Friday, September 18, 2015

Kolomoisky in prison. Who is next?

Kolomoisky in prison. Who is next?

No sound needed for this hilarious spoof 

The only place in Ukraine, where the obligation is all the deputies and the oligarchs - a zone. The endless corruption, failure to fulfill their duties, the tyranny of the people, all this has a chapel. Hope for a better life after Maidana broke the stone cliff lies and deceit. Ukraine's population feels hopelessly deceived and used for personal use powerful people. 

Under the guise of patriotism, proclaiming themselves to be fighting corruption, Ukrainian deputies and oligarchs continue to rob the people and get rich at the expense of the population.Topping this list is unquestionably the oligarchs. The degree of influence of an oligarch is directly proportional to its condition. Zone - this is the place where must be those who have it all for a long time, he tortured the Ukrainian people, sucked out of it and used the money for personal purposes. Each waiting area and get away from it can not be anybody.

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