Monday, September 7, 2015

US government fears Russian Air Strikes on ISIS as Support of Syrian Government Troops Possible

Dangerous Chaos: US warns of confrontation with Russia in Syria

The US government fears the loss of control in the conflict in Syria: Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Russia to become more involved.The application of these Russians could cause the two great powers supporting rival groups - and thus the conflict degenerates to proxy war.

US Secretary of State John Kerry warns of the chaos in Syria, if the Russians intervene.  (Photo: AP)
US Secretary of State John Kerry warns of the chaos in Syria, if the Russians intervene. (Photo: AP)
The US government wants to keep the upper hand in the fight against IS in Syria and attempts to the planned involvement of the Russians in Syria under their control. While the Americans have always stressed they want to fight together with the Russians against the IS. However, it is unclear to what extent a possible Russian intervention in Syria discussed with the United States is. Both major powers have to fight against the IS up the cause and repeatedly emphasized in connection with Syria that Russia and the US should jointly fight against the "Islamist terrorism".
For the US government, the use of Russia in Syria is an ancient trauma:As the US generals at the beginning of the crisis, US President Obama refused allegiance, and a war rejected n, Russia was able to score and as a broker in the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria sustainable profile.
In a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov is Foreign Minister John Kerry US expressed concern about a military action by the Russians in Syria. Such a step could escalate the conflict in the country continues, Kerry said, according to the US State Office dated Saturday.
The US is still the undisputed leading power in the fight against IS. Recently France has announced that it will also drop bombs. However, the French are part of the NATO - therefore their use can be controlled by the US. The Russians on the other hand want to act independently, which is why the US government now faces a possible accidental confrontation warns: An amplified Moscow military commitment in favor of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could mean that Russia is attacking rebel groups in the United States as allies combating IS are considered.
Who supports groups which exactly is now already difficult to say: Turkey leads about their own war against the PKK in Syria and claims to fight against the IS. The New York Times reports from anonymous officials who are from utter fear chaos in the Middle East. In addition, the risk of confrontation with the international coalition in the fight against the IS would.
Kerry had "US concerns" addressed in his telephone conversation with Lavrov about reports "that point to a local immediate increased Russian military structure," the US Department informed in detail. Kerry has made ​​it clear "that these actions should be those reports accurate, escalate the conflict further, to a greater cause loss of innocent human lives and increase the flow of refugees could".
This note aims at mobilizing the EU against Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin had said on Friday that US policy in Syria has triggered the flow of refugees to Europe.  The EU has not played its own foreign policy role in Syria. The EU is responsible, however, from the perspective of the US government, the reception of refugees from the region. A vociferous protest by the Federal Government against this geopolitical strategy has not yet been carried out. 
The spokesman of the US State Department, John Kirby, said in addition, if the reports confirmed, "this would be a very serious shift in the trajectory of the Syrian conflict mean". It would be questioned to what extent Russia is really committed to a peaceful solution in Syria. "We are watching their actions very carefully."
The New York Times, Russia has sent a military vanguard to Syria. In addition, had been delivered on an airfield near Latakia prefabricated accommodations for hundreds of people and a mobile air traffic control station. The newspaper on the basis that US intelligence analysts. Russia has also sought military overflight rights for the month of September.
US officials were themselves according to their own information on the Moscow intentions are not clear, wrote the NYT. According to the unnamed expert, the airfield could also serve for the transport of military goods for the Assad regime or as a starting point for Russian air strikes in support of Syrian government troops. The prefabricated accommodation could offer space for up to 1000 Russian military advisers and other staff.
Just days ago, was made ​​famous by a report from Ynet that Russia plans to send military aircraft for use against the IS to Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin said to Russia since willing to help the United States, but it was still "too early" to talk about the participation of Russian troops in the fight in Syria.
However, the Russians strive alongside the military commitment for some time a negotiated solution, as with the Syrian opposition. Although Moscow does not want to basically stick to President Assad, however, rejected his fall from the outside on principle. The coverage of the NYT is not in this context Lens: The newspaper quoted the absurd warning from US officials that a Russian engagement could complicate a peaceful solution in Syria. In fact, the massive US military action and the West has meant that the country is sinking into civil war. The Russians have been rather restrained. However, the Russians have also played a flawless role: Putin dismissed on Friday proudly point out that it has long supplies a number Assad with weapons.
Both sides have agreed to continue their conversation towards the end of the month on the margins of the UN General Assembly in New York.

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