Thursday, August 20, 2015

American Volunteer Interview: If Donbass falls - the whole world will have failed them (Video)

American Volunteer Interview: If Donbass falls - the whole world will have failed them
August 20, 2015 

Donbass - is not such a big edge, which is why it is at the crossroads of many critics and enemies who clash against each other for all the world's power. They agreed to face each other in negotiations, and the US pressures their Kiev Implanted leaders not to. As the storm clouds that are faced daily by innocent civilians, the country is divided and carved up like a zipper. And Donbass ablaze in shelling despite the Minsk agreements. Something needed to be done. So someone did, One such person is a citizen of the United States,he is a real all-American hero, Bonner Russell Bentley, is now known to many in Donbass by his callsign " Texas ".

Why was I destined to stand with the impregnable rock in the path of their darkness, was decided by the flood of the whole world coming down on many people in the world who never even understood why, so realizing this I took up arms and went to fight side by side with the people of Donbass who oppose the creation of a fascist govt. used to badger Russia into war.  " When the war started, he did not hesitate to come to Donetsk for almost a year and won in the ranks of the Brigade "East". Now Texas has decided to join the International Federation of Independent Journalists, becoming a member of another war, too, goes to the Donets Basin - the war of information. 

His is now a war for the rights of the people of Donbass. He wishes to convey to the world the truth about what is really happening on this land. We offer you a recording of the interview with "Texas" and Nadezhda Morozova (Donetsk activist, volunteer, philosopher and one of the founders of the International Federation of Independent Journalists). It was not an interview per se, more a conversation: a conversation between two people living in the war torn region being blindsided by the Western Media. 

Some old men, who came to the holy war against fascism , and they stood up for people foreign to his own country. Others, a young mother who is not holding a weapon, but it has more courage than most men that I know of this life. As with all of its proud people. However, here in the Donbass, after more than a year of war, the distinction between soldiers and civilians is virtually erased. And indeed it is difficult to say who is a big hero. And whether or not we'll ever find out? 

The conversation is conducted at ease, even funny at times. Conversations need a smile and a joke to keep from crying. But what they say seriously to the extent that the smiles and jokes are totally misleading. Personally, I was struck by the phrase of Texas, I told them at the beginning of the interview: " If you fall down Donbass - the whole world will fall with you". This is nothing to add. Here it is quickly becoming clear even to those who came from another country this is not about what we were being told. 

(C) the International Federation of Independent Journalists. 
(C) Paul Rust Source: The Agency "New Russia"

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