Sunday, October 4, 2015

Is the Pentagon ruled by a Mossad & Saudi cult as indicated in a 2003 classified report on who did 9/11

Is the Pentagon ruled by a Mossad & Saudi cult as indicated in a 2003 classified report on who did 9/11

Gordon Duff has my full attention on his article in Veterans Today

America’s Sad Terror Confession
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on October 4, 2015

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
America has spoken but no one is listening.  America has confessed, has explained why its bombing campaign has done nothing or worse than nothing.
Obama made it clear, if Russia bombs ISIS, it is support for Assad and will allow Syria to move against the remaining US backed rebels and leave ISIS to the Russians.
What Obama really said is this:
We haven’t bombed ISIS at all, only acted as place holders, keeping ISIS strong, so that we maintain leverage in Iraq against Iran and allow ISIS to butcher Syrians, flood Europe with refugees and fight our proxy war against Russia in a second country, not just Ukraine.
All that is left is for the US to admit, finally, that it founded ISIS, something no responsible individual could find exception to.
The other question is simple, will Obama finally shut his mouth about Russians hitting the wrong targets after the US slaughtered its 3rd consecutive hospital full of doctors, some Americans, and patients who were burned to death in their beds.
Doctors Without Borders has requested a war crimes tribunal against the US.  We wholly support them in this.
Here is a hypothesis recently presented to me:
It wasn’t the Jews or the Rothschilds, it wasn’t AIPAC.  The Mossad and the Saudis, who were the real actors in 9/11 as is indicated by the 2003 classified investigation, were only hired.  It was the Pentagon that did 9/11.
Is the Pentagon ruled by a cult that has been involved in narcotics since the 19th century?  Was Vietnam about heroin?  Afghanistan was and is certainly about nothing else and the Pentagon has to be behind it all.  No one in the Pentagon has said a word about Afghan heroin (not opium).
This much is clear, we can no longer afford the Pentagon.  Their weapons don’t work, they give us nothing and eat half of America’ GNP.  We can’t trust them.
They lose every war, they lobby for more wars to lose, they kill our kids, slaughter innocent people around the world and impoverish the United States.
They lobby for a new cold war against the non-enemies, Iran, Russia, China and whoever.
The Pentagon is a nest or rats and needs to be cleaned out.
The Pentagon runs ISIS.
To beat ISIS, we only need to show up there with a mile long parade of paddy wagons and fire hoses.  Dave Hackworth called them “the perfumed princes of the Pentagon.”
Time has come for the real criminals to begin doing time.  Close it all down.

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