Friday, November 13, 2015

The one insane U.S. goal to stop Putin, Childish at best...

The one insane U.S. goal to stop Putin, Childish at best...


Julia Vityazev

Know what I like about the Americans?! How childlike they can say some of the most terrible things about someone they are clearly inferior to.

Just recently, former allied commander of NATO in Europe, said that the Obama administration should take a moment when Putin's attention is riveted to other things, and to inflame the Ukrainian crisis.

"If the U.S. is closely monitoring the Russian plans, they must understand that now is the perfect time to increase assistance to Ukraine in the field of Economics and training of the troops. If we want to train Ukrainian army and supply her defensive armament, now is the time to do this.

Why not take a moment when Putin's attention is riveted on to other things? Need to put it at a disadvantage, to outwit. To show that while he is in the West game in Syria, we are playing for the West in Ukraine."

Cunning American plan is something new. Even afraid to imagine what it might be. So far all their "tricks" are more like a tantrum. This is especially noticeable on the background of the ongoing ballot stuffing allegedly reliable information about the terrorist attack on Board the Russian A321. Scary stories about the CIA; information about the fact that Obama's killing the perpetrators of the destruction of flight 9268, threatening Russia's ban on the participation in the Olympiad, if the truth be publicized, sensational statements about the timer, laid on Board.

Continuously generated by the Anglo-Saxons with reference to unnamed sources "evidence" of the attack is already pretty bored. It may seem that the American propaganda machine is totally off the brakes.

However, there is a suspicion that someone on my forehead stands a cold sweat from the possible emergence of real evidence purely technical version of the disaster. About why for most of the G7 countries in support of this version will be the jolt that I wrote earlier.

But back to our sheep, that is, to American generals.

Now, still the same Clark for a long time and very active advocates that President Barack Obama has put the Ukrainian army weapons, such as antitank missiles, as well as intensified work on her training.

I note that yesterday, the Verkhovna Rada almost without noise and dust, showing a rare unanimity, have allowed NATO to conduct exercises in Ukraine. At the end of this year 2.5 thousand U.S. military and NATO in the next two months will teach krovoj military knowledge.

Of course, all this is done for the sole purpose to scare "the aggressor" and is in no way associated with the renewed escalation of the war in the Donbass. And anyway, it was Russia breaks Minsk agreement, not withdraw their heavy equipment from the separation line. Explain that Putin does not have superhuman abilities and can't control what exists only in the fantasies of alcoholic Poroshenko and repeatedly shell-shocked consciousness of the American military officials - it is useless.

The current commander of U.S. in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, in General, also not against Ukrainian soldiers had the opportunity to destroy Russian tanks. However, while he prefers not to engage in serious conflict with the allies, because it may weaken the vital unity of the Alliance against Russia.

In my opinion, all of the above as a confession. Note how upright brave American generals concerned about creating trouble Russia and the eagerness with which the ready to contribute to the escalation of the conflict in the Donbass.

The civilian casualties are not even discussed. Most importantly - spite Putin!

According to Clark, the needs of the Russian army, Russia's domestic concerns and the ongoing investigation of the crash provide a good opportunity to use the moment.

That's what I understand - "partnership"!

While Russia investigates causes of tragedy over Sinai, destroying the terrorists of ISIS in Syria and sending humanitarian aid to the Donbass, the representatives of "the most humane country on the planet" are trying to calculate the ratio of possible things that you can arrange in Russia with the highest benefit for themselves.

The only strange for me remains the question of those domestic problems of Russia, which the US wants to use it. Thanks to the poles is explained.

According to Nepalgunj Polish media, in Russia everything is bad. From the word altogether. There is no bread, the spectacle is also in short supply. The economy is in recession. Country under the doping of Putin's propaganda.

And the all-Russian athletics Federation may be excluded from international bodies (IAAF), the athletes from Russia most likely will not go to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Add to this the development of a corruption scandal in another international Federation, football, FIFA, where Russia is as ignominious a Central place.

Excitedly listing all the nasty things that the West is actively attached Russia, the Polish media asking : "Do people lose their games? It will be a kick in the gut the proud Russian soul! The soul is restless, if you go back just two weeks ago to the crash of the Russian plane. American and British intelligence referred to as the causes of the crash bomb. Responsibility for the attack, which served as a revenge for the Russian military operation in Syria, took over the local cell of the "Islamic state".

Here they are, the simple small Polish joy. However, to expect exactly from these vassals of the United States something else it would be naive and foolish. What the vassals of the vassals of the USA - ukrasi - even I will not quote. To avoid accidents in consequence of loud and prolonged laughter.

As to other foreign media, we observed well-defined pattern.

Western reader trying to convince that the recent accident occurred as a result of the attack, which was only the first sign of retaliation for the "invasion" in Syria, Russia's economy is on the verge of collapse, the Alliance will allow the Saudis to crash oil prices to historic lows, and away from the obstinate and intransigent "aggressor" even the status of regional gas stations, and available foreign exchange reserves may run out in the first half of next year.

And blame it on Putin.

The only difference is the ultimate goal. If the Anglo-Saxons rave about returning Russia to the era "personalise", the same poles intended smaller.

They would finally bring back the wreckage of the presidential plane, to make lifting sanctions on Polish apples, Yes to buy Russian gas at the price of air.

However, despite the difference in motivation, the West is United in one thing - any way to weaken Russia and to deprive of its influence on geopolitical processes.

For some it is so fundamental that it becomes a matter of life and death.

Of course, a stranger.

What's the difference, how many more children will die in Syria and the Donbass?!

An objective for which all means are good, one is to stop Putin.

Julia Vityazeva, writes especially for News Front

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