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Moscow demands US-led coalition in Syria 'prove or deny' allegations Russia is 'bombing civilians'

Put up or shut up: Moscow demands US-led coalition in Syria 'prove or deny' allegations Russia is 'bombing civilians'

© Russian Ministry of Defense / RIA Novosti
The Russian Ministry of Defense has summoned military attaches of NATO countries and Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, asking the officials to clarify their countries' allegations that Russian airstrikes in Syria have hit civilian targets.

"Today we invited military attaches from the US, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the NATO bloc to ask them to give official validation to their statements, or make a rebuttal," Defense Ministry deputy head Anatoly Antonov said on Tuesday.

It particularly touches upon Western media's "outrageous accusations" that the Russian Air Force has allegedly bombed hospitals in Syria, the military official said.

Information attacks on Moscow's anti-terror efforts in the region have intensified recently, Antonov said, adding that the Russian military is "blamed not only for conducting airstrikes on the 'moderate opposition,' but also on civilian buildings, such as hospitals, mosques and schools."

The MoD official stressed that such blame is put upon Russia not only by the media, but also officials and politicians from a number of Western states, including US Secretary of State John Kerry, US Department of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, NATO's Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, and the UK's and France's top military officials Michael Fallon and Jean-Yves Le Drian.

Allegations will be considered "stove-piping" should Russia not receive proof in the next following days, Antonov said, adding that the Defense Ministry "closely monitors and analyzes such statements."

Comment: Stove-piping is a military slang term for intelligence "selectively presenting only that information that supports certain conclusions." The Empire would never do that, would they?

Palestinian Schoolgirl executed by Israeli soldiers....By: Charlotte Silver

Schoolgirl executed by Israeli soldiers

Palestinian protesters confront Israeli forces near the Jewish settlement of Beit El, outside the West Bank city of Ramallah, on 26 October.
 Shadi HatemAPA images
Israeli occupation forces have killed six Palestinians since Saturday, including three in Hebron on Monday.
One was a 17-year-old schoolgirl.
The latest deaths brings the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip this month to 60.
At least 15 have been under 18 years old. Nine Israelis have died in the same period.
Israel carried out two air strikes on sites belonging to resistance groups in Gaza late Monday night. One person was injured by flying glass in a nearby home.
Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is proposing to revoke the Jerusalem residency of tens of thousands of Palestinians in the occupied city.

Schoolgirl killed

On Sunday, Israeli soldiers summarily executed a 17-year-old Palestinian girl near the Ibrahimi mosque in the Old City of Hebron.
Israel said the girl, Dania Irsheid, had a knife, but witnesses contest this.
One witness told Ma’an News Agency that she saw soldiers cover Irsheid, who was lying on the ground bleeding, without giving her medical aid.
An eyewitness told Wattan TV he was standing just meters from Irsheid waiting to pass through the same checkpoint where she was shot.
He said the girl was surrounded by seven or eight soldiers who searched her book bag. They made her pass through the metal detector and then one demanded, “Where is the knife?”
“I’m not carrying a knife,” Irsheid said, according to the witness. Soldiers then fired between her feet and the terrified girl leapt backwards. She raised her hands in the air and repeated, “I do not have a knife.” Then, according to the witness, the soldiers fired about seven or eight bullets at her.
Irsheid’s schoolmates and teachers held an emotional memorial and tree-planting for her at her high school on Monday.

Lethal checkpoints

Raed Jaradat in an image circulated on social media.
On Monday, Israeli forces shot dead Raed Saket Abdulrahim Jaradat, a 22-year-old student at al-Quds University, from the village of Sair near Hebron.
Al-Araby al-Jadeed reported that the shooting took place at the Beit Einoun junction.
Israeli soldiers fired dozens of bullets at Jaradat after he allegedly stabbed a soldier in the neck.
One witness said soldiers refused to allow the Palestine Red Crescent to reach him and provide medical care.
According to Palestinian media, Jaradat had posted a picture of Dania Irsheid covered in blood on his Facebook account hours before he died. “Imagine she was your sister,” he wrote under it.
Hours later, Israeli forces shot dead another youth from Sair.
Iyad Rawhi Hijazi Jaradat was hit in the head with live ammunition during confrontations with Israeli forces near Beit Einoun, the Palestinian health ministry said. Ma’an News Agency, citing medical sources, gave his age as 17.
Saad al-Atrash in an image circulated on social media.
Also on Monday, Israeli forces shot and fatally injured 19-year-old Saad Muhammad Yousif al-Atrash outside the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron. Israeli media claimed he had tried to stab a soldier, but this is disputed.
One eyewitness told Ma’an News Agency that soldiers planted a knife near the youth’s body after they shot him. No Israelis were injured.
“I heard the soldiers telling the young man to approach them, and when he approached they opened fire and the blood did not stop flowing,” eyewitness Yasir Salhab told Ma’an News Agency.
Eyewitnesses told Wattan TV that al-Atrash tried to raise his arms as he lay on the ground after he was shot, but Israeli soldiers prevented medics reaching him for more than 30 minutes.

Extrajudicial killings

Monday’s killings came after a bloody weekend.
Israeli forces shot dead 16-year-old Ahmad Muhammad Said Kamil at the al-Jalama military checkpoint in the northern occupied West Bank on Saturday.
Israel claimed the teenager, who was from the nearby city of Jenin, had tried to stab one of its personnel, but eyewitnesses told Ma’an News Agency that there was no stabbing attempt when the boy was shot.
Security camera footage released by Israel purportedly showing the incident, confirms that the teen was summarily executed.
The 49-second edited clip appears to show the youth running towards the checkpoint, holding an object in his hand that could be a knife.
Then, a different camera angle shows an armed officer run out of the frame, presumably towards the teen.
The boy then runs into the frame and is apparently gunned down behind a car. At the moment he is shot, the boy is not near anyone and the video provides no evidence he actually attacked anyone and could not have been stopped without being killed.
Israeli social media accounts posted images, which The Electronic Intifada has decided not to publish, of what appeared to be Kamil’s completely naked body lying dead and covered in blood. Comments under the photos celebrated his killing.
Human rights groups have strongly condemned Israel’s policy of extrajudicial execution of Palestinians on the merest suspicion that they might be carrying a weapon or be about to engage in an attack.
Last week, Israeli soldiers carried out the extrajudicial execution of Ahmed Sharif al-Sarhi, 27, a member of a new armed resistance group in Gaza.
Israel described the killing as “preemptive.”
On Saturday, Israeli forces killed Khalil Hassan Abu Obeid, 25, at a protest in eastern Khan Younis in Gaza. A day earlier, Yahya Karira, 20, died from a gunshot wound to the head he sustained last week during a protest in the besieged territory.
Relatives of Khalil Obeid mourn during his funeral in Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip, on 25 October. Obeid died from injuries sustained during clashes with Israeli forces two days earlier.
Abed Rahim KhatibAPA images
Seventeen Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since 1 October.
Reporters in Gaza have told the International Federation of Journalists that Israeli forces aredeliberately targeting them. Dozens have been showered with tear gas as they attempted to report on ongoing Palestinian protests near the boundary fence.
A Palestinian protester uses a slingshot during clashes with Israeli forces near the boundary between Israel and the central Gaza Strip on 23 October.
 Yasser QudihAPA images
More than 2,000 Palestinians, including 400 children, have been wounded by Israeli forces suppressing protests in the occupied West Bank and Gaza strip, many sustaining serious injuries from live fire and rubber-coated steel bullets.
Israel has arrested almost 1,000 Palestinians this month, 144 of them children, according to prisoners’ rights group, Addameer.

Settler attacks

On Friday, video captured a knife-wielding Israeli settler attacking Rabbi Arik Ascherman of the group Rabbis for Human Rights.
Ascherman was lightly injured.
And on Sunday morning, a settler shot and critically injured 20-year-old Azzam Azmi Shalalda, a Palestinian from Sair village.
Settlers attacked Palestinians harvesting olives in their groves near Nablus on Monday, injuring an elderly man. The attack occurred in an area where settlers routinely assault Palestinians.


Israeli police prevented Muslim authorities from installing cameras at the al-Aqsa mosquecompound, as part of an agreement reached between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordan’s King Abdullah II over the weekend to supposedly ease tensions in Jerusalem.
The cameras would purportedly prove that Israel did not intend to change the status of the holy site.
Israeli forces detain a Palestinian man near Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem on 23 October.
 Anne PaqActiveStills
Israeli settlers and Jewish extremists have been making increasingly aggressive incursions into the al-Aqsa compound, spearheaded by government-funded groups whose ultimate plan is to replace the mosque with a Jewish temple.
The Jordanian-run Waqf – the foundation that manages the holy site – attempted to implement the agreement on Monday.
Netanyahu’s office responded that the cameras would be “coordinated by professional officials.”
But Sheikh Azzam al-Khatib, head of the Waqf, told media that “There is no other authority in the mosque except the administration of the Jordanian Islamic Waqf.”
Palestinian Authority foreign minister Riyad al-Maliki criticized the agreement, asking who will control and monitor the cameras.
Maliki called the plan “a trap,” alleging Israel would use the footage to arrest Muslim worshippers it accuses of “incitement.”

Ethnically cleansing Jerusalem

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon praised the agreement and hoped it would help “put an end to the provocative rhetoric that has added to the tensions and violence over the past weeks.”
But such optimism can only be based on wilfully ignoring Israel’s continued aggression against Palestinians throughout the city.
Israeli media reported that Netanyahu is considering revoking the residency of some 100,000Palestinians who live in Jerusalem neighborhoods east of the separation wall built by Israel.
Netanyahu has claimed that these Palestinians do not “fulfil the duties of Israeli residence” but enjoy the rights of residents of Israel.
US State Department spokesperson John Kirby told reporters that if Netanyahu’s plan were true, “it would certainly be of concern to us.”
A roadblock at one of the entrances to Issawiyeh, a neighborhood in East Jerusalem, on 23 October.
Anne PaqActiveStills
Israel occupied East Jerusalem in 1967 and then claimed to annex the city, in violation of international law.
It unilaterally expanded the boundaries of Jerusalem and classified Palestinians as permanent residents – as if they were newly arrived immigrants rather than the indigenous population.
Palestinians are required to pay taxes, even though they face gross discrimination in the provision of essential services compared to Jewish areas of the city. They can, however, receive some Israeli social benefits.
Israel has already arbitarily revoked the residency of more than 14,000 Palestinian Jerusalemites.
The Association for Civil Rights in Israel has accused the government of “criminal negligence” towards the population Netanyahu now proposes to cleanse from the city altogether.
Ali Abunimah provided additional research and translation.

Ukraine fatigue breaks in it from the outside...

Ukraine fatigue breaks in it from the outside...

The result held on 25 October 2015 local elections in Ukraine became a mess. Not only at polling stations in Mariupol, Krasnoarmiisk and other cities "liberated" of Donbass and fell under "the Russian occupation" rest of the country. Neponyatki visit of the head of the Ukrainian, will not yet be afraid this word, leaders and impose upon the country from outside. There is no clarity in anything, except that a confident observation of the guarantor of the nation and the Supreme commander, who is ex officio bound to have more.

Now, he surveyed the political landscape, thoroughly ruffled electoral campaign, and saw that everything is in order – "the responsibility shown by the electorate, and approaches allow us to resolutely continue the reforms". And mainly because, I'm sure the guarantor, crushing under the pressure of Pro-Ukrainian forces "failed attempt of Russia to create inside the Pro-Russian fifth column". Therefore: a) soon we will again reform, God help us; b) Russia is more or less clear – it "Spidola" our total "Peremoga": Ukrainian voters have spoken, Kalmyk and Buryats on submarines with vertical takeoff confounded and scattered between Donetsk waste heaps without a trace.

And that's incredibly comforting. Vladimir Putin, who personally, most likely, and the words were addressed to the Ukrainian guarantor, their, and themselves "paramony" elections, did not notice. More precisely, meanly and treacherously pretended that he didn't notice. Press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov, brazenly swinging for hours at a cost of several million rubles and answering the request of journalists to report, as President Vladimir Putin assessed the results of elections in Ukraine and said, "Not ready to answer that question." It is understandable – the treachery of the Kremlin knows no bounds: at this time Russian planes in Syria continued to iron the twin cities Ukrainian patriots from ISIS and other moderate oppositionists. Even so, going from the South to humiliate a proud Ukrainian electorate.

But here's the problem: if with Russia everything is clear (she is already defeated and will not rise from his knees to threaten Ukraine), it is not all clear to the West. Not so, who is in charge of Ukraine have chosen freedom and visa-free eurolon, and with its immediate neighbours, which is the same Putin recently slegontsa, but frankly it's a shame called "vassals" of the "first", if you will, the "old" West on both sides of the Atlantic. Almost all of Ukraine's neighbors in Central Europe has sent Ukraine a clear signal – if it is not corrected, then it's more not going to play and ready if not close completely "project Ukraine" useless, you to dramatically cut and pluck it geographically.

And that's what the nasty thing is Ukraine itself ran into such a development. And those that asked for a United Europe, which requires to harmonize Ukrainian legislation with European and to comply with all fundamental principles of the Western world. And the fact that, when speaking about reforms, nothing in this direction did not become stronger, but rather destroyed its economy and became a hundred times weaker and more vulnerable prior to any claims. The main tool chosen anti-Ukrainian restitution – the return of property values and land formerly belonging not to the Ukrainians, and citizens of countries which, following the precepts of the "father of Nations" Joseph Stalin before and after world war II "shared" with Ukraine.

And you won't believe the first vozmojno "advocate of Ukraine in Europe" – Poland, where the modern "Jagiellonian" again politically defeated modern "Piast". The idea is that, as you know, on October 25 this year in Poland, parliamentary elections were won by right wing nationalist party "Law and justice" ("IPR"), and the current ruling "Civic platform" ("GP") defeat admitted and preparing to go into opposition. And this means a serious correction of the Ukrainian-Polish relations.

To understand in which way can develop this adjustment, you need to know that the "Piast" and "Jagiellonian" are the two concepts of foreign policy and position of Poland on the continent. "Piast" (named after the first dynasty of Polish kings) favour the creation of a strong Polish state, composed of poles and oriented to the West, where Poland should be an equal partner. Who lost the election and forced to resign from the government of Poland "SE" and adhere to this policy and even European integration has given the EU Donald Tusk, the current head of the European Council, such as "President" of the EU. The West trusts him.

"Jagiellonian" (on behalf of king Wladyslaw Jagiello (Jogaila), created in 1386, the first Rzeczpospolita, joined Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania) had always advocated the transformation of Poland into a regional leader in Central and Eastern Europe, by including in its composition – on the rights of the Federation or by conquest – the so-called "Borderlands" – the neighboring lands of Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine and even Russia. "Jagiellonian" from the "IPR" and now follow roughly the same policy, skillfully combining in his rhetoric, blatant Russophobia (Russia – the eternal enemy, because they buried the Polish hosomichi for a long time) with a disguised Ukrainophobia. And "IPR" today is almost the sole ruling party in Poland: in addition to "possession" of the Seimas, the President of the country in may of this year was 43-year-old protege of the "Jagiellonian" Andrzej Duda. And he said about Ukraine very bad things " say, earth, "Similar to Borderlands" will take away, and "every citizen must be ready for a righteous fight for the return of Polish territories, which is home to a huge number of ethnic poles who need our protection." So he said, speaking in the Polish Sejm. You can only imagine how he would be giving him now. And Poland has already started the legal process of restitution.

Of course, woke up and got ready to jump for "their" land in Ukraine, and other neighbors. Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, speaking to his Parliament, was sharply concerned about the fate of Ukrainian Hungarians. Of course I care! "We must remember that Ugric Rus in the XI century belonged to Hungary and that the majority of its population is still made up of ethnic Hungarians and Carpathian Ruthenians, who more than ever need our protection from essentially criminal regime that has prevailed in Kiev. ...We will raise the issue of restoration of historical justice and reunification of our lands. We are ready for any fight for clear and equitable objectives. Our compatriots should have a decent life and a bright future, not to drag out a miserable and humiliating existence under the oppression of the Ukrainian state", – he said (

And that's what's amazing: in addition to the right to restitution, Orban practically a blueprint licked another argument the anti – glorification of people responsible for repressions against ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine. The poles for this case there is Stephan Bandera, whose collaborators from OUN-UPA I really liked the destruction of the poles and in the end gave the Volyn massacre. For Hungary this stimulus is Augustin Voloshin, the Prime Minister and then President of Carpatho-Ukraine, founded in 1939 (the Hungarians called this land "Ugric Rus"). About it, Orban said: "We in any case should not forget about the concentration camps of Duma, in which the crimes of the Ukrainians against the Hungarian people formally documented. In this concentration camp killed tens of thousands of Hungarians who maintained their loyalty to Hungary and who didn't want to ekraniziruetsya that forcibly wanted to do the Ukrainian criminals. And, mind you, it did on the Soviet Union, and Ukrainians under the command of Nazi Voloshin, which is modern Ukraine was officially awarded the title of Hero. Do we want a repeat of those events?" As you can see, one to one or, as they say on Russian "channel one", exactly...

And the basis for determination of the Ukrainian Hungarians Orban is looking for in international law, in which all principles are equal, but as they say, is more equal than others. The principles of territorial integrity and right of Nations to self-determination, up to establishing their state equal weight and value. But if in some state there is a national minority and its rights are suppressed, the minority gets the right to self-determination. This principle is treated as a priority, because it protects human rights, not institutions. Here and so. So in the modern world has arisen, for example, East Timor (from Indonesia), Eritrea (from Ethiopia), and even the unforgettable Kosovo (Serbia excluded). On it rushed and Orban: "since 1945, when historical Hungary was by way of criminal conspiracy incorporated into the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, the life of the Hungarian population of Transcarpathia went from bad to worse, and from 2014 she became simply catastrophic. Our compatriots literally borovytsia Kiev regime, leading to a devastating impoverishment of the Transcarpathian residents. ...Now, ethnic Hungarians and Rusyns in the Transcarpathian most acute form are subjected to humiliation and persecution by the current government, and we must stop it."

Romania acts on the sly, putting eyes and Bukovina, and southern Bessarabia. Priority as part of "greater Romania" she sees Moldova and then to Ukraine will get. Given that gifted and stoned on the desire to join NATO and the EU though stuffed, although carcass usenkova "gave" her a shelf near the Zmeiny island in the Black sea. Thus in fact giving rise to the refusal of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the secret Annex and which provided "a gathering of Ukrainian lands" before and after world war II, caring, but is already convicted in Ukraine for the Holodomor by Stalin.

And this geopoliticheskaia foolishness – the rejection of the Soviet past in the performance of the Ukrainians, blinded by short-term market conditions and conducting total the decommunization and de-Sovietization, will become the common basis for making claims not only from the neighboring West. What will happen to the territory of Ukraine if their rights on "their" land will have considered the "paremoremo" Russia? And Sloboda (the Kharkov and Sumy region), which the Russians have long been given for occupation by Russians escaping from "Similar Borderlands" from Polish oppression. And industrial Novorossia – Donbas together with a bunch of South-Eastern regions, which historically were never Ukrainian, by right of conquest and reconquest of the Crimean khanate and Turkey belonged to the crown of the Imperial house of Romanov and became the "gift" of the Russian peasant Ukraine "leader of the world revolution" by Vladimir Lenin in 1922. 

And after all Russia, like Poland, Hungary and Romania, can do, taking advantage of the fact that the Ukrainian government is stupidly and thoughtlessly tossing history and up in the modern geopolitical context, such layers smart people prefer to remain silent. Ukraine practically and legally itself refuses that she was given "clati cavity" and "commies." I still need to disavow "non-existent" Pereyaslavskaya Rada of 1654, and deal – experienced lawyers will leave from Ukraine's horns and legs. And many will be happy...

By the way, about lawyers. They (the lawyers), it seems, came to an end in Ukraine: official Kiev is taken neither from a legal point of view, everywhere he was waiting for defeats and failures. He even deposed the "anti-people regime" cannot sue as as and foaming at the mouth require narwhal patriots. 

Literally yesterday it became known that Ukraine is again "made" in court. Yes not simple, and again the European. In the court of the European Union, located in Luxembourg. He made the decision in the case of "Portnov V. Council of the EU" and was removed from the former Deputy head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine Andriy Portnov. Removed on the grounds that it was not competent justification for the imposition of these sanctions. In addition to the letter of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's office, where patriots laid out his righteous anger against the "padded jacket" and "Colorada" Portnov, there was nothing.Allopatric, as always, stupidly, hoped for "democratic solidarity with euromaidan", where the important legal aspects. And then, excuse me, fucked up. And it (Portnov), according to many, can be used as a pilot for decisions in cases of other Ukrainians who disagree with the imposed sanctions on them. Because exactly the same wording and in the absence of evidence, was applied for the imposition of sanctions on other members of the Yanukovych regime, including ex-President. And if people (persecuted Yanukovych, oligarchs and officials of the "former") will ask about this Portnov. And he can share the experience, Oh how it can. On the legal field he does not like the current euromayday, butchered under the nut. Maybe dude, maybe I'll give him that...

...On the punctures and failures of modern Ukraine in Europe and the world can say, alas, for a long time. But one thing is clear – all of the above negative processes that await Ukraine, and are a manifestation of the so-called "fatigue from Ukraine". In Kiev casually don't want to see, hope external curators. And for good reason – in politics there are no eternal enemies and eternal friends but eternal national and state interests. Or in Ukraine, there is no?..

Die Zeit: Merkel's time to pay homage to Russia

Die Zeit: Merkel's time to pay homage to Russia

The myth of German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the main hegemonic in Europe and the most powerful woman of the world melted in his eyes, when it became clear that it can not solve all the problems with the help of financial strength, writes Die Zeit.
Before Germany can easily solve any problem with money as it is, for example, it was the case of the solution of the Greek crisis. However, the migratory crisis dotted all the i. Offer Merkel fair distribution of thousands of refugees among all EU member states have not met with understanding in European capitals. Go for stringent measures in the form of the construction of barriers on the border Chancellor can not, for political reasons, as in this case, a united Europe would be given up.
In these circumstances, Merkel will be forced to bow to those against whom a few months ago led unfriendly policy - to Russia and Turkey. Turkey, according to the newspaper, may restrict the flow of refugees from the Middle East to Europe. Instead, Berlin has to offer Ankara expedited procedure for the adoption of the European Union. As for Russia, here in Germany you just do not interfere with Moscow in a military operation in Syria because several years of conflict is one of the main reasons for the influx of refugees.

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Putin acts in accordance with International Law unlike the Joint US led attacks in Syria and Yemen

Secret US Position: “There are no terrorists fighting Assad”

"There is no consensus within the American coalition on who is the terrorist threat, including on the organisations listed as terrorist by the UN Security Council."

MOSCOW, October 27. /TASS/. There is no consensus within the US-led coalition on who is the terrorist threat in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday.
“We urge all our partners – the United States and the region’s countries – to come to uniform understanding who should be regarded as terrorist organisation as there is no such understanding. Neither within the coalition created by the United States,” the foreign minister said. According to him, at a meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Vienna on October 23 he realised that “there is no consensus within the American coalition on who is the terrorist threat, including on the organisations listed as terrorist by the UN Security Council.”
“One of our initiatives suggested that within the framework of the other coming contacts it is necessary to exchange views after all on who is who. It’s the first thing,” the minister said. Second: the same way it is necessary to clarify the question who should be regarded as the Syrian political opposition. Because if we all agree that it is necessary to work towards the fulfilment of the Geneva communique, it is written there in black and white that the so-called transitional period is a key to the settlement of all problems. It should be conducted based on mutual agreement between the government and opposition, comprising the full range of the regime’s opponents. Naturally, terrorists are out of the question.”
“Therefore, the years after the Geneva communique adoption we have been trying to ensure an inclusive format of the oppositionists who are ready to talk on the issue of the implementation of the Geneva communique, political reforms, including the constitutional reform, on other issues related to overcoming this crisis,” Lavrov said.
Isolated groups of external players unviable on Syria
According to Lavrov isolated groups of external players are unviable on Syria.
“There were attempts to establish an isolated club of external players without participation of other key countries that influence the situation ‘on the ground’ in Syria. It is probably easier to make such speculative schemes that are close and understandable for them. Since such schemes face opposition from other countries that promote different positions and approaches, such schemes are artificial, and they are not viable,” Lavrov explained.
Moscow hopes Iran will join Syria talks on Friday
The minister noted that he hoped Iran and other countries of the region would join the negotiations on Syria on Friday.
“We hope that not only Iran, but also other countries will be invited to the next round of talks. Reportedly, this Friday,” the minister said.
First response in sight from Russia’s contacts with moderate Syrian opposition
According to the diplomat there has been a first response from the efforts to establish contacts between Russia and the moderate opposition in Syria.
“We would like and would be willing to help, as our president put it, not only the army of the Syrian government, but also all opposition forces confronting terrorists ‘on the ground,’ on the territory of Syria. We contacted Americans as the leaders of a respective coalition, even though it was created to work in the skies over Syria illegally without the consent of the Syrian government and the UN Security Council,” he said. “We asked the countries in the region to render assistance in getting in touch with the people who may represent the moderate and anti-terrorist opposition in Syria.”
“It was hard to achieve them. We are pushing ahead with these efforts. There have been the first responses. I hope that the contacts that may be established will bear fruit,” he said.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

US now admits that it intentionally targeted the Doctors Without Borders hospital

US Rejects Afghan Hospital Bombing Investigation, Instead Smashes into Hospital Destroying Evidence

medicines sans frontieres logo
After changing its story many times, the US now admits that it intentionally threw bombs, for more than an hour, at the now famous Doctors Without Borders hospital, proving accurate the assessment of DWB staffer Meinie Nicolai, who said the US attack was “a premeditated massacre.”
Since initial US claims that the protected DWB hospital was a “Taliban stronghold” and so forth have been debunked as stupid, the US now claims it targeted the hospital because one man, a “Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence spy”, was inside.
However, Glenn Greenwald points out that the US puppet government in Afghanistan has had it out for DWB for some time because they treat patients indiscriminately, whereas US allies like Israel, for example, discriminate between patients, treating Al Qaeda fighters while targeting members of the UN-recognized Syrian government: “Israel has opened its borders with Syria in order to provide medical treatment to Nusra Front and al-Qaida fighters wounded in the ongoing civil war, according to The Wall Street Journal.”
On October 14th, an “international panel” announced that it was “ready to investigate the deadly US [hospital] bombing”, but would need “assurances from Barack Obama and the Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani, that their governments [would] comply.”
The US rejected the initiative for the investigation, and instead, on October 15th, sent soldiers to smash up the bombed hospital with a tank, “destroy[ing] potential evidence” for the war crimes investigation.
To explain this, the US announced that the tank was carrying the US’s own “investigators”.
In the mean time, a whistle-blower has released classified documents on Obama’s global assassination ring that illustrate gross recklessness and confirm that almost one hundred percent of the people being killed are not actual targets – though targeting people and executing them is also criminal.
Robert Barsocchini  focuses on force dynamics, national and global, and also writes professionally for the film industry.  Contact on Twitter.


The Intercept has obtained a cache of secret documents detailing the inner workings of the U.S. military’s assassination program in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. The documents, provided by a whistleblower, offer an unprecedented glimpse into Obama’s drone wars.˅
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Ukrainian armed forces conducted shelling of DPR heavy artillery in spite of all the agreements

17.10.15 Video by News-Front

"Basurin: the Ukrainian armed forces conducted shelling of DPR heavy artillery in spite of all the agreements

Ukrainian punishers for the last day three times fired at the territory of the DPR with mortars and artillery. This was reported in the Ministry of defence of the Republic.

"Recorded three violations of the ceasefire regime from the Ukrainian side, — said Eduard Bacurin. In particular, the fire was fought in the sand village (Starobeshevo district — approx. ed.), Donetsk airport and the area of "Volvo-Center" on the outskirts of Donetsk."

According to the defense Ministry, the shelling of the surroundings of the capital of the AFU used mortars and weapons BMP.

"Sandy was fired from the guns of 152 mm caliber", — noted in the defense Ministry."