Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Russians are Coming! Fox News Declares Syria Putin’s New Crimea

Fox News keeps fear-mongering about the Russian military buildup in Syria.

This time the network has come up with another bit of "news", which actually isn't news at all: there is Russian military equipment in Syria.
The channel "discovered" that four Russian helicopters were spotted in a Syrian airport. Read and spell: four Russian helicopters. Oh, my God!
According to Fox News, an unknown US official told them that “two Russian Mi-24 ‘Hind’ and two Mi-17 ‘Hip’ gunships have been seen in the latest satellite imagery over Bassel Al-Assad International Airport.”
Sounds scary, eh? Sounds like those “bad” Russians are up to no good in Syria flying around in their military helicopters.
Well, except the Pentagon admitted that Russia didn’t send any combat planes or strike helicopters to the area. This means either Fox News simply outright lied about it or they have better intelligence sources in the Middle East than the Pentagon. Something tells us it’s the former, considering Fox News doesn’t even know where Egypt is on the map.
The truth is there are a lot more than just four Russian helicopters in Syria, as Moscow and Damascus have been long-time political and economic allies, and Russia provided Syria with arms, equipment and military personnel training for a long time.
Besides, Russian military experts are currently in Syria, providing training for the Syrian army and teaching them how to use Russian military hardware.
"There are Russian military personnel in Syria, they have been there for several years. Their presence is tied to the deliveries of arms for the Syrian Army that is taking the brunt in the fight against terrorism from the Islamic State and other extremist groups, so Russian military personnel are there in order to help the Syrians master the equipment and prepare it for use in the anti-terrorist fight," Sergei Lavrov, Russian foreign minister, said on September, 10.
These are known facts that aren’t secret to anybody, except for Fox News, as it turns out.
The Russians are Coming! Fox News Declares Syria Putin’s New Crimea

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