Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Americans continued for another hour strikes after they were informed about the death of innocent people

Judging by the retweets on the MFS Intl. Posts, popular opinion is turning away from the USA and their EU minions of War-Crime.
Americans knew everything, So why did it bomb the territory of the Hospital ?


UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Ra'ad Zeid Al-Hussein said that the bombing of a hospital in Kunduz has no justification. The Americans continued for another hour strikes after they were informed about the death of innocent people. 19 victims, three of them - the children, according to the minutes. Shooting in the vicinity of the burned down hospital did not abate throughout the day. Swift came under fire survivors take new patients and wounded. Doctors all night under the bombs were transferred injured in basements and performed emergency surgery. "The bombardment lasted for more than an hour after US and Afghan military in Kabul and Washington reported the incident." Doctors without Borders "call immediately to establish the circumstances of this terrible incident and clarify how it could ever happen, "- the site says," Doctors Without Borders ". In" Doctors Without Borders "have a strict rule - to avoid such incidents in any hot spot, they reported the coordinates of its hospitals to all parties to the conflict, and no one is denied assistance . Afghan authorities and do not hide the fact that there is a hospital, knew everything, including Americans. So why is it flew the bomb? "On the territory of the hospital hid a group of 10 to 15 terrorists, so him and attacked. All the terrorists were killed, but we lost and doctors. 105 people were bombed, but were killed 10 or 15 terrorists! " - Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Afghan Sedigi. At first, the US media doubt that the bombs dropped US Air Force. But in a statement the military did not have a word about the dead and wounded. "The blow could cause collateral damage located near medical facilities. The incident is under investigation," - said the representative of the NATO troops in Afghanistan. For the "Doctors Without Borders" stood colleagues from the Red Cross. The head of the Afghan branch of the organization that night lost close friends.

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