Tuesday, July 7, 2015

APU Punishers selling helmets and flak jackets online donated by USA and NATO

APU Punishers selling helmets and flak jackets online donated by USA and NATO 

Six months ago, Ukraine threw off the whole world to equip the army, and today looters ATO sell "souvenirs" from the Donbas to feed their families. In the Ukrainian segment of the Internet is increasing the number of ads on the punitive way called the UTA wishing to sell their uniforms. On ukrovermahta need a few months ago threw off hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians compassionate, and now a scarce commodity everyone can purchase as a souvenir shot of Donbass. 
The so-called Ukrainian Journalists phoned one of the phones listed in the announcement of the sale of helmets and a half thousand hryvnia (about $ 70). It turned out that demobilized Punisher had to part with a present from the so-called volunteers because of financial distress. - The helmet sells my brother. He can not find work, and he needs at least some money. He wore it, but a little before Dembele and it is in excellent condition - explains the author of the announcement. 
The other lot - Army kit with nearly contents intact. For $ 75, not only the seller is willing to part with a subject that could save his life, but also to agree on the wholesale supply of "souvenirs" of the hot spots in the south-east of the country. - This is my kit, I'm serving military personnel, she just did not want me . At the time, the volunteers brought a first aid kit. This is from the same party have at my friend, and he, too, was going to sell it. I can talk to him - he says. Volunteers accomplices, who for months collecting money for the purchase of equipment, which in part goes under the hammer, only shrug. It is said that the criminal liability for the sale of donated items not attract men. 
Today, charities are trying to label and put on the balance of each thing, bought with donations, but looters APU only manage to wring price of the vests with "exclusive room", and after the sale of kits Helmets and even taken for thermal imagers.

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