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The Pattern of What is Happening in Europe over Ukraine Crisis

The Pattern of What is Happening in Europe over Ukraine Crisis  

To understand that everything that happens naturally, you just need to know a little history. She, as many believe, spirals, coils. However, many times repeated mostly differing only in the details. The first crusade against evrointegratorov Polabian Slavs was in the middle of the twelfth century. Integrators resulting otsypali generous bribes. It is said that there was one tribe, which moved to the side of the crusaders. Its cut and sacked benefactors, and even his name has survived. 

A hundred years evrointegratory again went to the east, this time to Novgorod. Comrade Alexander Nevsky twice generously met them, and then, as I recall, the Livonian Order ceased to exist. Pskov, who flirted with integrators and burned. A little later, when united Russian army gave a light Mamai at Kulikovo Field, the Lithuanian Prince Jagiello was in a hurry to the aid of the invaders, but did not. After this a few times alternately bend over the Russian, the Teutons, and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania lost Samogitia and still a number of regions. 

At the beginning of the fifteenth century, the Czech king had tried to bend under evrointegratorov when forbade his subjects (unsuccessfully) to participate in the Battle of Grunwald. As a result of Grunwald Teutons break so that they never recovered, and in a few years the Order ceased to exist. And the king of Bohemia was the Hussite uprising and soon "spitkala nevdachka." When the Poles fouled whole scam with Falsdmitry some southern Russian (there was then no Ukraine, children) princes decided to participate on the side of the Poles. 

When they then slaughtered and burned in the middle of Moscow, it was somehow unpleasant. They all asked in bewilderment, "Minin, you sho, hurt?". The next episode is particularly revealing. When Colonel Zinovy ​​Russian Bohdan Khmelnytsky raised a separatist revolt against Polish evrointegratorov, Rzeczpospolita tried to impose sanctions and to arrange ATO. Khmelnitsky first few times he otovaritsya evrointegratorov, then in Pereyaslav he said "Forever Together", and together with northern brothers in several wars poured restless Poles as bribes that soon Rzeczpospolita ceased to exist forever. 

The fate of the individual characters, who did not like Zaporozhye word "comrade" and liked the Polish word "pan" is well described in the novel of Gogol's "Taras Bulba". As you can see, today the supporters of European integration "of the Poles" is not particularly helpful. But morons do not learn from the mistakes of others (they are on their own not really), and at a time when Comrade Peter the Great at Poltava gave another batch of Russian hospitality Charles the Twelfth, a local tycoon (then called them "magnates") Mazeppa also decided evrointegrirovatsya. 

As always, the traitor miscalculated badly finished. In the time of Napoleon once there were no betrayals (except for those same words Maria Walewska "ruckus I just like my Poland"). However, after an attempt to European integration Napoleon Russia went to the island of Saint Helena, get a life etsih with nails. But the twentieth century was rich in traitors. Skoropadskyi caved under the Germans, Wrangell caved in under the British, Bandera, Shukhevych have served with the Third Reich, but all of them as a result of waiting for the shameful and ignominious death debacle. 

Well evrointegratory swastika followed straight to hell. Year 2014, Ukraine was divided into faithful followers Khmelnitsky (mainly in the South East) and hangers next Mazepa (center and traditionally Kholuy west). Guess where it will end. I'll give a hint: one restoring infrastructure and planting roses, others joyfully greeted default. Smart revered ancestors and teach the history of fools jumping. 

Alexander Rogers

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