Saturday, July 18, 2015

Western hysteria will subside a little, Russia withdraws troops training near Rostov

Western hysteria will subside a little, Russia withdraws troops training near Rostov

According to the press service and information of the Defense Ministry, at the sites of the Southern Military District "Kadamovsky" and "Kuzminki", which is near Rostov, completed large-scale exercises of the Russian troops.

These activities are fully in line with the plan of preparation of the Armed Forces in 2015. "During the field training soldiers carried out a large set of practical exercises and tactical-special training with working standards of driving technique in unfamiliar terrain," - reported in the Defense Ministry. At present the group troops redeployed once in the area, we went to the places of permanent deployment.

All tasks assigned to the command, carried out successfully. As a result of practical activities, has acquired part of the commander's "necessary practical skills and experience in office management and operation of weapons and military equipment in the field," and the soldiers once again proved that they are able to perform combat missions (although within the framework of the exercise), quality and professionalism. It is noteworthy that the teachings of the Southern Military District, geographically located in close proximity to the south-east of Ukraine, which is a lively debate in the media world.

Only the lazy western media have not yet linked them with the proof of the presence of Russian troops on Ukrainian territory. Here, for example, a link in which the paranoia of Western media, supposedly revealing the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine without providing concrete evidence, reaches its climax. There, as here , by a unchecked claim taken from the internet and social networking, you can gather a lot of interesting things.

Just what does that prove? If you look into the eyes of the facts, so just the fact that Russian troops are involved in the planning exercise. No more. And no less. On the other hand, even though the evidence and ephemeral, the West is very easy to manage to provoke great public raising of those scheduled exercises, which, incidentally, are held in various parts of our country, not only in the Rostov region. Therefore, as exercises in the south are completed, and the troops withdrawn to the places of permanent deployment, would like to believe that the Western hysteria will subside a little. And they understand that we are open to the world and do not hide from him his actions.

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