The myth of German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the main hegemonic in Europe and the most powerful woman of the world melted in his eyes, when it became clear that it can not solve all the problems with the help of financial strength, writes Die Zeit.
Before Germany can easily solve any problem with money as it is, for example, it was the case of the solution of the Greek crisis. However, the migratory crisis dotted all the i. Offer Merkel fair distribution of thousands of refugees among all EU member states have not met with understanding in European capitals. Go for stringent measures in the form of the construction of barriers on the border Chancellor can not, for political reasons, as in this case, a united Europe would be given up.
In these circumstances, Merkel will be forced to bow to those against whom a few months ago led unfriendly policy - to Russia and Turkey. Turkey, according to the newspaper, may restrict the flow of refugees from the Middle East to Europe. Instead, Berlin has to offer Ankara expedited procedure for the adoption of the European Union. As for Russia, here in Germany you just do not interfere with Moscow in a military operation in Syria because several years of conflict is one of the main reasons for the influx of refugees.