Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kiev is Preparing an Attempt to Sabotage OSCE's Mission

Kiev is Preparing an Attempt to Sabotage OSCE's Mission 

The staff of "Aydar" already on the outskirts of Artemovsk. Edward Basurin

With the world on a string. Roundup Near Marinka there is a fight, Donetsk under fire MAT Now there is fighting near Donetsk between the 28th mechanized brigade Ukrainian occupation troops and militia near Marinka DNI. This was reported by the press service of the 28th brigade of the APU. The report notes: "In these moments there is a fight between the soldiers of the 28th brigade and militia near Marinka, sabotage and reconnaissance groups are very close to the enemy forward positions 28th Ombre and are shelling out the AGS and heavy machine guns, our soldiers successfully kept the defense.

" Around 23:10 Kiev district and Putilovka under artillery fire from Ukrainian troops. Also, Ukrainian troops tonight hit on militia positions in the airport area. It should be reminded that it is in the area of district. n. Marinka constantly observed military activity: the shelling of mortars attacks DRG and even massive attacks are commonplace. from Donetsk: "In Donetsk, for an hour is booming across the city. And on the north and west. How to get this "truce." We must it was back in September to drive females to Berdyansk. " 

In the area of continuing clashes Shirokino. from 17:00 to 19:00 in the fighting in Shirokino used 120 mortars caliber. Completely destroyed a number of buildings in the village on the front line of defense Ukrainian occupation troops. They write: "Dill anchored at the end of Shirokino at high altitude, you need a good barrage to attack them there ... but, in connection with the Minsk dogovorŃ‘nnastyami can not use such guns, so had to endure their attacks around the village ... " At nightfall, in the village of howitzers thundered. 

Press service of punitive regiment "Azov" reported that the evening wounded insurgent-azovets. In Avdeevka goes sweep unhappy In the settlement Avdiyivka that at the moment is under the occupation of Ukrainian troops, continues to sweep people who disagree with the current government in Kiev. Under the false pretext of separatism frankly they are arrested. "The men were arrested. 

They are subject to criminal liability for the fifth part of Article 260 (establishment of contingency law paramilitary or armed groups) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ", - said in a text message. Kiev is preparing an attempt on the OSCE mission Additionally, Basurin said that according to intelligence DNI, in the near future while Ukrainian law enforcers intend to undermine the OSCE mission vehicle, after which the Ukrainian authorities have accused the popular Donetsk respublku.

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