Sunday, August 16, 2015

"NATO troops fighting in the Ukraine."

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 "NATO troops fighting in the Ukraine."

by manzal .

The presence of Western military professionals in the area of armed conflict in the Donbas, on the Ukrainian government is now a fact. Citizens and soldiers of Sweden confirmed the military presence of the European countries in the Donbas . This information appeared on a Swedish share, which communicate with each other, including former and current Swedish military.

What was expressed, contrary to the official version of what is happening in Ukraine, because of this correspondence many were removed and subjected to censorship. And the number of posts prokievskih says the great work done. But the most important is the de facto recognition of the presence of European troops in volunteer battalions. 

Here, for example, one of the initiators of the discussion, a veteran of the battalion "Azov" with the nickname «Sinkomies», a member of the Swedish National Militia (Hemvarnet) - the organization of military reserve under the Ministry of Defence of Sweden. or data on the Polish troops who are fighting in the Ukraine. At least three soldiers of the Polish Army in the Donbass are: Major Jan Dombrowski, Lieutenant Lucas Wojciechowski and Lieutenant Thomas Novak JWK (Branch of the commando). They took part in the battles for Uglegorsk, Loginov, and Debaltseve Shirokino. 

Activities oversees foreign military counterintelligence department of the SBU. Or the time with the issue of foreign military medals and documents Ukrainian sample. It seems to be able to represent them as their citizens, not foreign mercenaries or soldiers of all applicable European countries. But all this did not blow the world's media because it does not come to the meetings to buildings of the European governments, but we are not surprised by this. Any sane person understands that without military western countries will not do. And that without the "fanatics" , we also will not stay. And of course everyone knew that only one turn accused Russia, especially after the referendum in the Crimea. For us, such actions are no longer a novelty. 

This we have seen in Georgia and Chechnya ). As we all remember the stories of provocateurs, during the collapse of the USSR. We've learned that in our internal affairs are constantly trying to interfere from abroad, sometimes even by force of arms. All this looks like a clumsy provocation. After all, there is no NATO military official in Ukraine, even if they die there, as well as large amounts of weapons Official Kiev is not sent. And it turns out that we just show - "We are here, we fight, we kill." We are trying to involve all the forces in the conflict that we could officially with the evidence base, called the aggressor. And what could happen after such terrible to imagine. But, despite all these terrible moments, she pulls inside is quite another. 

Touches of thought and phrase of "volunteers". After all, when it comes to philosophical generalizations, these Italians, Swedes, Poles, Englishmen, Frenchmen agree that protect not Ukraine, and Western civilization. Because it is better to wage war in a foreign land, taking advantage of a split in the ranks of the historical enemy. When I read phrases like, I just think that, I was called "genetic" memory and remember the terrible excerpts from directives - "It is necessary to provide the right living space. 

No attempt to be clever here does not work, can only be solved by the sword. " Obviously, each of these modern Europeans dreaming about his - the Swedes want to return the time of Charles XII, the era of the French De Gaulle and Napoleon, and the Poles and Lithuanians the old days when they ruled the country throughout Eastern Europe. Only a pity that, at some time already, they want to achieve that through the pain and humiliation of the peoples of our country, this is probably a "European freedom of speech and choice."

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