Saturday, May 2, 2015

US Puppets in Kiev Unleashed Neo-Nazi Death Squads to Openly Kill the Opposition

US Puppets in Kiev Unleashed Neo-Nazi Death Squads to Openly Kill the Opposition

The Ukrainian government is criminal. Crime in nature. Illegal seizure of power by the opposition made daily beatings, attacks on opposition party offices. The American puppets in Kiev unleashed a bloody civil war, in a format which have been violated all international conventions.

Anton Rozenvayn

Criminal authorities to carry out large-scale repression against dissidents and against anti-war activists. Now Kiev junta moved the following line - started to openly kill the opposition in the cities. And if before the murder disguised as suicide or an accident, it is now openly being killed. 

The recent killing of former deputy, "regionalization" of Oleg Kalashnikov and writer Oles Elderberry indicate the Ukrainian authorities to overcome another psychological barrier. After all, nothing for murderers should not have to insert a gun in the hands of the slain, as was done before. Even two shot the victim in the head do not interfere with Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to come to the conclusion convenient for the authorities. However, this time acted differently: perhaps it was decided to show the cruelty and impunity. 

So, a few hours before the murder of Oleg Kalashnikov killed his brother Wladimir. In a car crash ... So now the question is not about eliminating some dissent, and the destruction of entire families. This is fully consistent with the strategy and tactics of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, adherence to traditions which has been declared a new model of the Ukrainian security services. The experience of Ukraine, of course, is not unique. 

Something like - from all-out struggle against dissent to providing a "green street" neo-Nazi death squads - have occurred in the second half of the last century in Europe and South America. In each of the cases involved reformatting countries are drawn into the orbit of influence and strategic interests of the United States - Italy, Greece, Argentina, Chile. 

The similarity of the processes in these countries, and today Ukraine is obvious: repression against the communists, the socialists and the Left in general, the organization of assassination attempts against dissidents, terrorist operations under a foreign flag. 

All these operations were developed by the Department of covert operations under the auspices of NATO intelligence and became known as "Operation Gladio" and "Condor" years after their completion. When political life occurred irreversible changes to declassify information on operations and power back repressed public and political figures, as well as their descendants. 

Here are the very fabric of life and business in the country is turning them into satellites of the United States, and the policy of national interests are impossible without the consent of any administrative decision in Washington. At the same time, documents on how the civil war unleashed in Yugoslavia, still remain secret. 

Meanwhile, the scheme by which events unfolded and the new format of the life in the republics of the former Yugoslavia show direct similarities with the above scenarios. All countries, including Serbia, have been fully "digested" the West and even turned into a platform for the organization of similar processes, such as in Ukraine. 

However, the terror began in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and other cities, reflects not only the new phase of repression. How terrible it would have sounded, but for Donbass these events are most likely a positive thing, because for a country at war, even if it is an internal war, you must have strong rear. 

At the same time the terror and repression are unlikely to contribute to the growth of support for the actions of Ukrainian authorities in the Donbas. Perhaps they suggest the opposite. This means that in the near future Ukraine will increasingly bogged down in the problems of internal and less seek to resolve the conflict by military means in the Donbas. 

Even the huntisty that have fallen the next line, bring your final. For the history of the long-wrote the screenplay pro-Western totalitarian regimes fall sooner or later Western sponsors refuse to support the "friends of the radical", and in the ranks of the supporters of the junta's influence become more moderate course. 

At the same time the most inveterate "butchers" declared state criminals, as the need for radicals, fall within the definition of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, "our son of a bitch," only lasts as long as Western politicians should "sons of bitches". Then they become dangerous and decided to get rid of them. In the end, the ultimate goal of the West is not to stay in power the government radicals and eliminating dangerous opponents. 

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