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Trying another Maidan in Sevastopol is scheduled for August 12, 2015

Trying Maidan in Sevastopol is scheduled for August 12, 2015

Wild sounds, but nevertheless, it is. With full responsibility I can assert that the junta's henchmen Kiev in cooperation with the Russian fifth column and supporters Navalny - planning riots in Sevastopol. And not just planning, preparation went into the last stage.That's what I came across the other day :

News of Sevastopol

Immediately raises two questions, what the situation was, and who is this Ivan Komel, whose "strength to endure no more"? Let's start with the second. Fortunately, the biography of a citizen in a network there , she's just not happy with some of the passages:

In 2009 to become the coordinator of the butt, and then the head of the Sevastopol city organization of the political party "Front Zmin" (Yatsenyuk).

In 2011, about 50 out of Sevastopol Nakhimov Square with flags of the European Union, Ukraine and Sevastopol, to speak out in support of the European course of Ukraine.Euroequity organized by CDF PP "Front zmin" and a number of non-governmental organizations, was held in front of the House of Moscow, which caused great interest and concern on the part of the hosts. Addressing the evrodvizheniya, member of the board "Front zmin" said Ivan Komel: European integration - a top priority of Ukraine. We are not against the strengthening of friendly relations on an equal footing with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. But closer to us ... and the state equivalence of independence in the European Union, European normydemokratii, justice and social security. We demand that the authorities strictly uphold the interests of their people and constantly pursue the path of European integration of Ukraine "

In 2012, coordinated the work of the civil movement "honest" in Sevastopol, and in 2012 the coordinator of the civil movement "Ukrainian choice" in Sevastopol.

Wow, activist rhetoric, huh? It also had to disguise so quickly. But that's not all. Here is a photo with a friend and colleague - Vladimir Klitschko

News of Sevastopol

And here is a photo fresher - with a known supporter of Navalny, Vladimir Goncharuk:

News of Sevastopol

Information on the network Goncharuk mass, it was he who helped organize mass protests in Moscow, including the Swamp:

Vladimir Goncharuk - Nicholas Lyaskinu, February 6:
Hi. Let's just be clear about the activists. We will be able to send 200-300 people, but we must resolve the issue of payment, transportation, accommodation, food and the size of our reward. You understand, the war crisis.

Vladimir Goncharuk - Andrew Revutsky February 10:
Hi. The plans Muscovites confuses me one thing: the complete absence of coherence.Nemtsov, Navalny with the Kremlin considered Mr Khodorkovsky. I would not be surprised if it's true. All they want from him - money and support for the "middle class." Without it, they are more than a half of persons with disabilities in the streets do not withdraw. All the chances they proe ... any more at the Swamp. Both - pacifiers.

Andrew Revutsky - Vladimir Goncharuk, February 10:
Do not fool me. What a difference to us? Another opposition in Russia.

Nikolai Lyaskin - Vladimir Goncharuk, February 14:
Send people as soon as they are ready. Contact by phone. Number skins.

Vladimir Goncharuk - Nicholas Lyaskinu, February 14:
In short, two days can occur in groups Sergei Poleshchuk. 28 people.

Good correspondence, right? Delivery of Moscow Ukrainian Maidan activists for organizing riots. Now this "professional" work in Crimea, Sevastopol.

Pumping of the situation is well underway, and the innocent collected signatures of no confidence in the governor resulted in calls for an unsanctioned rally on August 12 and the technologies of networking and delivery of hysteria, we are already familiar:

News of Sevastopol

That would collect signatures, and then went to the meeting with the families, with the children, but in principle this position. Fun, right? And we have seen this more than once or twice.

The fact that a real community of Sevastopol categorically against unauthorized mass actions , agents of the junta and the United States did not touch, and it is clear, the problem they have properties very specific :

And in Sevastopol, the potential protesters were on the organizers to act against the alleged illegal construction of the coastal strip, but the goals have changed. Now, citizens are invited to sign the letter to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. In the letter it is a question of no confidence in the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey Menyailo.That was the real purpose of the meeting.

Separately, I note the support of the Orange Moscow. This is familiar to us from the Swamp minibus with agitators:

News of Sevastopol

Now he obeys Komelovu guessed the essence of campaign materials themselves. Rumor even possible arrival of August 12 as much of the bulk .

As you can see, with the staff, who are calling for riots, as well as with the technology used, everything is clear. Poor else.

All these above-described activities, it seems, is conducted under the patronage of the famous hero antimaydannogo resistance Alexey Chaly. And it was initiated by his team oflaw on which the Governor vetoed, was the spark the rally . Although the commissioning of this law is obviously impossible and needs some work , but not the mass protests.

And yet, despite all sorts of explanations of the authorities appeals to the rally continues, the work of the members of the team included Chaly. It is strange that Alexey Chaly does not understand the simple truth that lives within the laws of Russia: q The pressure on the head of state after the electoral mass is nothing as blackmail.

In general, the picture is sad and it is familiar to me as anyone else. Personally to me it is obvious that in matters of Sevastopol Regional Policy - one to one as Yekaterinburg.

Exactly the same opposition of city and regional authorities, and that the mayor's office in Yekaterinburg cherishes and nurtures belolentochnikov Navalny, who even introduced to the Public Chamber of the city, and in Sevastopol - activists and supporters Navalny entered into an information agenda, and supported by the city authorities.

It affects only the arrogance and unscrupulousness traitors in Sevastopol. More mess on the fifth string and the Ukrainian junta activists find unlikely. Nevertheless, they are supported by the city authorities, they are actively and openly work.

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