Saturday, July 18, 2015

Boeing will blow up again

MOSCOW, July 17. / TASS /. "Almaz-Antei" is ready to carry out the experiment, during which the landfill would be undermined by anti-aircraft missile 938M1 near the decommissioned Boeing, similar to a year ago, the victim of a disaster Ukraine. The management of "Concern PVO" Almaz-Antei "reaffirms readiness to hold full-scale experiment with the erosion warhead missiles 9N314M 9M38M1 from decommissioned aircraft fuselage, similar crashed July 17, 2014 in the skies over Ukraine (flight MN17). 

"To participate in the experiment, as observers, we are ready to invite international experts from a number of independent and authoritative experts as well as representatives of the largest World Aircraft Corporation ", - said the head of the concern" Almaz-Antey ". According to the director of the company, "Diamond-Antee" confident "that the results of the experiment again confirmed the correctness of the conclusions made ​​by us based on our experts group study, and finally remove all questions about the type and location of the missile area where it started. " Novikov said that previously the company's specialists conducted a thorough analysis of the information provided by the International Commission of Inquiry causes of the disaster Malaysian Boeing. 

"The conduct of our respective research and the publication of its results due to the illegal introduction of sanctions against the Concern PVO" Almaz-Antei "in relation to the tragedy down of the south-eastern Ukraine passenger plane," - said the head of the group. Version launch anti-aircraft missiles from Boeing for Malaysian Snow is completely untenable, said the press service of "Almaz-Antey". 

"Now experts group to obtain new data, based on the results of supercomputer simulations conducted with the actual characteristics of the anti-aircraft missile systems" Buk-M1 "- said in a message. 

"The new study results concern experts once again confirm the failure of the version of the missile launch area of the village of snow. This version does not hold water, since the conditions of meeting the airplane with a rocket does not correspond to the damages that are fragments of the fuselage on the Malaysian Boeing, and contrary to the proximity fuze programming functions and characteristics of fragmentation field created warhead missiles, "- the press service of the concern.. 

"Almaz-Antei" ready all rational means to prove the inconsistency of Russian involvement in the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing. That's just assume that if the authorities in Europe and the United States with their own eyes saw hundreds of evidence of guilt of Ukraine, not Russia, in this incident, they would all still blamed Russia. The situation in the world leaves no other options to the West. Just lie and impudent, and impudent lie.

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