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The Three betrayals of Ukraine captured "cyborg" Callsign Rahman (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Three betrayals "cyborg" Rahman (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Three betrayals "cyborg" Rahman (PHOTO, VIDEO) | Russian spring
"Borg number one" it is well to remember that the life of a chameleon is usually short. 2-3 years. Large individuals live longer. How big is "big" was the "cyborg" is now clear to everyone.
In late November, the Donbass from captivity was released the so-called "cyborg" with the Callsign "Rahman". He is Andrey Grechanov, chief of the intelligence 81st assault brigade of the armed forces. In July 2015 he landed in a cleverly positioned trap of the militia DND.
For the so-called defense of the Donetsk airport in Ukraine, has been dubbed "the cyborg no one" and even awarded the order of the Western coalition "International Antiputin Coalition", so to speak, of merit. It's not even funny.
Grechanov Russian origin (only speaks Russian). The Russians, as you know, don't throw and don't commit, of course... This was the first betrayal Rahman. He paid the price for it is not by chance...
Grechanov has done absolutely disastrous RAID on the territory of DND, where are you going on the personal initiative to try to capture the fighters of DNR/LNR and then think of them as a Russian soldier to Poroshenko's arrival. About how he took "cyborg, number one" said one of the fighters DND...
— 31 July 2015 our tactical group moved to the area of the village New Lugansk, where the advance received from its environment the information that day was to receive Rahman. Set an ambush on the track found here in the speed and we are interested in the jeep.
The driver immediately eliminated, but two passengers and one was Rahman. Immediately there was a second jeep, a cover band which practically has on the move jumped out and began quite professionally "work" two of fennel. But we are after all the exploration, all of these "surprises" we have to anticipate, so a cover band almost immediately destroyed.
Rahman himself threw the weapon in this case was without chevrons and immediately pretended hose. Started to do Comedy, like let me go, I'm just a volunteer, but in our spirit and to the question "go?", answered "go".
While in captivity, Grechanov "repented" of his actions, blaming them on the government of Ukraine. And this was the second betrayal Rahman...
Rahman claimed that the actions of the Ukrainian side was not consistent with the Minsk agreements, orders of the Ukrainian authorities crime, and is at war with Ukraine not Russian soldiers and officers (which he assured was not on the territory of Ukraine, DPR and LPR), and with its civilian population.
"Repent for his government, said in an interview with the major of armed forces of Ukraine Andrey Grechanov. — I want to say that we should abandon warfare. We deceived. We are at war, not with soldiers of the Russian Federation, and civilians. There are no Russian soldiers, I had guessed it before. And now confirm that when I am here. They showed me the destruction in Donetsk. I could only imagine what the victims were after our artillery strikes on the territory of Donetsk".
It would seem — after such statements, to appear in Ukraine — like death. This, as we have said: you done lied (read "betrayed") again, who'd believe you?". This Russian saying has never correlated with a conscience "cyborg, number one." He got away with it.
November 30, 2015 Grechanov was exchanged for major General Vladimir Starkov — chief of the combat support of one of the brigades of the army DND. This took place only after Poroshenko "after much thought" has signed a decree to pardon Starkova, who was sentenced in September to 14 years of imprisonment "for participation in waging aggressive war against Ukraine".
Poroshenko was the first to rush (as much as three hours a night) to meet "Heroe of Ukraine", which the next day "plastered" all and Sundry in Ukraine. Grechanov again became a "hero"... In his first interview, Rahman said "the inquisitors" DNR: and it was crushed, and blood was let in General as they could have obtained confessions.

That is, he gave them allegedly under pressure. But then the question is... Why the same Savchenko and Sentsov in a Russian prison, has not abandoned its principles and beliefs? Why they did not apply methods of the so-called "pressure"? Moreover, Savchenko she "tortured" herself to death...
Grechanov took everyone and everything for the sake of preserving life. Hence, another reasonable question is whether in such a case be called a "hero of Ukraine" a person who, depending on the environment changes the readings? — No!
He's like a chameleon — changes colors depending on the environment in which is. It has long been a trend in Ukrainian politics. This is the third betrayal Rahman.
Only the "Borg number one" it is well to remember that the life of a chameleon is usually short. 2-3 years. Large individuals live longer. How big is "big" was the "cyborg" is now clear to everyone...
Vyacheslav Bochkarev
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Sensational shots: the head of the DND exposes the lies of Poroshenko about the exchange of "cyborg" Rahman (VIDEO)

Sensational shots: the head of the DND exposes the lies of Poroshenko about the exchange of "cyborg" Rahman (VIDEO) | Russian spring
As previously reported, "Russian Spring", in the night of 1 December the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met with servicemen liberated from captivity as head of the intelligence 81st air assault brigade of the armed forces of Ukraine Andrey Grechanov (Rahman).
Poroshenko hastened to announce to the world that Rahman was released from the 18th (!) attempts thanks to his negotiations in Paris with Putin, Merkel and Hollande.
But today was published the video, captured on November 28, i.e. prior TO exchange of Rahman, the officer of the Army DND. In the video, the head of the DND, sitting at the same table with Grachevym, told those who made possible the liberation of the Ukrainian military.
"The exchange that will happen in the next few hours, was organized and took place thanks to Alex Mochanov*. Neither the President of Ukraine, nor other negotiators in exchange that person has not participated," said he, addressing the soldiers and officers of the armed forces.
"This statement will be aired only after the exchange takes place. I will wait the time when all will make statements about how this exchange happened, and only then the statement will go on the air", — stressed the head of DND.
A special spice to add videos following the speech, footage of Zakharchenko Rahman meeting with Poroshenko, where the President tells the soldier that the final decision to release was made "in Paris, in the Channel format".
"I asked German Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande to push Putin said that the Ukrainian hero you need to release it," lies, looking into the eyes of his superior officers, the President of Ukraine.

Famous Ukrainian TV host, volunteer of the "ATO"

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