Sunday, August 16, 2015

"News Articles" "That I Recommend to the Readers" by yurasumy

New entry titled

"News Articles" "That I Recommend to the Readers" 
by yurasumy .
1. The sectarian type behavior of most people in Ukraine today is well described in medicine. This sectarianism. It is treated. Although difficult and expensive. 

2.2. Shock waves explosive ammunition Two more material from the series: "Survival School". 

3. Odessa, summer 2015. Odessa shares his impressions about the results of the tourist season. People very much. Housing is not empty. But today's travelers do not have money for anything other than the sea, and free food. In Crimea, the way too there is a similar situation. 

4. In Krivoy Rog near the morgue worked stretching. There are dead worst thing in this case is that it is stretching. And she worked in Krivoy Rog. Methods for solving problems gradually migrate from the area ATO to other regions of the country. And it's very scary. 

5. Frequency range went for the Kiev regime often refers to certain data radio intercepts. Sometimes, these "data" get into print. And then you begin to understand the extent tupizny junta leadership. They are stupid. It was impossible to avoid it. Anyone who is familiar with military theme now understands that radio interception by the junta is a fake. 

6. Belarusian Nazis in the service of the Junta and they have a lot of fights in the Donbas. Something to think about. 

7. In Lviv, once again demanding special status This is the re-share. Someone stubbornly to bring the situation to absurdity. After all, in the Donbas it began with this. Naturally Lions will not be bombed, but someone took it this slogan. And Natsik and the authorities do not even particularly mind. So all it sanctioned.

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