Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dastardly plans of Ukraine's Government Unveiled Natalia Vitrenko

Vitrenko: Ukraine is readying for their United States masters the occupation of its Govt. 

Powers of the euromaidan are consistently creating the legal framework for the occupation by the U.S. of authority positions in Ukraine's Govt.

It is difficult to understand why the Ukrainian Parliament in lawmaking and actions of all power in Ukraine. Evroskazke and disease in the struggle for independence of Ukraine, the current Ukrainian government has legalized his succession to the Ukrainian neo-Nazis of the early twentieth-century ideology and practice.
The leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics Natalia Vitrenko held a historic political parallels the true nature of both past and the current neo-nationalists. She showed the third wave of betrayal, putting Ukraine occupiers.
After analyzing the laws "On legal regime of martial law" and "On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine by foreigners and stateless persons", it showed that it execution of the order the United States to establish a legal framework for the establishment of the United States of America,permanant occupation regime on the territory of Ukraine. Kiev authorities want to implement the political order of their masters, transforming our country into the European bleeding anomaly.

And for the blessing of the UN and Council of Europe anti-constitutional actions and its flagrant violation of international obligations, Parliament and the project put forward to more odious Resolution (№2765 from 04.30.2015) .
These twists dastardly plans of Ukraine government unveiled Natalia Vitrenko.

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