Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stratfor: the Russian special Forces seized in Yemen two officers of the CIA, who led the Downing of flight A-321

Stratfor: the Russian special Forces seized in Yemen two officers of the CIA, who led the Downing of flight A-321

Geopolitics having used to refer to insider sources in the Russian Federation, publishes this material under the title: Daring Raid Captures CIA "Assets" Who Downed Russian Plane In Egypt (Daring RAID captures "assets" of the CIA, shot down a Russian aircraft in Egypt).

Below is a translation of the article:

The foreign intelligence service reported to the Supreme commander, that the RAID on the export from Yemen of two captured "asset" of the CIA, which is believed to have organized the crash of flight 9268 over Egypt last Saturday, using the terrorists of the ISIL, was "very successful". As soon as the flight ATT came back into the airspace of the Russian Federation, President Putin has banned all flights in the region on the advice of the Director of the Federal security service Alexander Bortnikov.

As we have reported previously, the working hypothesis of the SVR about this tragedy believes that it has become the most deadly in the history of Russia and the fact, which is ignored by Western journalists, seeking, it would seem, to provoke indignation at every opportunity, is that the flight 9268 was shot down by a missile surface-to-air British production provided by Saudi Arabia and handed over to the ISIL terrorists, who then used them. Some time later, two "assets" of the CIA that operated in Yemen were seized by Russian special forces.

After the capture of these two "assets" the CIA and their "very sophisticated" equipment, "special flight" of the MES was sent to the Yemeni capital Sana'a, where he successfully landed, using as cover a powerful cyclone weather.

After loading the two CIA agents and their equipment into the aircraft, the Saudi air force fighter planes operating in the skies of Yemen, threatened to bring down the Ministry of emergencies aircraft immediately after takeoff.

For a few hours VKS the Russian Federation had taken "countermeasures" (possibly followed by a retaliatory threat, rather not specify) against Saudi Arabia, which allowed "special flight" MES to fly out of Sana'a and return safely in the airspace of the Russian Federation.

This report further explains that President Putin has banned all flights in the region that could not be done before successful removal of these "assets" of the CIA and their equipment from Yemen in the morning. This "special flight" was more "protected" Iranian military transport plane C-130 Hercules flying to Syria to "confuse/distort" Western military radar systems.

The Russian Federation also feared that Obama can give the order to destroy the side of the Ministry. So, was hoisted into the air by a squadron of F-15 with a Turkish base.

Even more strikingly, within 72 hours after the Downing of flight 9268 over Egypt, the CIA and the Saudis announced that they will supply to Islamic terrorists acting in Syria, more man-portable missiles capable of shooting down a civil aircraft too.


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