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Moscow is developing a hypersonic strategic strike aircraft

Media: Russia has tested a hypersonic aircraft

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Moscow is developing a hypersonic strategic strike aircraft like the same Chinese, according to Western media quoted military analysts.

U-71 (Yu-71) has been in development for several years. Recent tests of the aircraft took place in February 2015. The launch took place from the landfill near Orenburg Dombarovsky. Earlier about it purely hypothetical reported in other Western sources, but now confirmed the launch of the new analysts. The publication refers to a report released in June, the famous western military-analytical center of Jane's Information Group .

"The aircraft is part of a secret Russian project to create some object 4202"
As noted in the document, it will give Russia the opportunity to apply high-precision strikes against selected targets and, combined with the capabilities of its missile defense system Moscow will be able to successfully hit the target only one missile.

The report suggests that up to 24 of these hypersonic aircraft (combat units) can be deployed in located in Dombarovsky RVSN regiment in the period from 2020 to 2025. Also in the document it shows that this time Russia will create a new heavy intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) "Sarmat" , capable of carrying U-71.
Earlier in the public domain, this designation - U-71 - did not appear.

According to  The Beacon WashingtonFree , the aircraft is part of a secret Russian project to create some object 4202. Analysts say that the February launch was produced with the help of a rocket UR-100N UTTKh in which the object 4202 served as the head portion, and ended unsuccessfully.

Perhaps under such designated index developed by modifying hypersonic maneuvering warheads, which for several years now equipped with Russian ICBMs.
These units after separation from the launch vehicle able to change the trajectory of height and course and as a result successfully circumvent both active and prospective missile defense system.

The document argues that Moscow should hypersonic weapon to get leverage in negotiations with the United States and limit the effectiveness of the US missile defense system.
The Pentagon declined to comment on the Russian tests of a hypersonic aircraft.

Recall that in early June it was reported that the Chinese military  conducted  another successful test of the hypersonic shock aircraft WU-14, capable of breaking through the US missile defense system and cause a nuclear strike.

The first flight test of a new hypersonic aircraft gliding China  held  in January 2014. Then the media reported that "officials said, a hypersonic apparatus apparently designed to run on one of intercontinental ballistic missiles, and then on the way to the goal of near-Earth space close he is to plan and develop a speed of up to ten times superior speed sound. "

In July 2014 it was reported that China is developing  a hypersonic cruise missile jet in addition to WU-14. It was reported that the Chinese development is similar to the experimental hypersonic unmanned aerial vehicle X-43, developed by NASA. According to published information, the Chinese missile can reach speeds of 8 thousand. Miles per hour.

Experts note that the rocket could be shock weapons against US aircraft carriers and warships.
Judging by the fact that is not reported to the contrary, China's development tests were successful. While the non-nuclear test last summer hypersonic weapons in the United States  ended in failure .

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