Friday, December 18, 2015

Ministry of defense of Poland seized the building of the center of military counterintelligence NATO

Officers of the Ministry of defense of Poland seized the building of the center of military counterintelligence NATO

Last night representatives of military counterintelligence of Poland and the Ministry of defense took over the building, which houses the center of expertise military intelligence of NATO. The Ministry said that in this way the head of the defense Ministry bartholomay Misevich "was appointed" acting Director Robert Ball, according to the media.

Former Director of the Center for Krzysztof Soul said that actions are not legal. Soul noticed that the Polish authorities have no right to change the heads of the expert center, as this organization was established ten countries that belong to NATO.

The foreign Ministry said that such actions should be carried out immediately. As noted by the Minister Witold Waszczykowski, the previous centre staff had no access to some secret document, but the new people have such a permit.

About this incident expressed and former head of defense Minister of Poland Tomasz Semonyak. He stated that no one had such afford could not. Simonak said, it was a real attack on the institution of NATO. He also noted that people macarevich of Antony, the current defense Minister, broke out the door in the center.

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