Tuesday, June 9, 2015

WTF: June 9 NATO's armored column has crossed the border into Ukraine...@PUTIN

NATO armored column crossed the border of Ukraine

NATO armored column crossed the border of Ukraine

Hungarian site Karpathir, related to the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia, today published photos of a passing frontier guards, similar to the military.
The site says: "One of our readers sent a messenger to the Carpathian photos below. The images were taken at a border checkpoint Záhony 06.09.2015 at noon on the Hungarian side. Special convoy of vehicles came from Ukraine.We tried to ask for information in the Border Police, but, unfortunately, we have not yet received a response. "

In the photo is clearly visible by tilted military equipment, several trucks, armored Humvees, tanker truck. For what purpose, and where to send the convoy - is unknown.
One version - on similar tractors carrying multiple rocket launchers "Hurricane." which could be removed and installed on the local operating tractors and tractor back by themselves. Recall repeatedly received information that the Warsaw Pact countries and former communist nations can deliver the Ukrainian Soviet weapons remaining on their Zinc PS. It is worth mentioning that more than once reported that before the Battle of Debaltsevo APU experienced some problems with heavy MLRS, not enough like a rocket, and the healthy plants. It is quite possible that if you go through Hungary is not ready to supply complexes, the minimum components and missiles. PS2. On the supply of "Hurricane" in the countries of Eastern Europe http://military-informer.narod.ru/uragan.h TML PS3. For those who cry, saying the title of "yellow." Think for a moment at least, this technique was in the Ukraine, then to out of it with unclear objectives to enter the Hungarian territory.


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