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NATO Game Ender: Russia takes aim at Europe's nuclear threat with the "Iskander"

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NATO Game Ender: Russia takes aim at Europe's nuclear threat with the "Iskander" 

What happened was that European countries were so afraid of the NATO Defense capabilities - Since Russia has officially deployed the "Iskander" in the heart of Europe, in the Kaliningrad region. They are, according to military experts, capable of carrying nuclear warheads - but even in the non-nuclear version of "Iskander" it can become a mortal threat for European missile defense elements, and for the headquarters and military bases around Europe. 

Missile Forces Commander of Land Forces, Major-General Michael Matveevsky recognized that "a missile brigade and ground troops deployed in the Kaliningrad region, by 2018 at perevooruzhat" Iskander-M ". "This no doubt. In the Kaliningrad region comes planned re-missile brigades of ground troops in this complex, "- said Matveevsky. 

We add that the earlier "Iskander" already visited the Kaliningrad region in the framework of the sudden exercise - causing shock in the European media, the military and residents of the EU, but on a permanent basis in the Kaliningrad region are."NATO has not been able to notice and prevent the threat of a US missile defense and Russia showed immediate deployment toothy groups" - then wrote military experts.

Also, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at the time that the country is forced to keep troops in a state of combat readiness higher . He explained that this is due to "save a complex military-political situation in the south-west." Shoigu noted that "it is caused by anti-Russian sentiments of NATO." And indeed, NATO leaders formally declared that he saw no possibility of peace with Russia, and the management of US troops and NATO generals openly declared that Russia is now a "smart and modern, but the enemy" - and it comes, right up to the pilot training of the EU nuclear bombing "of some big country." 

Well, the Russian military doctrine warned that - Russia reserves the right to deploy tactical "Iskander" in the Crimea, Kaliningrad, Leningrad, perhaps in Belarus. It should be noted that the press has already reported "US actions and their partners in the Black Sea, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe could lead to the implementation of the European Union and terrible dream" amber land "- in the heart of Europe the sword of Damocles in this case stand" Iskander " including - with tactical nuclear weapons. " 

Recall that the operational-tactical complex "Iskander-M" is equipped with missiles capable of actively maneuvering to break through the defense and carrying a conventional or nuclear warhead, destroying enemy artillery, aviation, command posts, missile systems, missile defense and air defense. "Iskander-M" also features very high mobility and low start-up time. As for the specials.Warhead (nuclear warheads for missiles "Iskander"), it is still in December 2013 the Russian military unofficially reported that "Kaliningrad area of defense certainly has considered."

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