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Pepe Escobar: In the war with ISIS Russia is taking no prisoners

Pepe Escobar: In the war with ISIS
Russia is taking no prisoners

ISIS and terrorism, Russia's actions in Syria

The so-called Islamic State* now should learn: they chose war with the wrong. We entered the territory, where "take no prisoners". Russia is now rolled up his sleeves.

Especially after the terrorist online magazine Dabiq has published photos of the alleged explosive device that caused the collapse of Metrojet: Amateur device in the Bank and Schweppes Gold, placed under a passenger seat. And were issued passports of the Russian victims, allegedly captured "the Mujahideen".

Their common fate was decided at a time when the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov toldPresident Putin about the crash Metrojet 31 October in Egypt that "we can confidently say that this was a terrorist act".

Bandits of the Caliphate can escape in the desert "Sirak" and further, – but I can't hide, because according to the words of the President: "We will find them everywhere – no matter where they hid. We can find them anywhere in the world and we will punish". These words were accompanied by an additional attraction award in $50 million from the FSB for any information about the criminals who organized the tragedy in Sinai.

Putin's message immediately gained a heaviness in the shape of a huge, impressive Russian firing shaft 140 on the order of a Caliphate, carried out with air strike, 34 advanced cruise missiles and cruel actions of the strategic bombers Tu-160, Tu-22M3 and Tu-95MS "Bear". For the first time since the Afghan Jihad of the 1980s were deployed by Russian forces strategic bombers.

And still to come next in Syria will be posted for an additional 25 strategic bombers, 8 strike aircraft su-34, four su-27.
The riddle of trucks

At the G-20 summit in Antalya Putin already is very impressive, has revealedwho exactly is contributing to funding Needs – fully, "examples based on data from the funding of the various units Give individuals".

Stunning: Finance to Give "as we have established, come from 40 countries, among them some members of the G-20". No need to be a genius from the California Institute of Technology, to understand exactly who. It is better for them to take seriously the message that "you can run, but cannot hide".

In addition, Putin has exposed – clearly – the whole myth of the G-20 that Washington is seriously busy fighting to Give: "I showed our colleagues the photos from space and from aircraft that clearly show the scale of illegal oil trade". He talked about the trucks Give us with smuggled oil, their number exceeds 1000 pieces.

No doubt, acting according to the Russian satellite reconnaissance, the Pentagon then miraculously managed to find a convoy of trucks stretching "beyond the horizon", who was smuggling the smuggling of stolen Syrian oil. And duly bombed 116 trucks. And it's a year after the "coalition of the Dubious Possibilities" theoretically beginning to contend with the Give. The only such bombing to date was undertaken by the Iraqi air force.

The "strategy" of the USA, which recently launched Obama, is to bomb (again) Syrian oil infrastructure, now expropriated and used Give. Technically, it is the property of Damascus and, consequently, belongs to the"Syrian people".

And yet Washington is, apparently, more focused on other "people"that would completely restore the destroyed infrastructure in the style of the capitalism of disaster in case work "Assad must go".

Russia again came straight to the point. To bomb the transport system – the convoys of fuel tankers and non-oil infrastructure. It will eventually knock smugglers out of business.

The key reason why the Obama administration hadn't thought about it before – Turkey. Washington needs Ankara, a member of NATO to use air base in Incirlik. And then there's a very sensitive question: who is the beneficiary of the smuggling of oil Needs.

A member of the Turkish socialist party gürsel Tekin found that the smuggled oil is exported to Give Turkey a transport company BMZ, controlled by none other than Bilal Erdogan, the son of "Sultan" Erdogan. At least, this is a violation of Security Council resolution 2170 of the UN. In the light of the message of Putin on the persecution of any person and any organization involved in the operations Give a, a clan of Erdogan it would be better to prepare some very good excuses.
This marching camp of the jihadists

Putin's promise to prosecute anyone and any organization that contributes/cooperates with the Give logically should imply a return to "Shock and awe 2003": bombing, invasion and occupation of Iraq, which created the conditions for the formation of al-Qaeda in Iraq, "napravljena" in 2006, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

The next significant step was the Bukka camp near Umm Qasr in southern Iraq – a mini-Guantanamo Bay where there were at least 9 members of the future metastasis of al-Qaeda – the Islamic state.

ISIL/ISIS/Needs were born in an American prison, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi aka Caliph Ibrahim visited there, and still the second person Needs, Abu Muslim al-Turkmani, and ideologist Needs – Haji Bakr, a former Colonel of the air forces of Saddam Hussein.

Fanatical Salafi-jihadists met with former prominent members of the BA'ath and found a common goal; such an offer the Pentagon could not refuse and actually eagerly contributed. The global War on Terror, in the end, all minted the same Cheney-Rumsfeld "Endless war".

The obsession of the neocons of the USA about regime change led to support of the Needs in Syria.

The whole process represents the numerous consequences of the thoughtlessness of the Imperial past and the future, which can be defined as splinters of the bombs of a suicide bomber; from training/arming the CIA-soaked Wahhabi Mujahideen ("freedom fighters" of Reagan) with metastases in "al-Cruaidh", to Hillary Clinton, which recognizes Saudi Arabia as the main source of financing for terrorists.

Paris 2015 – as the 2015 mount Sinai – is in fact a side effect of Baghdad 2003. Putin knows it very well. And now the task is to crush these Imperial lackeys shoots once and for all.


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