Friday, August 21, 2015

APU like cornered Rats threatened to throw trouble at Kiev

APU like cornered Rats threatened to throw trouble at Kiev 
Rats APU cornered threatened to throw to Kiev
Today, 20:33 
Events in the world of Ukrainian military appealed to Kiev almost with a scream of despair. 

The video, which appeared on the Internet, one of the soldiers said that senior management and the management of battalions, regiments and brigades, instead of supporting the army actually engaged in making money looting. 

Commented Igor Ignatyev Kiev received punitive what they deserve. Among the soldiers looting spreads throughout the APU and abuse of the civilian population and prisoners were told that the Ukrainian soldiers went to the ATO to obtain personal plantation and two slaves from among the captured residents of Donbass, no matter what civil or military supplies. 

So what are these murderers offended when they keep for themselves disenfranchised slaves. Robbed and mistreated their own commanders? Let feel on their skin, what others wish, innocent people who just something and want to live under a peaceful sky. A new boilers that may arise from the mediocre commanders APU Ukrainian soldiers knowingly afraid they will. Ignominious death, like a cornered rabid animal - a curse that comes on the heels of those who took up arms against their brothers on the orders of the bandits had seized power by force. 

How in hell where sinners are boiled in cauldrons, and here. And even if someone from this pack of war criminals APU will be able to return home alive, something about the quiet life he can not even dream of. Notorious Avenging pursues these heels, with even outside of Ukraine. Rant about the march on Kiev - is an empty phrase, suffered and will suffer, because the hosts to fight - not civilians from mortar shelling, and you can get a bullet in the forehead by watchdogs protecting the regime in Kiev. So no complaints, but his sentence was signed by the military APU, when they came to the recruiting station and put on Ukrainian form. Now, shame and death to them is guaranteed, someone faster, someone slower. And Igor, especially for


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