican electors to abandon the president-elect came to practically nothing and the process unfolded largely according to its traditions. Trump's polarizing victory Nov. 8 and the fact Democrat Hillary Clinton had won the national popular vote had stirred an intense lobbying effort, but to no avail.

Even one of Trump's fiercest Republican rivals, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, said it was time to get behind the president-elect.

"We want unity, we want love," Kasich said as Ohio's electors voted to back Trump at a statehouse ceremony. Kasich refused to endorse or even vote for Trump in the election.

With several states still voting, Trump had 304 votes and Clinton had 169. It takes 270 Electoral College votes to win the presidency. Texas put Trump over the top, despite two Republican electors casting protest votes.

Befitting an election filled with acrimony, thousands of protesters converged on state capitols across the country Monday, urging Republican electors to abandon their party's winning candidate.

More than 200 demonstrators braved freezing temperatures at Pennsylvania's capitol, chanting, "No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!" and "No treason, no Trump!"
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Trump Officially Wins Electoral Vote VIDEO: http://a.msn.com/01/en-ca/AAlL4Aa?ocid=st

In Madison, Wisconsin, protesters shouted, cried and sang "Silent Night." In Augusta, Maine, they banged on drums and held signs that said, "Don't let Putin Pick Our President," referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Despite the noise outside state Capitols, inside, the voting went pretty much as planned.

In Nashville, Tennessee, one audience member tried to read out some Scripture before the ballots were cast, but was told he could not speak.

"We certainly appreciate the Scripture," State Election Coordinator Mark Goins said from the podium. "The answer is no."

With all Republican states reporting, Trump only lost the two electors in Texas. Clinton lost four electors in Washington state — three voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell and one voted for Native American tribal leader Faith Spotted Eagle.

Several Democratic electors in other states tried to vote for protest candidates but they either changed their votes to Clinton or were replaced.

The Electoral College has 538 members, with the number allocated to each state based on how many representatives it has in the House plus one for each senator. The District of Columbia gets three, despite the fact that the home to Congress has no vote in Congress.

Republican electors were deluged with emails, phone calls and letters urging them not to support Trump. Many of the emails are part of coordinated campaigns.© (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File) FILE - In this Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016, file photo, President-elect Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pa. Trump's closest advisers …

In Atlanta, Gov. Nathan Deal empathized with GOP electors.

"I, too, regret that you have been the subject of harassment by those who perhaps are not as dedicated to the proposition of what this body is supposed to do as they are agitated by the fact that the people didn't do what they wanted them to do," Deal told the state's 16 electors, who all voted for Trump.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, elector Charlie Buckels reached out to Trump's opponents after the New York businessman got all of the state's eight votes.

"For those of you who wished it had gone another way, I thank you for being here," said Buckels, the state GOP finance chairman. "I thank you for your passion for our country."

There is no constitutional provision or federal law that requires electors to vote for the candidate who won their state — though some states require their electors to vote for the winning candidate.

Those laws, however, are rarely tested. More than 99 percent of electors through U.S. history have voted for the candidate who won their state. Of those who refused, none has ever been prosecuted, according to the National Archives.

Some Democrats have argued that the Electoral College is undemocratic because it gives more weight to less populated states. That is how Clinton, who got more than 2.8 million more votes nationwide, lost the election to Trump.

Some have also tried to dissuade Trump voters by arguing that he is unsuited to the job. Others cite the CIA's assessment that Russia engaged in computer hacking to sway the election in favor of the Republican.

"When the founders of our country created (the Electoral College) 200-plus years ago, they didn't have confidence in the average white man who had property, because that's who got to vote," said Shawn Terris, a Democratic elector from Ventura, California. "It just seems so undemocratic to me that people other than the voters get to choose who leads the country."

A joint session of Congress is scheduled for Jan. 6 to certify the results of the Electoral College vote, with Vice President Joe Biden presiding as president of the Senate. Once the result is certified, the winner — almost certainly Trump — will be sworn in on Jan. 20.


Associated Press writers Julie Carr Smyth in Columbus, Ohio, Marc Levy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Scott Bauer in Madison, Wisconsin, Erik Schelzig and Jonathan Mattise in Nashville, Tennessee, Kathleen Floody and Alex Sanz in Atlanta, Melinda Deslatte in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Marina Villeneuve reported from Augusta, Maine, and Juliet A. Williams in Sacramento, California, contributed to this report.

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The demoralization of Hillary Democrats, That’s Obama’s agenda fallout


Obama is still suffering from his delusions which apparently have been made worse with the depression he dealing with, like most true believers in the fraud we know as Hillary Clinton.

In essence, Obama is telling us that he will attempt to violate constitutional law again by creating anarchy through his criminal act by doing so.
The Democrats are ceasing to be a national party.


Instead, they are becoming a nationalizing party.
They are losing their presence in much of the country, from the state legislature to state legislature, and becoming the party of major cities and the national government.
Their agenda is to move power from local areas to central ones, from the villages and the suburbs to the cities, from states to D.C. and from locally elected legislators in D.C. to the satellite bureaucracies of the Federal government.
Donald J.Trump has repeatedly stated that his administration will be covered by the rule of law.
That being said, look for Trump’s new attorney General, Jeff Sessions to prosecute both Obama and Hillary on multiple charges.
Many have argued that Obama is a usurper, not a natural-born citizen.
Yesterday, Sheriff Joe Arapaho’s investigation into this matter was finally concluded with the finding that his birth certificate was indeed forged.

Front Page Magazine
Daniel Greenfield
AKA Sultan Knish
December 16, 2016
Barack Obama has two faces. After Trump’s victory and Hillary’s defeat, the public Obama has been gracious and diplomatic.
His lectures to Trump, directly and indirectly, are couched in praise. He echoed the feeling of millions on both sides when he said, “We are now all rooting for his success”.
That’s a lie. Or rather a disguise.
Obama and his aides had, in one insider narrative, decided to don the “mask of decorum.”
“Obama’s participation trophy,” for occupying the White House for two terms.
Loser’s put him there, they are still having a difficult time with him being gone in a month and Hillary’s predictable loss.
636023431796650056-1996807318_participation-trophy-lThe contempt for Trump still seeps through the mask, and the mask hides Obama’s next big move.
 Obama is over. He knows that.
There are still some things that he can do before he leaves office, but everything except the most destructive can be undone by his successor.
The next phase of his campaign will not be fought from the White House.
It will be fought against the White House.
The next phase of his campaign will not be fought from the White House.
It will be fought against the White House.
The other Obama is emerging in conference calls with his supporters.
“One of the challenges that I’ve discovered being president is I’d like to be organizer-in-chief, but it’s hard,” he said in one call.
Obama can no longer be commander-in-chief. Instead, he’s plotting to become organizer-in-chief.
The infrastructure for the organization was put into place long before anyone thought that Hillary might lose.
Organizing for Action gave him his own organizing hub.
See the entire article below.
If Hillary had won, it would have been a pressure group.
Now that Trump won, it’s an axis to build a personal counterrevolution around.
In his post-election conference call with his OFA troops, Obama told them, “I’m giving you like a week and a half to get over it.”
Then it would be time to “move forward not only to protect what we’ve accomplished but also to see this as an opportunity.”
What opportunity could there be in Trump’s win?
Obama is now the only major national figure still standing among the Democrats.
After Hillary’s defeat, he’s worked hard to attribute the loss to her shortcomings, not his policies, and decisions.
That’s not just to soothe his ego.
If he’s going to dictate the future of his party, he can’t afford to be blamed for its latest disaster.
Obama is still determined to dictate the future of the party and the country.
In conventional politics, Obama is done.
There’s no way back into the White House.
Hillary’s fate won’t leave much enthusiasm for nominating the uncharismatic spouse of a charismatic ex-president.
But Obama is not a conventional politician.
He’s an organizer and a campaigner at the vanguard of a radical movement that seeks to control traditional institutions but doesn’t feel bound by them.
Unlike Bill Clinton, his plans don’t begin and end with the White House.
As an organizer, Obama is equipped to build bases of power outside traditional institutions. And that is exactly what he is doing.
The demoralization of the Democrats is, as Obama put it, an opportunity.
Social chaos is a time for the left to overthrow and undermine traditional institutions.
Fear, anger, and despair are radicalizing.
The left has always operated by throwing bombs and then profiting from the fallout.
That’s Obama’s agenda.
Having wrecked the country and the Democrats, he sees that not as a setback, but as an opportunity.
“The network that you represent, you’re perfectly poised to do that,” Obama told his OFAers.
“In other words, now is the time for some organizing.”
While the leftist rioters in the streets are garnering the most attention, the real threat comes from the network of staffers dubbed Obama Anonymous which are beginning to organize and coordinate.
OFA is Obama’s equivalent of the Clinton Foundation.
The Clintons built Clintonworld around staffers, but its goal was harvesting money.
Obama Inc. is being built around organizing and activism.
Like Clintonworld, it will be a network encompassing a variety of political and non-profit institutions.
Unlike them, it will be much less focused on directing money to its bosses in preparation for an election. Instead, it will function like a traditional leftist movement, merging influence operations with crowdsourced mobilization.
OFA will be far more dangerous in the wild than the Clinton Foundation ever was.
The Clintons hoped to ride back to power on a giant wave of money. Obama is taking a much more radical course.
The staffers exiting government are being wired into Obama Inc. whether or not they take jobs directly working for him. The OFA alumni are building networks across organizations while taking their marching orders from him. They expect Obama to lead them back from the wilderness and into the halls of power.
He’s told them so.
“I’m going to be constrained in what I do with all of you until I am again a private citizen.
But that’s not so far off,” he assured them.
“I’m still fired up and I’m still ready to go.”
His next comments promised that radical political change could and would take place.
Obama isn’t going to retire.
He’s not going to spend years puttering around with a presidential library.
He’s not even going to set up a Clintonesque slush fund and try to make his wife president. Instead, he wants to force radical change from outside the White House by using the network he’s built.
While the public Obama wraps up business at the White House, concludes yet another world tour, alternating between praising Trump and offering him condescending advice, the other Obama is preparing to deploy a network that will dominate the Dems and set the agenda on the left.
If Obama succeeds, then he will get another shot at picking his White House successor. But beyond that, he’s been handed the keys to an organizing machine that will allow him to set even more of the agenda for his party than ever before. And he has a cause that is sending the party reeling back into his arms.
Obama believes that he can rule America from outside the White House. And he might be right.
Political norms and old rules have been falling faster than leaves in an autumn wind. If Obama sets out to move the center of power outside the White House and into an organization that will control national politics through the left, it would be dangerous to assume that he can’t and won’t succeed.
The Democrats didn’t respond to their defeat, one of a sequence, by trying to move to the center. Instead there is every sign that they are moving further to the left. Keith Ellison, a radical leftist with an anti-Semitic past, is tipped to head the DNC. Schumer still has the Senate, but Elizabeth Warren may have it before too long. Combine that with Obama as the president-in-exile and the Dems will be more radical and extremist than they were even when Obama was sitting in the White House.
Obama sees Hillary’s defeat as an opportunity to burn the Dem’s last bridges with the larger country and its “bitter clingers”, to double down on nationalizing power and to define the political narrative around the agendas of urban elites. The left crippled the Democrats. Now it wants to utterly consume them.
Barack Obama is still being vague and coy about his plans. He informs reporters that he will attack Trump when it comes to “core questions about our values and ideals”. But the “faithful” are getting much clearer signals. “You’re going to see me early next year, and we’re going to be in a position where we can start cooking up all kinds of great stuff to do.”
The election was a catastrophic disaster for the Democrats, but it opened all sorts of doors for Obama.
Hillary’s defeat removes the Clintons, his only real internal rivals, off the stage. Trump’s triumph in working class areas cuts more ties with the traditional Dem base and transforms it into a party of left-wing urban elites and their radical agendas. And the popular figures on the left, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Keith Ellison, lack his national stature, speaking skills and organization.
Obama will move to consolidate the left. And then the Democrats. He will function as a president-in-exile heading up the opposition to Trump. When it comes to verbally challenging Trump, Obama will be more likely to be interviewed and heard than Ellison or Schumer. And his people will coordinate responses across the left from street-level organizing to think tanks and policy moves.
Some of it is ego.
Obama believes that he can find the key to beating Trump in the traditional tactics of the left. But most is ideology and power. Obama is not done transforming America. And America isn’t done with him yet.

The Russian bear behind the keyboard: Russian hack claims are absurd

The Russian bear behind the keyboard: Russian hack claims are absurd

I am about twenty four hours behind on debunking the "evidence" of Russian hacking of the DNC because I have only just stopped laughing. I was sent last night the "crowdstrike" report, paid for by the Democratic National Committee, which is supposed to convince us. The New York Times today made this "evidence" its front page story.

It appears from this document that, despite himself being a former extremely competent KGB chief, Vladimir Putin has put Inspector Clouseau in charge of Russian security and left him to get on with it. The Russian Bear has been the symbol of the country since the 16th century. So we have to believe that the Russian security services set up top secret hacking groups identifying themselves as "Cozy Bear" and "Fancy Bear". Whereas no doubt the NSA fronts its hacking operations by a group brilliantly disguised as "The Flaming Bald Eagles", GCHQ doubtless hides behind "Three Lions on a Keyboard" and the French use "Marianne Snoops".

What is more, the Russian disguised hackers work Moscow hours and are directly traceable to Moscow IP addresses. This is plain and obvious nonsense. If crowdstrike were tracing me just now they would think I am in Denmark. Yesterday it was the Netherlands. I use Tunnel Bear, one of scores of easily available VPN's and believe me, the Russian FSB have much better resources. We are also supposed to believe that Russia's hidden hacking operation uses the name of the famous founder of the Communist Cheka, Felix Dzerzhinsky, as a marker and an identify of "Guccifer2" (get the references - Russian oligarchs and their Gucci bling and Lucifer) - to post pointless and vainglorious boasts about its hacking operations, and in doing so accidentally leave bits of Russian language script to be found.

The Keystone Cops portrayal of one of the world's most clinically efficient intelligence services is of a piece with the anti-Russian racism which has permeated the Democratic Party rhetoric for quite some time. Frankly nobody in what is vaguely their right mind would believe this narrative.
It is not that "Cozy Bear", "Fancy Bear" and "Guccifer2" do not exist. It is that they are not agents of the Russian government and not the source of the DNC documents. Guccifer2 is understood in London to be the fairly well known amusing bearded Serbian who turns up at parties around Camden under the (assumed) name of Gavrilo Princip.

Of course there were hacking and phishing attacks on the DNC. Such attacks happen every day to pretty well all of us. There were over 1,050 attacks on my own server two days ago, and many of them often appear to originate in Russia - though more appear to originate in the USA. I attach a cloudfare threat map. It happens to be from a while ago as I don't have a more up to date one on hand from my technical people. Of course in many cases the computers attacking have been activated as proxies by computers in another country entirely. Crowdstrike apparently expects us to believe that Putin's security services have not heard of this or of the idea of disguising which time zone you operate from.

One Day’s Attempts to Hack My Own Server – Happens Every Single Day
Pretty well all of us get phishing emails pretty routinely. Last year my bank phoned me up to check if I was really trying to buy a car with my credit card in St Petersburg. I don't know what the DNC paid "Crowdstrike" for their narrative but they got a very poor return for their effort indeed. That the New York Times promotes it as any kind of evidence is a truly damning indictment of the mainstream media.

Comment: Mainstream media don't care where the information comes from, as long as it fits with the propaganda.
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False Flag Operations: 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing & more - 2016

False Flag Operations: 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing & more - 2016

False Flags: From 9/11 to Sandy Hook and Beyond, a presentation by James Fetzer, PhD, from February of 2016. This is going to be like a sampler of conspiracy theories. Most of you are aware that the CIA introduced the term 'conspiracy theorist' to put down, or put in place, or shift the burden of proof of critics of government accounts.

The contemporary term "false flag" describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

Historically, the term "false flag" has its origins in naval warfare where the use of a flag other than the belligerent's true battle flag as a ruse de guerre, before engaging the enemy, has long been accepted.

Operations carried out during peace-time by civilian organizations, as well as covert government agencies, can (by extension) also be called false flag operations if they seek to hide the real organization behind an operation.

Conspiracy theory - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conspir...
Conspiracy Theorist - http://www.urbandictionary.com/define...
In 1967, the CIA Created the Label "Conspiracy Theorists" - http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-02...
False flag - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_flag
53 Admitted False Flag Attacks - http://www.globalresearch.ca/53-admit...
10 false flags operations that shaped our world - http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Ter...
24 hard facts about 9/11 that cannot be debunked - http://www.hangthebankers.com/24-hard...
Why I Am Convinced 9/11 Was an Inside Job - http://www1.ae911truth.org/en/affilia...
The Top Ten Reasons for Believing that 9/11 Was an Inside Job -http://goldenageofgaia.com/accountabi...
33 Unanswered Questions on Sandy Hook’s 3rd Anniversary - http://www.activistpost.com/2015/12/3...
Adam Lanza: The fictional perpetrator of the Sandy Hook hoax - http://jamesfetzer.blogspot.ca/2015/0...
Boston Bombing HOAX : Worst ACTORS Ever - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oko43...
Indisputable Photo Evidence That the Boston Marathon Bombing Was Staged - http://educate-yourself.org/cn/boston...
Absolute Proof Boston Bombing Was a Staged Hoax - http://nodisinfo.com/absolute-proof-b...
San Bernardino: False Flag or False Flag Hoax? - http://wakeup-world.com/2015/12/09/sa...

As always, use this info to gather more info.

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The Queen of Fake News exposed, Hillary Clinton Squirming over ‘Pizzagate’

Hillary Clinton squirming over ‘Pizzagate’ allegations? Clinton presses Congress to take action


The queen of fake news exposed

(INTELLIHUB) — The queen of fake news and recent loser of the presidential election Hillary R. Clinton came out against what she says is a ‘fake news epidemic’ Thursday, demanding that Congress take action.
Clinton cited the recent Comet Ping Pong incident in which an armed actor entered the pizzeria on Dec. 4 with a rifle to “self-investigate” mounting evidence of a child sex-trafficking ring conspiracy known as Pizzagate, which has been trending on social media world wide for weeks now.
The so-called conspiracy theory, which has still not been disproved by any credible law enforcement source to date, alleges that John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign adviser, and Clinton herself may be involved in child slave trading after emails released by Wikileaks show what researchers say is ‘pedofile based code language’ identified by the FBI in bulletins.
In fact, the theory may have more credence then ever after a former mainstream journalist found a 2011 tweet from the late Andrew Breitbart claiming that John Podesta is covering up a massive “sex slave” operation.
Thursday, Hillary Clinton, dressed in her George Soros “Purple Revolution” clothes, addressed Congress, talking about how “fake news can have real world consequences” and may be putting ‘ordinary peoples lives at risk.’

The Queen of fake news

Lt. Gen Mike Flynn’s son, Jack Posobiac, who is also the Special Projects Director for the group Citizens For Trump, did an epic broadcast on Periscope Friday morning calling out Hillary Clinton on her ‘fake news’ scandal.
“Let’s talk about fake news,” Posobiac said.
“Let’s talk about the Iraq war and weapons of mass destruction. Let’s talk about a YouTube video being blamed for Benghazi. A YouTube video which was told to the parents of the victims of Benghazi, the heros of Benghazi, by Hillary Clinton to their faces while their sons dead bodies were in the hanger there at Andrews Air Force Base. She said we are going to get those people who made that YouTube video. That was fake news. That was a lie.”
“What else is fake news,” Posobiac questioned to his live viewers.
“Saying that she landed and came off the plane under sniper fire. Saying that Vadimir Putin and the alt-right are being controlled by the KGB. Saying that she lost because Russia hacked our election, despite having no evidence to that fact.”
Posobiac went on to say the narrative is that anyone that “releases anti-Hillary stuff” is considered to be “paid” by the Russians.
Posobiac said that Hillary’s reckless statements are likely provoking the Russians, who “are a major world power” with nuclear capabilities.
“When Hillary Clinton compared Vladimir Putin to Hitler, is that diplomacy?”
“You want to say that he’s [Putin] hacking elections based on nothing. That’s fake news. That’s the fake news that you, Hillary Clinton, perpetuated.”
“Guys she’s talking about fake news, but her campaign was behind Correct The Record, an organization that was literaly paid to make fake news and push it everyday on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook.”
“She paid for fake news to be planted across social media and now she has the gull, the absolute gull and disdain for the American people to tell us that fake news is the reason she lost when she is the creator of fake news. Hillary Clinton is the creator of ISIS and Hillary Clinton is the creator of fake news — period.”
“To say that Hillary Clinton is against fake news, is in of itself fake news.”
During his rant, Posobiac also pointed out how Hillary Clinton “was given the questions in advance by CNN,” which is cheating. All the while CNN claimed it was a fair debate, which again is fake news.”
This is just a trap to get rid of the alternative media […] the independent media,” Posobiac said.
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