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French politician: France needs a leader like Putin

French politician: France needs a leader like Putin
French politician: France needs a leader like Putin deputy of the National Assembly of France, mayor of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, Claude Goasgen says that in France is time to abandon the policy of sanctions against Russia and find yourself a leader, as president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, writes French newspaper Le Figaro.

It Claude Goasgen said Thursday during a round table "Franco-Russian relations: yesterday, today, tomorrow", organized in Paris by the Association "Franco-Russian dialogue." "Sanctions are absurd. I absolutely do not believe in a policy of sanctions . They never produce results. They will not be successful, and with Russia. They, on the contrary, turn against us.

Suffered terribly from We them. In the interest of France that sanctions have stopped as soon as possible ", - said French deputy. Claude Goasgen Vladimir Putin supported policy and French wanted a leader, as president of Russia." France needs a political leader as he stands above that the rest. Hope we can I find this in the next election, "- said the deputy, comparing Putin to Charles de Gaulle.

Claude Goasguen the red carpet to Russia

The deputy mayor of the sixteenth arrondissement of Paris, Claude Goasguen (Republicans)

SCAN THE POLICY - Former Minister invited the National Assembly on Thursday Russian Deputy States States States Foreign Minister. His district In, a week of Russia opens the same day. "No, that is not parallel diplomacy".

He Assures: the large pro-Russian rout held Thursday morning at the National Assembly by the deputy and mayor of the sixteenth arrondissement of Paris Claude Goasguen is not made ​​to play the boss of the Quai d 'Orsay. Yet the content of the Meshkov discussions around Alexei, Russian Deputy States States States States Foreign Minister, left little room for doubt. Russian and European sanctions, Crimean crisis in Syria ... 

The arrival of migrants swept topics were particularly relevant. On the platform, before an audience of entrepreneurs, the economist Jacques Sapir Russophile or deputy Vyacheslav Nikonov the Russian could be reassured about the intentions of the right of some. The supposed arrival of Russian troops on in the ground Syria? "Getting to be choosy about the arrival of allies fighting the same enemy we in Syria, it is absurd," says Claude Goasguen. 

"I believe that if the Russians are fighting the Islamic State is welcome. Leave destroy a government (Syrian) is let go to the extra cataclysm in a situation that is already a disaster." For the parliamentarian, "it is clear: we must go to war." EU sanctions against Russia in the framework of the Ukrainian crisis? "Absurd," too. "I absolutely do not believe in sanctions policy. They will never bear fruit. They will not succeed more with Russia. And they turn against us. We suffer terribly. The very interest of France is that they end as quickly as possible. "" we find hope I a Putin among Republicans "The annexation of the Crimea? This is perhaps Thierry Mariani, MP of the French overseas defending 's best position Moscow. In a letter read at the podium,  he explains his vision:

"The Russian Crimea was long before the Savoy and Nice are French." The all day Opens in the sixteenth arrondissement, led by Claude Goasguen, a program the "week of Russia.": Exhibitions, Russian market, cultural events ... A meeting sponsored by the city and "private sponsors" from Moscow. As for Sputnik, the official mouthpiece of the Kremlin, it is the transaction partner. "In the current context, no public subsidy is granted," laments Thierry Mariani in his message. 

Troubetzkoï Alexander, president of the Franco-Russian Dialogue also not miss the conclusion of the conference made clear that his organization can "help" "province of municipalities" who might be tempted to organize similar events. A sequence that can only to to to delight delight to to delight delight to delight delight to delight delight Vladimir Putin. "It is unquestionably Gaullist", said Claude Goasguen him to scan the sidelines of the meeting. "There should be (in France) a statesman (like him) that rises above the daisies." And among Republicans, a Putin would it? "I hope that after their is a primary. Yes it is possible, I hope."

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