Monday, May 25, 2015

Intercepted Report said Kiev Fears Fleeing Ukrainian Soldiers

DNR test results intercepted the armed forces of Ukraine: Kiev fears fleeing soldiers

International Panorama
 May 25, 21:39 UTC + 3
Only 5% of the military who know their responsibilities, the report said
MOSCOW, May 25. / TASS /. Military and psychological readiness of the armed forces of Ukraine groups in the Donbas low growing discontent of the local population, commanders feared defection of soldiers from the positions in the event of hostilities.
Such data inspection commission Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Donetsk intercepted intelligence proclaimed the People's Republic (DNI).
Most Ukrainian troops are not prepared for the offensive and defensive actions, the document says.
"In 70% of servicemen missing in full commodity and material assets necessary for the conduct of hostilities. Most of the soldiers is absolutely not prepared to perform tasks in defensive and offensive operations, as well as for combat in populated areas. Among the commanders marked by incompetence duty "- leads Donetsk news agency report data.
It is reported that only 3% of troops passed the test for combat training on a positive assessment. In a survey of military personnel, only 5% are aware of their responsibilities.
Despite the ban on the use of alcohol, marked increase in crimes committed by drunken Ukrainian soldiers against the local population. "Low morale of soldiers leads to increased use of alcohol and violation of military discipline among the troops, which is confirmed by statistics MIA and the increase in crime among the military against the civilian population", - stated in the conclusion of the inspection team Ukrainian command.
At the same time, residents of Kiev under the control of the Donbass increasingly expressed dissatisfaction with the presence in the settlements of the Ukrainian units.
"In the absence of an enabling environment for living, individual departments engaged in illegal building social values, as well as private households locals, causing growing discontent by the presence of soldiers from the local population and leads to a decrease in their support for the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions," - noted in the document.
About low military and moral preparation of Ukrainian security officials also indicated that the curriculum does not provide for the evacuation of wounded and dead. "Going with the military to evacuate the wounded and the dead are not carried out. The command considers them inappropriate conduct in view of the fact that attempts to evacuate the wounded and the dead lead to a significant increase in casualties among personnel," - the document says.
Command feared that Ukrainian units in the Donbass mass will leave his position in the event of hostilities. "The individual units without the use of additional measures for enforcement, military tasks will not be executed. There is a danger of leaving their positions whole units" - the document says.
The materials of the investigation and there are results of psychological tests security forces. "Statements soldiers suggest that the impact of the order on the beginning of hostilities, the governing structure of departments will seek to leave dangerous areas to save their lives," - says the report of the inspectors.
Earlier exploration DNR reported concentration of Ukrainian troops in Donbass. Grouping Ukrainian security forces in the demilitarized zone is up to 45 thousand troops, 380 tanks, about 3500 different types of weapons, including about one thousand artillery shells and multiple launch rocket systems, defense ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin DNI.

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