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In the DNI, Witnesses to make public documents "Boeing" about the work at the crash site #MH17

In the DNI, Witnesses to make public documents "Boeing" about the work at the crash site #MH17

07.17.2015 - 18:12 

General Prosecutor's Office on the anniversary of the collapse of the NPT "Boeing-777", "Malaysian Airlines' documents made ​​public by investigating the causes of the disaster. All of them were provided by the publisher of the Donetsk news agency. 

It includes photographic materials, the forensic medical examination protocol inspection of the scene. An important part of the overall volume of documents become records the testimony of eyewitnesses. In particular, one of the materials area resident miners reported a sound like gunshots shortly before the crash. "July 17, 2014 around 16:20 I heard a rumble in the sky two planes, then I heard in the sky, two blind shots, the first of which was weaker, and the second one was stronger and it could be heard more clearly. Suddenly above the village of  Rassypnoye I saw a falling plane, which was gray with dark stripes, which lacked the wing and the right side of the aircraft was smoke, and fell out of the fuselage "- noted in one of the protocols to interview witnesses. 

Another eyewitness recalls, he heard the roar of a jet engine in the sky right after the fall of the passenger ship. "July 17, 2014 around 16.30 with a land surveyor D. was at the intersection of Lenin and the October street in the village Rassypnoye when she heard the roar of planes. I looked at the sky, saw nothing, because from where came the roar, the sun was blinding. To secure (in the region were fighting, while the APU actively involved frontline aviation), I offered to run AD in the village council, located 50 meters from the place where the roar was heard. 

While we were running, I heard in the sky three blasts, first one, then two and three all in a row. The last two were louder and tighter than the first. At this time, we just ran into the building, and the sound, I determined that the roar from the sky changed, became a kind of growl. D. Then I looked out and saw a plane in the sky falling, which came off the details. From it came a thick black smoke. After the plane crashed, I heard a sound in the sky jet engines, which I determined that in the sky there is another aircraft, which soon flew away. 

The sound came from where the sun was shining, so the plane itself I did not see, "- said the witness. From the materials indicates that the witnesses of the tragedy began, many residents, but most of the actual indications are similar: all declare the presence of another aircraft in the air. "July 17 2014 in the afternoon I went to the store, located in the village of Rassypnoye. In the store, I heard from the street two strong booms with a period of between 1-2 seconds. Immediately we ran into the street. 

In the sky I heard the roar and saw something fall from the sky in the direction of the village and the village Rassypnoye Hrabovo. At the same time, it was the falling plane, I did not understand, but as we approach the details of it came off. When the plane went out of sight of land, he heard an explosion, and I saw a strong flame and black smoke. I want to say that when I was watching the falling plane, then clearly heard receding in the opposite direction from him hum ", - stated in the report. 

One of the witnesses noticed the direction in which escaped the second "flying object", "June 17, 2014 in a period of about 16 hours, when I was in the house at the place of residence, he heard wafting from the street rumble of jet engines work plane, which is growing. Immediately I heard two loud bang, like an explosion. Immediately after that, I went outside and saw the incident plane, which rotates around its axis, and the sky was falling. At the same time, it seemed to me, the plane was missing tail feathers, but not sure. Also, it seemed to me that he was missing the bow - the cockpit, and the plane was engulfed in flames and left a trail of black smoke. 

The plane fell from the Orlovka village towards Grabovo. After the fall of the aircraft on the ground, I noticed that the in the sky was the roar of jet engines of other aircraft, which flew off in the direction of the city Debaltseve "- recorded evidence in the case materials. One of the witnesses in their testimony directly indicates the presence of a jet gray "... At that moment I heard two bangs, similar explosions in the sky. Then followed by another loud explosion, looking up, I saw a plane falling of a large size, which lacked the wing and then crashed into the side of the village of Grabovo, where you started to go dense black smoke. 

From the explosions in the sky before the crash took place about 15-20 seconds. I want to clarify that after the explosion in the sky after the plane began to fall, there was a strong engine hum. There I noticed that during the incident the aircraft is flying at a high altitude jet gray, like a fighter jet. Soon after the plane disappeared into the clouds cleared and the roar. " The Prosecutor General's Office DAN stated that at any moment ready to take part in the investigation and to provide the international experts assembled body of documents. 

"In our disposal eyewitness testimony, which confirmed the version of the fighter. We present these documents today and in the future are willing to provide them to all who are interested in establishing the truth, "- noted in the department. The Prosecutor General stressed that "the investigation should be directed to the truth, and not to satisfy someone's political interests and ambitions" . The Ministry of Emergency Situations DNI expressed full support for investigators. 

During the past year, experts rescue departments have been actively involved in the work at the crash site airliner helping international experts and representatives of the OSCE gathering the remains of victims of the tragedy and catastrophe of evidence. According to the MOE, provided Donetsk news agency, for the entire period of Dutch experts in the DNI, total area surveyed area was 312 square meters. km. In the search and collection of debris participated 225 rescuers. 

Employees of the rescue department also collected and loaded 127 tons of metal debris of the airliner. In addition, MOE assisted in the collection of personal belongings and the bodies and fragments of crash victims. According to the Prosecutor General's DNI, all collected fragments, fragments and personal belongings have been issued in accordance with the law and handed to colleagues from the Netherlands. The aircraft company "Malaysian Airlines "voyages from Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur, crashed on July 17 last year. All on board were 298 people killed.

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