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The "right sector" given orders to prepare for war: Kiev has until midnight

July 12, 2015, 17:48

The "right sector" given orders to prepare for war: Kiev has until midnight

In the Internet appeared "order of the Chief of the 1st Division intelligence" Right Sector "," Forester "," informs News Front referring to the page in the social network FaceBook , which is completely and publishes the text of the order.

In it, in particular, it states that all fighters need to "leave the permanent deployment base and go into battle mode exit, take units and Interior Ministry officers, the SBU et al., Who are fighting with units of the SS, block them or somehow take In this part, - state criminals, who are subject to disarmament, and in case of resistance - destruction.

In the case of neprekrascheniya fighting in command 13/07/2015 00:00 proceed to the elimination of all persons involved in the attack on the members of the "Right Sector" or the impact of the criminal orders on the territory of Ukraine, regardless of their positions, "- said in the order.

Meanwhile, Russian soldiers banned organization "Right Sector" brought the walls of the tires of the Lviv Regional State Administration, which started an indefinite protest, said "Gromadska TV."

"Right Sector" repression described the behavior of law enforcement officials in relation to their counterparts, particularly in Mukachevo Transcarpathian region of Ukraine, where on Saturday July 11 exchange of fire between security forces and militants groups.

Protesters call in Lviv citizens to enter the campaign against the "rampant criminal oligarchy, against police brutality and protection racket authorities of smuggling that finances the fifth column and terrorism."

For its part, Ukrainian siloviki block training bases "Right Sector" to prevent sending fighters in Transcarpathia previously reported UNIAN news agency referring to the statement of one of the representatives of groups of Taras Kuzyakov.

On the Internet there was a video as an aside Mukachevo moving column of armored vehicles. Eyewitnesses counted about 12 cars. For information about what the area militant attacks "Right Sector" came a column of heavy machinery, also confirmed Sharaskin Andrew - one of the press officers of the organization.

On Saturday, July 11 fighters "Right Sector" entered the city of Mukachevo. Near sport center "Antares" They, according to eyewitnesses, opened fire. The guards and the center of the people People's Deputy Michael Lano repulsed the bandits. However, representatives of the "Right Sector" managed to occupy part of the building. Then the gunfire resumed near Red Mountain on the highway "Kyiv-Chop".

According to preliminary data, in a shootout injured six police officers and three civilians.

After the battles militants "Right Sector" retreated to the village shop, in a wooded area. Motorway Kiev-Chop is blocked. The city conducted an anti-terrorist operation. From the village, where the militants had taken refuge, they evacuated people.

"Right Sector" carries out actions to support in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. Activists rally demanding investigation and the resignation of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed law enforcement agencies to disarm and detain the criminals who opened fire on civilians in the city of Mukachevo.

"Right Sector" - the union of radical natsionalisticheckih organizations of Ukraine. The movement consists of disparate extremist groups who took part in the first protest "euromaidan" in November 2013. The main political goal - building a national Ukrainian state and national revolution.In November 2014 the Supreme Court of Russia declared Ukrainian organization "Right Sector" and the UNA-UNSO extremist and banned their activities in Russia. With regard to union leader Dmitry Yarosh in Russia prosecuted for incitement to terrorism.

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