Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ukraine's total centralization mission to the West, is a springboard for launching a war against Russia.

Pavel Gubarev on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine: rigid centralization 

Let's look closely at the nature of the changes made ​​to the constitution: 
1. Introduces the institution of prefects, who are appointed by the president and replace state administration. Prefects only controlled the Cabinet and the president, and the local councils are no longer able to express distrust of official. 

2. Activities of the prefects, in general, corresponds to the current state administrations, but prefects and have additional powers. In particular, the prefect may issue regulations that are binding on the entire territory. Prefects may suspend any acts of local authorities (then going to court), and in case you lose in court do not bear any responsibility. 

3. When the prefect conflict with local authorities, the president may impose a temporary administration of the territory at the time of the proceedings in the Constitutional Court. And in the event that local government action as unconstitutional, the President may announce re-election in the territorial community. 

4. From the Constitution excluded the names of regions, that is, the existing administrative-territorial division may be reviewed, and the area can be divided or aggregated. 

5.Term of office of local elected authorities reduced to 4 years. 

6. Blurred and unclear wording on financing of local communities. Exclude direct formulation of the participation of the state budget in the financing of local budgets. Any wording that the financing communities will identify additional acts. Thus, the word "decentralization" in Ukraine introduced direct presidential governance at the local level through such prefektov- themselves lords with super powers and constitutional norms, ensuring their activities. The entire complex is more correctly described as a rigid vertical centralization. As for the special status ORDILOSOS (individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions with a special status), the Constitution there is no interpretation of this status, and the paragraph 18 refers to the transitional provisions of the law and after 2 years lose strength. Thus here! As for the protests and a grenade exploded, it seems to me that this is a background that should stifle the process of total centralization of power in the hands of the president and government. This is to ensure that Ukraine continues its mission to the West, namely to become a springboard for launching a war against Russia.

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