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The Collapse of Ukraine is Inevitable

The Collapse of Ukraine is Inevitable

Sergey Belov

On April 27, the last summit on "Ukraine-EU" Association, the European leaders have clearly given to understand Kiev, that expectations of an imminent membership in the organization is in vain. And a visa-free regime for Ukrainians should also be forgotten. Aiming peacekeepers in the Donbass, Europeans also do not intend to support. With regard to the provision of financial assistance to Ukraine, it is traditionally linked to the holding of Kiev some reforms and an impossible fight against the current corruption.

However, the comical part of the situation is not that Europeans are buried at the summit all of Ukraine's hopes, and that these hopes were initially unfounded to start with. As nobody ever promised to make Ukraine a member of the EU and to cancel visa requirements for Ukrainians. At best, a few US puppet EU bureaucrats admitted such a possibility might arise in the distant future possibly, everything else that came up was Ukrainian propaganda "PR."

Meanwhile, the Junta continues to make reforms where Ukrainian citizens pay dearly for the achievements in the absence of representation thereof. Thus, the chairman of the National Bank of Valery Gontarёva announced that 2014 was a turning point for Ukraine. "It should be borne in mind that at present the economy of our country has reached the " bottom ", but since the second quarter of 2015, we expect a gradual recovery in economic activity, primarily due to the positive impact of net exports and capacity utilization," - said Gontarёva. We will not quibble over these words bankers repeat but, she said it compelled her to speak.

By the way, his statement made by the head of the National Bank held on April 24 in Kiev, symposium with the significant title "Ukraine: the release of the post-Soviet heritage." Of course, it was not talking about the demolition of the monuments of the Soviet past, and discussed the issue of de-industrialization of Ukraine. Brilliant reformers "Square" discussed the manner in which to dispose of the industrial enterprises that were built in the Soviet era. Many Ukrainian experts believe that only eliminating and selling out this 'flagship industry "could they get out from under Russia's influence. Indeed, why the Ukraine need research institutes, factories, and along with Russian specialists with higher education in the universities?

On the contrary, all the Soviet material and spiritual heritage prevents them from becoming prosperous Europeans. So Advisor to Yatsenyuk, the economist Alexander Kirsch believes that "the vast and low-paid labor on these dying plants hinders Ukraine in its European movement." The Economist admits that the policy of accelerated de-industrialization - a conscious policy of the current government. "The de-industrialization - not the goal. The idea is to make the business profitable and efficient. Will decide the market "- quoted Alexander Kirsch, in an American edition of the Christian Science Monitor.

In memory involuntarily come mantra 90s about the "market, which will put everything in its place." Only in that distant time "magic hand of the market" shove public property in the pockets of the oligarchs, and now it is predictable to send targeted at Russian enterprises in the scrap metal receiving points.

It is not difficult to guess whose businesses it will  make "profitable and efficient" Ukrainian reformers. Of course we are talking about those who stand behind them, who brought them to power in the "February Revolution" of 2014 in Kiev. It's funny, but some experts still argue about how many billions of dollars has this has really cost the West "supporting Ukrainian democracy." In fact, the "color revolutions" - was a highly lucrative business, where one dollar invested has to a few hundred dollars profited Bankers. Try to imagine how many billions of dollars earned by the West in the collapse of the USSR? !

There is no doubt that Ukraine will benefit from the de-industrialization of the transnational corporations that will take a unique market niche vacated after the destruction of any Ukrainian competitors. A reasonable question arises, what kind of "bottom of the Ukrainian economy" it broadcasts of the National Bank head Valery Gontarёva? While reformers "deindustrialize territory, and kill all competitors, and "investors" do not skimp on newly attractive assets at bargain prices, the economy of Russian "independence" is doomed to sink to its rock "bottom". Nothing personal, just business as usual. No wonder the government of Yatsenyuk introduced ministers from Western investment banks and funds. Who know perfectly the technology of bringing businesses into bankruptcy with a advantage to subsequently buy for a mere pittance.

For this reason, it is logical is unfolded in the virtual space of Ukraine, a "Ukrainian-Russian war" and as a consequence of its prohibition of Russian companies to take part in the privatization. 

Of course the Russians should not take part in the privatization of the gas transportation system, or Odessa Portside Plant. This can significantly affect their value. In contrast, buyers of Ukraine's assets it's not beneficial to trade on fair economic relations with Russia. This they have been completely severed as an option. Is it not clear that in Dnipropetrovsk "Pivdenmash", like many other businesses without cooperation with Russia, no one else needs? Or is there doubt that the Ukrainian gas transport system without Russian gas is not worth a dollar? Experts can marvel at the stupidity of the Ukrainian leadership from an advantageous leverage, but from the perspective of potential investors of their decisions 100% reasoning is not for the publics benefit.

No less sad fate awaits the Ukrainian villages. Until 2016 in Ukraine there is a moratorium on sale of agricultural land. There is no doubt that with the current government, the question of lifting the moratorium will be solved positively in favor the Western Corporations. Already in the information space of Ukraine unwinds idea fabulous sums of investment that can be attracted due to the sale of land to US Corp. Monsanto. As the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Oleksiy Pavlenko said, the country can get a fabulous price. "The total capacity of the land to be sold - $ 100 billion," - said Pavlenko. Indeed, the Ukrainian black earth should find its "prudent owner" in the face of the representatives of transnational corporations. 

Meanwhile, having no state support, Ukrainian selyanstvo in terms of expensive fuel and extortionate interest on loans pleased to support the sale of land. Moreover, the promotion will be able to convince the peasants thought that the effective owner will bring in new agricultural technologies and provide European salaries to its employees. On what it will be "technology" Genetically modified crops and how will wages correspond to European standards with this brain fart? The Ukrainians will learn later. In the end they have learned today that the European integration was announced on the Euro-Maidan was a lie? The only of which the result known to the Junta - to blame Putin. 

Glory To Ukraine.   

Held on April 28 in Kiev, the International Conference in Support of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko expressed confidence that Ukraine is the best country for investors. "Today, Ukraine, in my opinion, is one of the most promising places in the world for investment. We need your advice, your investment, you need to get you inspired us, "- said the president. According to him, Ukraine has great potential for development in the field of agriculture, aviation, information technology, energy, space technology. "I am absolutely sure that there is no place in the world like Ukraine, with its potential, which still remains unused, is not proven," - he said. But Peter ain't absolutely right. Stingy profitable enterprises for a penny, though not for Ukraine. However, unless someone has other doubts that the current Ukrainian authorities do not defend national interests?!

No large-scale financial aid to Ukraine will not receive. 

To make ends meet due to the Ukrainians will sell what they regarded as their "national treasure." If unable to meet its obligations to the people, the government will be forced to resort to external borrowing, which in turn implies total dependence on Western countries. They will break the cake and deepen the rock "bottom" of the Ukrainian economic crisis, and if one can not cope - there are others to replace them. "February revolution" in Kiev closed the page of history of Ukraine's multi-vector. Independent Ukrainian state does not exist, and any power to execute commands without question is destined a slave to Western "big brother".

However, the absolute dependence of the Ukrainian regime from the West, does not imply absolute obedience to his people. The revolt in Ukraine is inevitable, because originally it all went wrong on the western and on the Ukrainian scenario. Crimea - became a Russian, Donetsk and Lugansk regions declared their independence, and it is clear that to get them back in the Ukraine is impossible. 

But it is very possible to attach to them the rest of the region south-east of Ukraine, helped the whole policy of the Kiev authorities. And for the south-east will catch up to other regions, which are traditionally considered to be Ukrainian. You can not ignore, we can not agree, but in February 2014 there was born another Ukraine, which will inevitably gain independence of Russian influence sooner or later but at the same time go bankrupt and lose its sovereignty to the IMF Western Bankers.

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