Saturday, July 18, 2015

Who shot down the Malaysian Boeing. VALENTINE Chaika inhabitant TOREZA

Who shot down the Malaysian Boeing. VALENTINE Chaika inhabitant TOREZA 
Date: July 17

Valentina Seagull of Torez in the program "really" Lead Agency - Sergey Veselovsky. Valentina Seagull: That opinion, which was formed in my day crash Boeing to date has not changed. I was not the crash site after 15-20 minutes and saw everything with my own eyes. Moreover, until the moment when Boeing fell, I heard, and all who dwell in this city. All the Western version of the investigation on the subject that brought down the militia "Buck" or the Russians or someone else - it's all bullshit. Before the disaster, there was fighting in the Saur - Grave. All residents have learned to distinguish arrivals from flying away. our city is constantly committed airstrikes. On that day, flying in the sky 2 Ukrainian Su-shki.

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