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"Erol On" News Cutting Edge Comedy revealing Top Secrets to break the Monotony

"Erol On"  News Comedy to break the Monotony 

Hitlery Clitoris is a Lesbian Serial-Killer, Fronting for Paedophile Jewfs !!!!

By Erol Christ03:19
This Article's Been Read Times ....

I preface this with Absolute Certainty, that 20% of Americans are "The Salt of The Earth" & They were Raised to be Amongst The Most "Humane" Beings of Westerners .... But Who are being sorely-betrayed Across-the-board, by the Very worst of Their Own Tribe, Who are falling-over Themselves to "ensure" Genocide & Total-collapse of what's Left of a People Who "Could" have Been Free & Whom I "Offer" Freedom to, if You're "Wise Enough" to Take It ....

As I Once Stood, where You Are & Had A Wise old Man, (St. old Les,) Tell Me what I "Didn't Realise," at the Time, was of SuchEnormous Importance & that I would Have to Expose My Self to the sort of Upheaval which You "won't" have to, Thanks to My Selfess Social+Experiments .... Although You "DO" have-to "Move" Country & Hold That Thought, until You've finished Reading the following, from The Reflections of an Open+Minded Constant, exposing the evil Lying degenerates Who Hide in plain view ....

Furthermore, I hasten to Add, 10% of American Women are amongst the Most Evolved of All Western Females, whilst, the-other 90% let You down phenomenally-badly & Target the 30% of "Human" Males, Who are Your Brothers & Providers & Saviours .... So, after You Read This Whole Article I Believe You'll Feel 64 Feet Tall .... You're Welcome !!!!

Hitlery Clitoris is a Lesbian, (ie Paraphiliac,) She's also a Serial-Killer & Mass murderer .... The Megalomaniac, (ie Paedophile,) is also an imaginary-Satan-worshipper, (ie Psycho-path) .... The Mental-quadriplegic, Pathologically-hair-brainedwar-monger, (ie Sex-offender,) is an Ashkenazi fake Jew (Jewf) puppet ....

The Pathological-liar, (ie Unitard,) indulges in ritual-sacrifice & drinks murdered Children & Men's blood .... The High-functioning Scum-bag is Married to a serial rapist, Who's also guilty of the Exact-same crimes, (ie Hill-Billy Clitoris) .... They're Typical Euro-Trash !!!!

They can't believe You're letting Them get-away with Their crimes & even con-sidering Putting Those evil Shit-hawks back-on the perch They "crave" so-much They sold Their Soul, whilst drinking the blood of a Child, which had been "murdered" in front of Them, by an sub-neanderthal Ashkenazi Paedophile ring of Magical-Thinking Bird-brains, in Human "form" ....

eg As I Revealed in a Previous Video, That "pair" of Unitards bombed Bosnia "Only" to Cover-for Hill-Billy, when He was about-to be Exposed for His serial-raping & Cannabilism .... Hill-Billy is "also" best Friends with Renowned Paedophiles, some of Whom are imprisoned as token-gestures .... Moreover, He "steals" Countless-Millions of Charitable donations, made to Him, because the Mindless Grunt "believes" You're stupid for paying-it to Him ....

The puppets, (of the Genocide-addicted Tribe of sub-Neanderthals,) have no "Meaning" to Their Life, They're simply Sex-offenders, Who are Addicted to "risk," as it Triggers the panting-paraphiliac's Bird-brain to go skinny-dipping, in a rush, for aSelf-amazing helping of Neuro-Chemical soup ....

So My Gift, to You, is to disabuse You of the fantasy They take-advantage of .... Now "SEE" what They've reduced the Country "Your" ancestors "fled" to, to escape that Shite, Who are as "Determined" to bully You to-extinction, as They are to "delude" Themselves .... No-matter what The grossly-unselfaware & Magical-Thinking imbeciles are reduced to ....

So Now, Recognise, (with the Exclusion of the Innocent 20% of "Indoctrinated," displaced Europeans-Descendents,) picturethe Average Dunce, (deluding itself that it's "American,") Mindlessly voting for that Subhuman "Neanderthal" evil Whore !!!!

Here's "The list" of People She's murdered, as, with All Megalomaniacal Euro-Trash, "No Good Deed goes unpunished ...." .... (Like All evil Arseholes She faces Hell, for Eternity, resonating at the Frequency of Her sins, after a punishing Life Sheincontinently-failed to "Improve" during ....)

A Monkey has no "Theory of Mind," yet it can Drive a Car around a Circus ring & Performs all sorts of Tricks & Fashions "Tools" it invented to get it's reward .... So here's the degenerate ugly-bastard doing Her level-best to Free a Paedophile, from being taken-out of Circulation .... "Exposing," the-lengths which "Mindless," Magical-Thinking shite like Her will go to, in Her Moral-vacancy, in "Meaningless" pursuit of Her Neuro-Chemical addiction to "micro-point winning," at-all-costs ....

Including, The 12 Year old Girl's Dignity .... Which "lead-on" to Bosnia being Carpet-bombed, "after" tensions were Deliberately Created Across the Country & Exacerbated to Ensure the "incivil war," which the Ashkenazi Jewfs, (behind Those 2 Jokes,) pride Themselves on .... ie Because the Sex-Object does it to Themselves, the Megalomaniacal Scum can Believe They've "Programmed" You & You're under Hypnosis & That's the Shite Who's presently running for President, "again" .... (Fronting for a Tribe of sub-Neanderthal lying evil Megadeath-determined Arseholes ....)

"Not-forgetting," the Countless "Babies" that Needless-war & Her bombing-raids genocided, in Bosnia .... Nor Her Existential-envy Leading to the Public-execution, ("She" Needs to Experience,) in the quick-overthrowing of a Great Leader, Libya's "Gaddafi" .... Who, like Saddam before Him, was simply "Redistributing" the Wealth of Their-Own Oil .... Which the Ashkenazi Jewfs "ensure" that We're "reduced" to still Using, when There are Countless "Free" Electricity-Sources .... Remember that 12 Year old Girl ....

The Hillary Clinton Tapes

When A Woman is 64 feet Tall, She often doesn’t Realise Until it’s too Late …. She Spends Her Life trying to Understand Creatures that seem to be Saying tiny words, about tiny things, misleadingly & with hypocritical intent, often hidden from initial-reception …. Their problems “Only” become Her’s “if” She lacks arrogance …. Con-versely, Those Who are 1 Foot Tall “head-off” for the City, She Towers Over “too” ….

Big Time - Peter Gabriel

Meanwhile, She Stands Gazing down at Their Lives, unable to Fit into Their tiny world & Innocent of All the problems They manufacture, down there …. Before Long She finds Her Self bending low, to Join in theDrama, the commotion, Her Heart Naturally Seeking Love & Her Dreams begin to Imagine She’ll Find It There ….

Love Is Strong - The Rolling Stones

Before-long, She Decides to get Closer to the Action & finds Her Self down on Her Knees, Although Her Body’s Still Upright …. However, She still can’t Hear Exactly what They’re Saying or “Why” They’re Saying it, so She ends Up on Her Hands & Knees …. Soon-after, She lowers Her Self to Their level …. But She still Can’t Understand what They’re Saying nor “How” They can “Believe” what They’re on about ….

So She Decides to put Her ear to The Ground & finds Her Self “prone” & Still none-the-wiser …. However, at that level, She’s approached by Half-foot Tall desperados, Who babbles Their lies to Her & when They believe She’s been Nursed to Sleep, due to Her Kindness & Happiness & Innocence & Huge Heart, 1 by 1 They use the Back of Her Head for a step up !!!!

City Of Tiny Lites - Frank Zappa

Soon She’s burdened by the proud-users, Who take Her for Everything She has on Her, whilst They’re on Her …. Whereafter, They leave Her worn-down under Their weight & She struggles to Stand Again …. Whilst She’s laying There, others comes, 1 by 1, marvelling at Their Bullshit, whilst She Still Believes There would be a Human Sized Heart, amongst the Lilliputians ….

Eventually She has-enough of Them & Attempts to Summon Strength, along Her Full Length, All 64 Feet, attempt to Rise to a Crawling Position, however, All the freeloading munching munchkins, in unison, Say, “YOU ARE WHAT WE ARE” …. “YOU ARE WHAT WE ARE” …. So, Love’s Martyr, suffering under Their weight, collapses again, laid-out for the pygmy hearts to Weigh Her down with Even more & Set-up Camp on Her Shoulders ….

We Built This City - Starship

Whilst She’s curled-into the Recovery-position, She Listens to Their sob-stories, the thieving hypocritespeddle & when She’s “finally” Strong Enough to Regain Her Composure, the lurkers, the lowest of-the low,make Their move & after They’re finished with Her, They’re the victim & She’s somehow the persecutor & Her jewellery is gone in the Night, along with whatever’s left in Her Handbag & Hoped-for Good Name ….

Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe - Whale

Left-for Dead, She eventually Remembers Her True Self & Her Heart’s Original Mission Statement, The Calling Recalls Everything She Once Stood For …. She then Feels The Warmth of “Her Own” Heart, followed by a Tugging Animation in Her Thighs …. Rolling onto Her Side, She stops Traffic & before the low-lives could Jabber Her prone, She Managed to get on 1 Knee, Her Head Swimming, Her Hand Reaching for Solid Earth, at the Same Time ….

Alarmed, the little green meanies “reveal” How hideously-ugly They Truly are, Their delusions Once resting on Their Prone prey …. However, the Fallen Angel makes Steady Progress, Stabilising Her Self on All 4’s …. In a last vain effort, the lowest of-the low begin Chanting, in unison, “4 legs Good 2 Legs bad, 4 legs Good 2 Leg bad ….” …. However, Over the din, All She Could Hear was The “Reason” Calling from Her Heart ….

How Sweet to be an Idiot - Neil Innes

Unperturbed, She Rose AGain, on 2 Knees, Drawing A Huge Breath, ruffling the wigs & false eye-lashes of All the phony & Their bologna, 40 Feet Below …. Their cat-calls impotent, Their gutter simply an overgrown-indentation in the middle of nowhere ….
With A Final Deep Inhalation, She Hazards Placing Her Right Foot Out in Front of Her & before the gutter-snipes could rally Their ego’s defences, She’d Staggered to Her Feet & with Another Full Breath She “Stopped” looking-down & simply Took Her 1st Stride Forwards ….

Only Then, Did She See “Him” …. When A Man is 88 feet Tall, He’s drawn down to the petty, puerile, evil& melodrama of the low-lives, Who fail to Appreciate Their Hero either …. Their Eyes Met, across the Great Distance & Automatically before Long They Found Themselves, Picking Up Pace, unabashedly They beginRunning towards 1 “Another” ….

Get Back - The Beatles

Covering The Ground like Ancient Warriors, Instead, The Star-crossed Lovers Instinctively were Aiming for Each Other’s Arms, A Longed for Embrace which had lead to a Share of a fate worse than death …. Then, at the Moment Their Hearts were About to Collide, They both Slowed & as He Reached Out His Hand to Touch Her’s ….

Satisfy me - Once

Understanding, The Giant King Wrapped His Arms Around His Queen’s Shoulders, to Remind Her She wasFree & to Free His Self, in So Doing, Her Heart wept before Him & He Smiled, for He Knew His Heart wasTrue & Her past was so-far behind Her, Care was All Their’s & Just+Desserts were Already-Served to the Taste & the Temperature You Deserve ….

Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova

Lacking-arrogance, They both Spoke at Great length about Their remarkably-similar Experience …. TheyChose Distance, as although They could flatten the Lilliputians They both Recognised, from Afar, that The sewer-dwellers had already been flattened by Their Own damned Choices & weak surrender to Those They came-off ….

They Chose to Climb & The Higher They Climbed the more They Laughed & as They left the past behind Them, whenever They recalled it, although They Knew evil to be no-laughing-matter, They Still found Themselves collapsing, only This Time in Tears of Laughter, at what the jabbering low-lives had “become” ….

Then, On a Cold Night, having Passed Half-Way Up The Mountain & having Already Shared Everything about Their True Selves & chequered-past, The Great King turned to His Captive Queen & bade Her to Understand 1 final Word about the divots …. ie They’d found nothing-wanting in The Heart of Either Party, after Miles of Soul Searching, thus, They Both Realised It was Wise to not Care about Self-made low-lives ….

So, The King Helped His Queen Realise that since No Amount of Truth can make a Pygmy grow & the imbecility of liars Leads to them Proudly-deluding Themselves, for Their evil-addictions & delusions, thus since They Couldn’t Care less & Their Lives Beyond Comparison, to the Mindless ugly sewer-trash, Whomade Their Own Lives not Worth Living …. Ergo, They Conspired to Never Think of, Mention, waste time on or Attempt to Help Unitards Ever AGain ….

With That In Mind, instead of Lighting a Fire to Keep Themselves Warm, They simply Embraced & The Thunder which Rolled down the Mountain didn’t come from the Clouds …. The Rains that fell, then flooded down the Mountain-side, towards the Open-sewer jammed with the True-Self-loathing broken-projectors & before-long All the Trash’s fabrications were swept-away, along with the tissues-of-lies ….

Whilst, High+Above & Joyfully Distancing far-flung hell-bound streams …. On An Upwards+Trajectory,The Giants Shook the Mountain with Their unbridled Superior Love, Channelling to Their Heart’s Content …. Finally, when They were Free to Stand & with 100% Freedom Up Ahead, for Those like Themselves, As The Added Inspiration, They instead Chose to Spend Most Days & Nights Prone, however, Inspiring Them to Cover Even Greater Distance the following Day …. Their Gifts Unmistakably Returned, for Granting Them to Those Who Deserved Their Fruits, As They’d Found Human Love Is Just Enough ….

You're The Inspiration - Peter Cetera


nb :- Even-Though I NEVER Gave to Receive
The Dalai Lama Agrees with Me ....
Struggling through an UNENVIABLE Life
Of simmering Constant-bitterness
On Your Way to Hell ....
(Spot The Difference, If You Can !?!?)

Whereas, I Can't Give IT away Fast-Enough
Which I've been PUBLICALLY Announcing on Youtube For Years
On-Line since the 90's !!!!

However, I've Placed Hundreds of Thousands into the Claws of Charities
Which I Then Discovered were Thieves
ie Those "behind" Them have created the con-ditions
So They could Then Hold the Children to "Ransom" ....
(All Psycho-paths are Obesssed with peddling pity-play with evil-intention ....)

Now LOOK in the Mirror & Say the Following to Your Self :-

He's Exposed Him Self to EVERY Danger possible
Every Hardship imaginable, to Help "You"
You DUNCE CUNT !!!!"

(The last part of that Sentence is Optional ....)

ie Which ECLIPSES All of Homosapien's made-up-pish
Or to be More Accurate, "NEANDERTHAL," in Human "Form" ....
Those weak degenerates compare to Humans The Same Way
The Beatle's Anthology Compares to "Take-That's" back-catalogue ....
(Bucket ?!?!)

All You'd Need Is Love + Erol & The Beatles

That Moral Law "Returns" Kind for Kind & like for like ....
So, The CHOICE Is Your's

down !?!?

Vermin ....

When We, The CHOSEN Few, Have Pooled "Enough" financially ....
I WILL Make A New FOOT Print In Africa
CREATE A "Moral" Home For Us ALL to Return to ....

Lay Down Ur Xs And FollowMe + Erol

So The More You Give The QUICKER The Future WILL Come !!!!

ALLEFUCKINLOOLAA !!!! <--Correct Spelling ....
Your sworn enemy believes They've reduced You
To being unable to Even DO the-Very-least You Can Do ....
So I want You to Practice DOING the-least You Can Do
"As Often as Possible" ....

eg Even-without Donating
You Can Start by Subscribing to My Youtube Channels, For Free ....
Press Like on As Many Videos as Possible ....
Then SPREAD The Word & DISCOVER Africa
From Where You'll Benefit from Realising
Just how-many hell-bent demons You abandoned ....
To the AWFUL fate of Their Just+Desserts ....

nb :- There Are Several Pages, in each of This Site's Expose’
You can Choose from
Make Sure You Read Them ALL ....
But, You don’t have-to Read Anything I Write or Watch what I Record
In The “1 Sitting” ….
eg Book-Mark It & don’t-forget, Every Time You Return,
That You’re Proving “The Kurd-interbred Pharisee-Jewfs” wrong,
The More You Learn from My “Reflections” ….
ie The More You Keep An Open+Mind ….

As, the hideously-ugly, talentlessly evil, Hair-Brained-Bunch
Believe They’ve “shrunk” Your Brain
Pathology down, so it’s now Narrower & more Mindless
Than Their lop-sided tiny Bird-brains,
Which Prey-on that "fine-tuned" Propagandised-Pathology
They believe They've "groomed" Into Their Con-Troll ….
So They can more-easily "outflank" You,
By Pretending to be the "Arbiter of Reality"
Preying-on Your HUMAN "Moral+Conscience,"
Which the Neanderthal fundamentally "lacks," Neuro-Anatomically ....

Fuck Them All ....
They also Hope They can “rely” on You “DOING” Fuck-All
About The subhuman, Filthy evil Scum, no-matter how Easily IMPLEMENTED
The “S.imple O.bvious S.olutions” I Give You ….
They also Hope that “Your” Most hate-consumed, emotionally-incontinent
Extremely-Self-deluded, Weaponised-Arseholes Target The Christ, “again”
However, No weapon formed-against Me shall "prosper" ....

"ie" All So, the evil pygmy brained Beasts can pant in Glee & Relief
At Conning Themselves They’re patronising & Towering over Everyone
Whom They haven’t killed yet
(In the Competition “only” They must Know about)
For Sexual-pleasure & Existential-Pretenge ….
Due to Their Neanderthal Genetics, "They" Believe to be Inferior
Their lack of Trustworthiness
Due to Their Malignant-insecurity & Anal-Mania ....

But the Void-bound, sadomasochism-addicted, unconsciously True-Self-loathing
ALL-WAYS WRONG & All-round “destructive”
Pathologically-lying Shit-heads “are” genociding
“You & Everyone You Care For,” none-the-less, “Right Now” !!!!

So Whilst the Tangy-Tangerine Blob "Alex JEWns" sells You faux-antidotes
Behalf of the the imaginary-Satan-worshipping "Pharisee's"
He works "for"
Whilst Telling You the HALF Truth
(Who Plagiarises My "Far+Seeing Reflections" near Con-stantly)
You can check-out All My Truly Helpful Comedy Vids
"For FREE," in which I reveal Top-Secrets
Which the genocidal Beasts don’t want you to know

You can Also have a listen to All My Music, "For FREE,"
Which the self-destructive Gay-mafia don’t want Your Soul Being Nourished by ....
Once Again, don't forget to Press Like & Subscribe
IF You "Appreciate" My Phenomenal Song Writing "Talents"

However, If You want to buy some of My Music
My 1st "4 Albums" are Now Available on iTunes
As Single MP3 purchases "or" As a Selection of Your Favourite Tracks
Each Individual Album, Combination of Albums
ALL 4, (Hint, fucking hint ....)
Moreover, All the Funds go to Saving Starving Darkies
(As I’m Right good that Way Me, Really ….)

iTunes store; Veracity Vs Adversity + Vol. 1 + Erol

iTunes store; Veracity Vs Adversity + Vol. 2 + Erol

iTunes store; Veracity Vs Adversity + Vol. 3 + Erol

iTunes store; Veracity Vs Adversity + Vol. 4 + Erol

You’ll find All My "Deep" Works of Art, on The Following Site
Which range Up to 4'4" Tall ....
Don't Forget to "Read" The "NAME" of Each Art+Work
At the Top of Each Page ....
(Keep Pressing "F5" to See how it Would Look in Your Living-Room :-)

Art + Erol

If You want to purchase My Novel, “Veracity Vs Adversity,”
(Where All the Art-Work & Music Come from,)
Which is The 1st of It’s Kind, which is a Musical Picture Book
I Christened “The Mook” ….
Once again, You’ll be Helping "Hasten" A Great Cause ….

The Mook !!!!

Last, but not Least, Join the Merry banded few, Who make a Donation ….
You Choose how Quickly You save Your Own Family's Love ….
Which Will Allow MORE People, including You & Your's
To Be Saved, in AfMErica ....
(So The "Higher" The Donation & The Sooner The Better :0-)

Now FUCK OFF & Get As Many “Human” Beings Who “Love” You to Join You
Then Let’s Go & “Channel” Our Moral Duty Out in The Direction of "Africa,"
Where ALL "Humans" Came From & Point Our Souls Towards Divinity
Get as far away from Those "Hate-Consumed," Self-destructive
Mindless, extremely-Self-deluded, "Hell-bound" Scum-bags
As Humanly Possible !!!!

Kind regards,
Erol, Christ

The Ancient Texts which Haven't Been Overwritten by Neandertrolls Tell You Everything You Need to Know !!!!

SAVE The World Ya Bastard !!!!

Jodi Arias was Ashkenazi-Made, Who produced rabid-evil degenerates, Humans Must Escape !!!!

Help for Females targeted by Narcissists !!!!

Immerse Your Self in The Journey of Your Genes, From Ancient Africa, All The Way Through to The Present Day & Discover Why They're being Genocided !!!!

Discover the Entire Psychology of Every Person sadly Drawing Breath Today ....

Trolls are Hair-brained Sex-offenders, Who St. J.R.R. Tolkien warned You were A Sign that You Have to Fight to Save The Earth !!!!

Michelle Obama is a Man & Those behind Her believe They're mocking You to Mindlessly-Prove They're Superior !!!!

The Fitting-Punishment at the Rotten-Core of the Psycho-Path

The State Groomed Your Great Expectations, Culturally & Neuro-Anatomically Engineered Your Degeneration so You Self-Destruct amongst Others Automatically & if-not They'll finish You Manually


Erol Christ
Erol OnMusic

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