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Kiev's Datsyuk: On a week long drinking binge calls out for Russia to be dissolved as an empire...

Kiev's Datsyuk: On a week long drinking binge calls out for Russia to be dissolved as an empire...
July 11, 2015

Close to the Kiev authorities, a hungover political scientist Sergey Datsyuk voiced demands for which Ukraine agreed to take in the structure of Crimea and Donbas. According to the author, the population of these areas will lose the rights and rigid Ukrainization. All the relations of the Republic with Russia will be broken, and "disloyal" is supposed to send in filtration camps, where they will be judged.

He writes in his well-known article, the Ukrainian political scientist Sergey Datsyuk that, get this, the US is trying to save the world from a nuclear war, and basically they want any agreement with Russia, if only it was predictable and maintained a semblance of relations with the West.

However, for Ukraine, an "Imperial Russia" constitutes a threat to its very existence. Therefore, Kiev should insist on much tougher conditions of post-war reality, namely: Russia should cease to be an empire. Prominent Ukrainian scientists propose concrete measures for the integration of future conditions DNI, LC and the Crimea in the country "under the terms of the winner."

According to him, firstly, we need full information control over the media DNI-LC from the Ukraine; Ukraine's full control of the Russian-Ukrainian border; breaking all the major economic contacts between enterprises DNI-LC and Russia, followed by the reorientation of these contacts to Ukraine and Europe; thereby providing opportunities to all who participated in the war on the territory of the DNI, LC to emigrate to Russia or arrest on the territory of Ukraine with carrying out through filtration camps to investigate their involvement in war crimes; tough Ukrainian cultural policy throughout the DNI, LC, including the study of the Ukrainian language, the teaching of Ukrainian history, the formation of children Ukrainian values.

The fate of Donbass for the foreseeable future - to be "inequitable" region of Ukraine.

" Today, Ukrainians are very negatively disposed to the DNI, LC, and to those of its inhabitants who are loyal to, and to Russia and the separatists for their war crimes. Residents of the DNI, LC after returning to the Ukraine will need many years to prove their loyalty to Ukraine. Disqualification for many years in Ukraine - that's the fate of Donbass "- writes Sergey Datsyuk.

With regard to the position of the Crimea in Ukraine, according to the author, should be just as tough: no agreement on the Crimea can not be concluded without the presence of Ukraine. Crimea back in the Ukraine fully without any Russian protectorate over part or any parts thereof. Also Russian weapons must be removed from the Crimea back to Russia. Sevastopol ceases to be a base of the Russian fleet, Russian-speaking residents of Crimea have the right to free emigration into Russia for 5 years, then for the remaining residents of the Crimea from Ukraine should pursue a policy of assimilation rigid. 

Russian schools should cease to exist in the Crimea. A more rigid cultural policy of Ukraine for the whole territory of Crimea, including the study of the Ukrainian language, the teaching of Ukrainian history, the formation of children to Ukrainian values.We need powerful anti-Imperial propaganda in Crimea, as well as Ukraine and the establishment of managed metered access of inhabitants of Crimea to the Russian culture. A provision of the Crimean Tatar people the broadest autonomy in the Crimea as part of Ukraine demanding billions of dollars of reparations from the Russian annexation of the Crimea.

Such conditions, according to the drunken well-known political scientist, Ukraine needs to push in the peace process, which can begin after the collapse of the world's association with the neglected Minsk Agreement.

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