Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Zakharchenko: All those killing civilians, raping women, robbing homes - will be brought to justice

Alexander Zakharchenko: victims we have lost - the consequences exit militias Slavic

On Sunday, July 5, the channel Donetsk Republic published a YouTube short interview of the Head of the DNI Alexander Zakharchenko on the findings of the Slavic militia. He was asked one question:

"Today is the anniversary of withdrawal of troops from the Slavic. After a year, do you think this move is right or wrong, can you could do something else? "

Alexander Zakharchenko:

"In any case, it is hard to judge, because the war - it's always a lot of reasons, and any decisions taken by the commander, they are on his conscience.My personal opinion is the following, I am the first day, he became head of state always said one thing that I do not divide the territory of the DNI as occupied and ours. This whole area (approx. Donetsk region) - it Donetsk People's Republic. A year ago, a historic event that led to the fact that we lost one day Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Konstantinovka, Artemovsk. Under the threat turned out to be right group of forces in Karlovka, 4 days later we lost Debaltseve and Uglegorsk - it all happened literally within weeks. Therefore, all subsequent and how much we have suffered casualties, freeing the city - it is the effects of the output unit of the known field commanders of the Slavic. This was well aware of his subordinates, the most important thing about this and he knows. Therefore, any statement that is not our rest area - I think it's a personal betrayal, a betrayal of all military personnel. We are only one that the entire Slavic and Kramatorsk, and Red Army and Konstantinovka, Mariupol, and - it's all of our city Donetsk People's Republic. I would like to appeal to residents who live in those territories sooner or later we'll be together . It is not even discussed, I say this with full confidence. All punitive and mercenaries who are now killing our civilians, raped our women, rob our homes - will sooner or later be brought to justice all. Wherever they are. And in Poltava and Sumy, and Lviv and Kiev - one will not hide "

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