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The Ukrainian energy debate, the MP Oleg Barna grabbed Yatsenyuk in a peculiar place it "offends"

The peculiarities of the Ukrainian debate, the MP grabbed Yatsenyuk place for a causal 

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"Many morons" - so has commented on the brawl in the Verkhovna Rada, during which Arseniy Yatsenyuk was cupping his groin, the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Squabbled deputies are included in the "Block of Petro Poroshenko" party and people's front led by Yatsenyuk, reports channel "112".

The reason for fighting was the pin released by the Ukrainian Prime Minister during a reading of the report on the activities of the government. Yatsenyuk said about the situation in the energy sector of the country deputies of the "Bloc of Petro Poroshenko" can ask "the Minister" Demchishin.

After this speech the people's Deputy Oleg Barna approached the Prime Minister and presented him a bouquet of flowers with black tape, then pulled out of Yatsenyuk from the rostrum by means of the engagement for cause. At the end of the fight the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Groysman stated that "the Parliament must be the political culture".

Finally, the Deputy from "Popular front" Victoria syumar rightly stated that her colleagues "gave picture and Russian TV channels, and the world".

It should be noted that the parliamentary session was held under the accompaniment of the rally near the Verkhovna Rada, the participants of which demanded to send Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Also previously appeared information that the issue of impeachment of Ukrainian Premier could be put on the agenda and MPs.

Russia can do to Ukraine whatever, but now it is impractical

The Kiev authorities are acting like actors without an Oscar. Moreover, the actors in all respects - they teach scenarios in which Russia is "bad", learn their lines, actively gesticulate, shout and spit for greater believability. Even electric poles have got himself blown up, but then quickly learned to play. After "the Crimean blackout" Russia and the people's Republic of Donbass stopped deliveries of coal to Ukraine. And then she began to behave normally - the bully into a corner and energy Minister Demchyshyn started to agitate for the restoration of Energoatom in the Crimea, and deputies (part-time supporting the blockade) was concerned about the lines of energoparitet.
So, the Deputy Dzhemilev said in November: "there was a very serious situation. In connection with the threat of termination of deliveries of the electric power Russia already stopped the us supplies of anthracite, and it means that you will be paralyzed the work of the seven power plants of Ukraine. We all should consider it". What a surprise - because of disconnection of the Crimea are left without light. I'm not going to jump. Therefore, in a short time was restored to one of the four branches of the energy supply of the Crimea from Ukraine - Russia and the DNR resumed deliveries of coal.What all the "salt" of the situation with electricity and coal, as well as what other methods there are in Russia to influence Ukraine is told about it in interview Накануне.RU political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko.

Question: Based on the current situation, we can conclude that the supply or failure of electric power to the Crimea from Ukraine directly dependent on supply of coal from Russia?
Rostislav Ishchenko: the President of the Russian Federation directly referred to the relationship between the supply of coal and electricity and stressed that Russia restores supplies of coal because power supply is restored, the contract is valid. The Minister of energy of Ukraine stated that this issue is not just sensitive, but critical, and he demanded to restore the energy supply of the Crimea due to the fact that Ukraine has ceased to receive coal, and energy may come collapse.
Question: But Ukraine usually starts screaming on every corner about how it "offends" Russia - why this time everything is quiet?
Rostislav Ishchenko: And not the beginning of Ukraine about it in the Western media to cry because, first, there is an agreement under which Russia supplies coal to Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine's energy supplies to Crimea. In Crimea they do not fulfill their obligations – why Russia needs to fulfill his? Ukraine started again to feed the Crimea - the coal went. Secondly, the West immediately condemned the terrorist attacks to undermine the pillars of power lines and interruption of energy supply to Crimea. And the West could not do otherwise, because demolishing them today or tomorrow blow up the gas pipelines, and gas stops to go to Western Europe. It's frustrating.
Question: people's Republic of Donbass in this case can do for yourself is also something to bargain, how to influence?
Rostislav Ishchenko: DNR immediately acts in unison with Russia, and it for anybody not a secret. And, as far as I know, in principle Ukraine has delivered not just any coal of Vorkuta and the coal of Donetsk. But the people's Republic of nothing favorable can't bargain for, because people's republics, Kiev is not negotiating. He did not recognize them as negotiating partners and talks only with mediators. In other words, Kiev is, in fact, to negotiate with DND and LNR in Minsk even sends some Kuchma. But then Poroshenko communicates with the presidents of Russia and France and Chancellor of Germany and gets the conditions it needs to perform. So if you do not talk - how are you going to bargain?

Question: Well, but if in General to look at the situation Russia is able, in addition to coal, something else to affect Ukraine and the West?
Rostislav Ishchenko: Russia, in principle, can anything. The only question is, as it is beneficial to Russia itself and how it responds to its national interests. As I understand, Putin said that after an energy bridge in the Crimea will work, further supply of coal in exchange for electricity in Ukraine will cease. It's the logical thing to do, because if you don't need Ukrainian electricity, then why put the coal? It with one hand. On the other hand, the Russian leadership is in no hurry, at least, randomize Ukraine. Rather, these busy Americans. You can stop the delivery of coal, Yes. And not only coal. You can achieve fairly rapid collapse of the Ukrainian state, it could have been done last year, but then the question arises - what to do with it?

Question: so what?
Rostislav Ishchenko: What to do with the land on which walking is already not hundreds of thousands, and millions of small arms and thousands of heavy armored vehicles, tens of thousands outright bandits that nobody will be managed? And through this area are natural gas pipelines in the EU, and millions of refugees are guaranteed, and their need to feed, water, clothe, Shoe, to restore the economy. To put things in order - you have to pay a lot of money. If in an apartment building neighbor at night kickin', you're not going home for that burn? So here - to the extent possible or as needed strengthens Russia's pressure on Ukraine, but to demolish it right now, I think it at least today, impractical. First you need to understand who, and most importantly - with what money, will it all stabilize.

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