Sunday, September 27, 2015

Columnist NYP Michael Goodwin: Putin again outsmarted and beat Obama in the Syrian issue

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Columnist NYP Michael Goodwin: Putin again outsmarted and beat Obama in the Syrian issue

Columnist NYP: Obama is trying to hide how badly Putin outplayed him Press office of the White House on the eve of the meeting of the Presidents of the USA and Russia, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin has decided to create for Obama as much as possible the hard way, but all attempts to the administration of US President in vain, writes columnist New York Post by Michael Goodwin.

Earlier, a spokesman for the White House, spokes-clown Josh Ernest, "in a ridiculous attempt to" reduce the intensity of geopolitical conflict, said that it was Vladimir Putin has sought dialogue with Barack Obama and a meeting was scheduled only after "several inquiries" from the Russian side. "Without a doubt the fear gets to the Kremlin, and Putin shakes. 

Barack Obama is very angry with him and now alerts the whole world! But Putin also knows something. The aggressive rhetoric - the only weapon that Obama is ready to use, because he sent his malchika- Messenger (Josh Ernest - approx. Ed.) exaggerated. So that the press did not notice how much Putin again outsmarted and beat Obama in the Syrian issue, "- the article says. According to observers, between Russia and Iran could be contracted support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the final decision on joining efforts could be made ​​in the final days of international negotiations on Iran's nuclear program. 

According to Michael Goodwin, now Russia is sending to Syria military equipment, aircraft and military experts in the United States may soon see military coordination in a trilateral format - with the participation of Russia, Iran and Syria. Such a coalition would fight not only against the extremist group "Islamic State" (IG), and, most likely, against the Syrian rebels, for whose support the US provided is believed to be tens of millions of dollars. As suggested by the browser, the position of Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian in the Syrian issue shows how "a little afraid of it, or respect for Obama", and "childish ridicule the White House Obama shows weakness." 

If the meeting Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin will be some "progress", only one-sided. US will approach even closer to the adoption of that Assad will remain in power, despite the fact that Obama believes that the president should leave. In addition, Iran will understand that the United States tacitly endorsed expanding its influence and its nuclear program, said Michael Goodwin.

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