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How is it that this monster controls America? Adolf Hitler clearly could learn from Obama

Hitler could've learned a lot from Obama

By: Eric Suess

Hitler could learn a lot from Obama after Obama was elected for a second term, the issues of Ukraine became engaged not Philip Gordon, the US is considered the main enemy of Jihadism, and the ultra-right, Victoria Nuland, who appointed the chief enemy of the United States to Russia. American historian Eric Suess talks about Ukraine as a buffer in case of an attack on Russia and actions correctness Fleet in Crimea. According geostrategists (both Republicans and Democrats), Ukraine is the most important in military terms, Russia's neighbors. Ukraine - "buffer" in case of an attack on Russia from the west.

In 1783, Russia had the Black Sea naval base, and after a careless gesture of Nikita Khrushchev and the collapse of the Soviet Union took place using a base already on long-term leases, the newspaper writes . To present that Ukraine will be anti-Russian - it is the same that prevent anti-American spirit of Mexico. However, in the second term of the presidency of Barack Obama is exactly what happened.

Mexico has not rebelled against America, but really took over Ukraine anti-Russian rhetoric. And this was not a result of the democratic revolution, as it prefers to put America and through a bloody coup. And that's how it happened.When Obama was elected to a second term, control of Ukrainian politics has moved from friendly internationalist Philip Gordon, was considered the main enemy of America Global Jihadism to ultra Victoria Nuland, who was appointed chief enemy of America to Russia.

The government Nuland got even under Bill Clinton, when he who hates Russia Strobe Talbott made ​​her head of his staff. Nuland later became an advisor at the Foreign Affairs Vice-President Dick Cheney, and the State Department came thanks to Hillary Clinton in 2011. In September 2013 Nuland was appointed assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs. Working under the direction of John Kerry, Nuland has set itself the task of overthrowing the democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych and the pro-Russian Ukraine from making anti-Russian.

Here Nuland in a telephone conversation with US Ambassador to Ukraine, February 4, 2014 talks about who should be the next leader of the country after the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych. After only 18 days of the appointment of a person receives, which in my own way Nuland calls "Rij". According to the president of the Czech Republic, only "ill-informed" people do not realize that it was a coup, and likened it to the "velvet revolution" in 1989. Tactful phrase "ill-informed" is replaced by "deceived" - that is the reality.

The American public had been deceived. This is a member of the Ukrainian parliament, or Rada, speaking November 20, 2013, before the start of the protests on the Maidan, describes what steps the US Embassy to organize a coup and appoint a leader, controlled by Washington.

Mailbox hackers broke into the US embassy, ​​and the parliamentarian said that cracks discovered. "American instructors explained how to use social networking and Internet technologies can manipulate public opinion, as well as to intensify the protest potential to provoke violent unrest in the territory Ukraine due to the radicalization of populations and methods of melee. Instructors also showed examples of the successful use of social networking in the organization of the protests in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

TechCamp representatives now hold conferences throughout Ukraine. At the moment, we have already held five such events. " Designed by Washington Plan the previous US ambassador to Ukraine began to implement before the appointment Nuland.

For example, in an official statement of the US Embassy in Ukraine on March 1, 2013 on the implementation of the project referred to TechCamp, provides for "creation of the technological capacity of civil society." In fact, the purpose of the project - training spetsialictov of information warfare and discredit gocudarctvennyh Institute in the media, the organization protectov and preparing a coup.

It is no coincidence the current US ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette was selected - a perfect conductor of nationalist and imperialist attitudes Victoria Nuland. Preparation of the coup was the following chain: Obama - Kerry - Nuland - Payette. Putin knew about all this. He knew that Obama is going to attack Russia and Georgia used as a pretext for the start of the conflict. Therefore, the Russian president, and acted so quickly. So, he went to the Crimea missile defense to the Air Force of Ukraine did not hit the Crimea on the eve of the referendum March 16, 2014.

Krymchane both before and after the coup would very much like to return to Russia - "yes" vote of 96 percent of the population. However, Jen Psaki not so long ago, said: "On the anniversary of the fraudulent referendum in the Crimea, which was held in violation of the law and the Constitution of Ukraine, the United States reiterates its condemnation of this vote, which has not been voluntary, transparent and democratic. We do not accept and do not accept the attempt of annexation of the Crimea Russia and call on President Putin to end the occupation of the Crimea.

" That's how States themselves occupied Ukraine by the coup to say about Russia, which defended the Crimean from hell that is going on in the Donbas. According to Obama, undemocratic and violent, "crossing" of the Crimea in the Ukraine in 1954 - is a legitimate action, but a plebiscite on the issue of reunification with Russia autonomy - involuntary, non-transparent and undemocratic. That is another lie from Psaki: "Over the past year the situation human rights situation in the Crimea has deteriorated dramatically - from repression of communities and minorities, in particular Crimean Tatars, to the systematic denial of fundamental freedoms.

Local residents were detained, interrogated and kidnapped non-governmental organizations and independent media were expelled from the peninsula. These atrocities are unacceptable, and we call on Russia to stop this violence. " Adolf Hitler clearly could learn from Obama something.

Obama - same aggressor as Hitler to Poland in 1939. However, the US president accuses Russia of aggression, as well as the Fuhrer blamed Poland. Obama overthrew the legitimate government of Ukraine, replacing it illegitimate. And now Putin critic, exposing his aggressor rather than the defender.

Obama needs to forced annexation of the Crimea to the composition of Ukraine more than half a century ago it was the law, and the protection of democratic self-determination Crimean Putin considers illegal. One lie follows another, but, unlike Hitler, behind Obama - nuclear weapons, so the situation is much more dangerous.

How is it that America controls this monster? Americans should ask why. Guerrilla warfare - not an option. I voted for Obama both times both for the lesser of two evils. But now the two parties - rotten. Democracy is no more, and all illusions on this score should unwind. Dispelled before start World War III.

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