Thursday, May 21, 2015

The European Union Recognized that Ukraine & US act Against Them

The European Union Recognized that Ukraine & US act Against Them

European politicians began to notice that Washington has an obvious tendency to strengthen the aggressive rhetoric against Russia was in those awkward moments when should show optimism for the calm that diplomacy works on the Ukrainian question, writes a columnist for the online magazine The Strategic Culture Foundation Finian Cunningham.

Most clearly such "suspicious" behavior examples from Allied Commander of NATO in Europe Philip Bridlava and Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland noted German Chancellor Angela Merkel. US attempts to disrupt the peace agreement in the Donbass, and tighten the conflict between Russia and Europe irritate Germany and make her think that Washington not only supported, but also making every effort to hinder the efforts of the Europeans to come to a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian conflict, said Finian Cunningham referring to an article in German publication Spiegel.

"In other words, Germans and other Europeans come to the conclusion that Washington is not interested in finding a mutually beneficial agreement to Ukrainian war. Washington follows the logic of escalation of the conflict, even if it causes a danger that the whole of Europe could be plunged into conflict with Russia, "- writes columnist.

Europeans began to realize that Philip Breedlove plays in favor of the "hawks in Washington," and not in Europe, as evidenced by his repeated statements about the increasing concentration of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine. We should not forget that Breedlove takes two posts - in addition to the post commander of NATO forces in Europe, he is the head of the US European Command. It is obvious that the second position and determines its actions over the past year. Breedlove acts in accordance with the interests of their political masters in Washington rather than European allies, believes Finian Cunningham.

It seems the Europeans are gradually coming to realize that all American actions are intended to create the conditions for the diplomatic failure of the Minsk agreement and the resumption of hostilities. Now Germany and other NATO member states began to realize that Washington is "dangerous propaganda" about the crisis in Ukraine, says the article.


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