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In the first publicized dossiers, Nalyvaychenko pushed hard accusations against Turchinov

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The former head of the SBU Nalyvaychenko began to take accomplices dismissed the former head of the SBU Nalyvaychenko began to take his accomplices. Clearly, former head of the press service understands that Prosecutor General's Office "hang" him all the crimes of the junta - ranging from shootings and ending on Independence burning people in Odessa. So I get started Nalyvaychenko bags with compromising. 

In the first publicized dossiers information appeared on "paperednika" - Alexander Turchinov, now occupying the post of Secretary of the National Security Council. Nalyvaychenko pushed hard accusations against Turchinov. According to the former head of the SBU, he had to recover the documents that were destroyed during the leadership of Alexander V. Service. In particular, the dossier on Semyon Mogilevich was destroyed in the Security Service of Ukraine in 2005, when the department led by Alexander Turchinov. 

"In late May 2006, President Yushchenko, moving me to the SBU, once set the task to find out and report on relationships Mogilevich in Ukrainian politics and business. I confirm that all documents relating to the withdrawal from the budget funds of Ukraine billions of shadow schemes, which were attended by criminal groups and to which Mogilevich was involved in, were destroyed in 2005, "- said Nalyvaychenko. When asked the journalist of "Glavred "about whether it was carried out under the leadership of Turchynov, he replied in the affirmative. At the same time Nalyvaychenko noted that the dossier was restored to 70%. 

"By the end of 2008, I was personally responsible for the SBU cooperation with various foreign intelligence services, which resulted in the recovery of 70% of the documents in the so-called business Mogilevich," - said ex- Head of the Security Service. He also said that he personally gave instructions to detain Mogilevich when he crossed the Ukrainian border. "Our foreign partners were also ready for such actions. We fully understand that a key element in the event of his arrest would clarify the circumstances of the crime more deals in the gas sector, which Ukrainian officials were involved. 

He was an invaluable source of information. I'm sure it is understood in Russia, where in the end Mogilevich was arrested, "- said Nalyvaychenko. "In addition, during the reconstruction of this case, we were able to prevent the creation of government leadership in late 2008, it controlled gas intermediary in one of the Swiss cantons "- said the former head of the SBU. 

As reported, in the report of the April 2006 US Ambassador to Ukraine, following his meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs Yuriy Lutsenko, which is published on Wikileaks and the site "Russian Reporter" says that Lutsenko in 2006 received the Order of the Prosecutor General's Office arrested nearby supporters BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko - Turchinov and Kozhemyakin in the investigation of the case of the destruction of the SBU "Mogilevich's business."However, Lutsenko disregarded these recommendations as "working for Julia." And now surfaced revelation Nalyvaychenko directly affects not only Turchinov, but Lutsenko, the leader of the presidential faction that covered corruption. On the eve of the next elections this session revelations very unfortunate, but obviously, the ex-head of the SBU still have something to share with the patriotic public.

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