Sunday, August 9, 2015

Neo-Nazis set fire to OSCE car in Donetsk to implement plans to discredit Donbass

Neo-Nazis set fire to OSCE car in Donetsk to implement plans to discredit Donbass

The OSCE will stay in Donetsk on August 9 in 2.45 hours. operator "102" was reported on fire car near the hotel "Park Inn" located in the Voroshilov district of Donetsk. Within 5 minutes of investigative team Voroshilov PO together with Emergency Situations Ministry rescue service left at the scene. During the survey it was found that as a result of unlawful actions by unknown persons set fire destroyed three cars belonging to OSCE mission. 

After localization of the fire police carefully examined the scene and seized evidence and expert research focused on the samples to determine the causes of vehicle fires. According to one version of law enforcement officers, setting fire to cars OSCE in Donetsk was done pro-Ukrainian-minded provocateurs to further destabilization of the situation on  Donetsk and discredit the People's Republic. Obviously, Ukrainian special services have used the recent peaceful demonstrations in Donetsk to implement their plans, focused on the fact that the monitoring mission of the OSCE removed from the territory of Donetsk. 

Military and political leadership of Ukraine the situation is beneficial as it allows to freely build weapons along the line of contact and produce shelling the territory of the DNI. According to unofficial data, the population of Donbass favors the presence of the mission in the territory of Donetsk, as it gives hope for the Ukrainian punitive containment and lighting situation, the international community . #Donetsk #DNI

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