Monday, May 25, 2015

"Seminary of Descension": Ukraine Moves Forward into the Dark Ages

"Seminary of Descension": Ukraine Moves Forward into the Dark Ages

"Seminary descent": Forward into the past
The World announced that Victoria Nuland flew to Moscow, and then immediately to Kiev. (What?)  Yes, who then, will feed the insatiable Kiev authorities? Nobody else wants to help this sinking ship. All not wanting to pay the tyrannical regime Poroshenko and Turchinov who obviously are incapable zombies.
What makes the Kiev authorities so ignorant? Obviously they can't solve even problems of the economy, much less restore any infrastructure? No,! Instead they build a fortress wall to keep people from fleeing!

While Kiev authorities say they are leading the country into the future and into European integration, and that they strive forward. The facts show they're leading the country into the dark ages. 

The great independence began with "Molotov cocktails", catapults, slingshots, shields, and helmets.  A regular "Warrior of light brigade operation" What is it was, was a US/EU/NATO trap. A Zombification of ignoramuses lost in a identity crisis beckoning to someone for them to be debt slaves to the West, and cannon fodder for NATO expansion.

The country's authorities are now building fortifications on the border with Russia. Building a useless fence along the borders.  

In what reality live these powers in Ukraine? Did they all learn anything in school? I doubt it. It seems like they didn't even try. The TV nurturing replaced studies. And even scarier is to imagine what they replaced in their brains with as far as history goes.

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